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Syrian Army pushes forward in suppress foreign backed mercenaries

Against the backdrop of a series of resounding victories that have been achieved over the past two years, the army continues to push forward with its operations against terrorist organizations, razing their positions and inflicting severe losses in their ranks.

Army units killed a number of terrorists and wounded others in the areas of Tal Qrah, Byanoun, al-Nairab, al-Marjeh and al-Ramouseh in the countryside of the northern province of Aleppo and destroyed vehicles which terrorists were using in al-Sheikh S’eed and al-Kastello in the city.

Scores of terrorists were also killed and a large number of their vehicles were destroyed in al-Waer neighborhood in the city of Homs and in Tar al-Ashtar, Talbiseh, al-Mashjar al-Janoubi, al-Farhaniyeh, Taldao and in al-Naqab area in al-Rastan in the countryside.

Units of the armed forces left numbers of terrorists dead and others wounded in the farms of Khan al-Sheeh in Damascus Countryside.

A number of terrorists were killed and others were wounded as army units targeted their gatherings in the towns of Binnesh, Saraqeb, Kensafra and Abu al-Dhuhour in the countryside of the northern province of Idleb. The terrorists’ vehicles were also destroyed.

Meanwhile, other army units killed and injured scores of terrorists in the area surrounding al-Arba’een mountain, Kfar Shlaya, al-Nayrab, Talab, al-Debshiyeh, Qar’ al-Ghazal, al-Buweiti and Um Wadi in Idleb countryside.

Army units also killed a number of terrorists and wounded others when targeting them in the areas of Deir al-Adas and Nasib in the countryside of the southern province of Daraa.


Ayn al-Arab’s people is fiercely fighting against Daesh-ISIL’s psychopaths

People of Ayn al-Arab city northeast of Aleppo continue to defend their city against ISIS attacks as fierce clashes took place in different parts of the city.

The locals reported that the defense units engaged in fierce clashes with terrorists in the center and to the north of Ayn al-Arab city, noting that the clashes lasted from evening till Tuesday’s midnight and they were resumed in the morning.

The sources added that around 18 terrorists were killed during the clashes which took place in several parts of the city while three others were killed by the international coalition’s airstrikes on the city yesterday.


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