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The Genocidal British government need a ‘professional’…‘Terror’ Tsar to try to conceal their own long continuing Genocide in the Middle East, which really does brutally slaughter millions of innocent civilians.

George Soros recruited a ‘journalist’ to play ‘Professor’ to try to keep propping up the terror propaganda by peddling some very dangerous lies, through universities and ‘news’ media that essentially amount to a quite criminal ‘social experiment’.


Soros Jobsworth


“…The academic, a senior adviser on the UN Security Council resolution introduced by President Obama earlier this year, calling for global action…”

Peter R. Neumann political scientist (born 1974) is a German-born radio journalist turned academic who frequently appears on radio and television as an expert on terrorism and political violence. He is Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence at King’s College London where he is a professor in War Studies…”



in every way, a westminster village ‘presentation’


What is significant about Professor Neumann is that he is tasked with organizing a global network of ‘academic’ psychobabble whose only true purpose is to try to violently subvert the people’s rule of law, for narrow financial business interests.


From: Babs Tucker <babs@brianhaw.tv>


Date: 21 October 2014 13:59:10 CEST

To: mail@icsr.info
Cc: Neil Kerslake <neil@brianhaw.tv>, SJago – MetCrimes <metcrimes.public@sjago.com>

Professor Neumann,

In legal terms it is increasingly clear that you were specifically recruited by George Soros to work at King College in London, to develop a global role as a ‘Terror Tsar’ which plays an integral part in the British ‘government’ trying to continue committing Genocide in the Middle East.

(If you check my own background you will discover (for example) that sadly it was my great grandfather Admiral Sir Sidney Fremantle who wasted his time, starting what has become an out of control GCHQ)

This is to notify you, that through your own actions you are complicit in Genocide you would reasonably know the Brit State have long been committing in the Middle East.

Your role in this sick and twisted ‘social experiment’ makes you a modern day Mengele, who peddles your deliberately placed lies through the medium of Goebellesque like propaganda that masquerades as ‘news’ and ‘education’, where you seek to distort reality purely for considerable financial gain.

It is self evident that you are illegally using public resources to try and get Brit ‘Jihadis’ illegally working for the British government, off the legal hook.

In legal terms, as you well know, it is as if you slaughter innocent civilians, in Syria with your own hands, which obviously makes you a continuing serious threat to many civilian lives.

I should not need to remind you that no-one is gifted any right to dishonestly claim anyone can simply overlook the most serious criminal acts that involve the murder of innocent civilians, simply because they illegally work on behalf of the British government.

A law abiding majority of people, are not fooled by the fact that you hide behind the label of ‘Professor’ at a ‘University’ to try and mask what you know is only your professional career as a most foul criminal who publicly incites the British government to continue Genocide.

There is no greater ‘radical…terror threat’ than that Genocide.

It is you and yours who appallingly go far further than merely terrorize the public.

It is pointless to try and insult human beings intelligence, and the people’s rule of law, by pretending that people are unable to understand the simple fact that the US led ‘coalition’ is the fake Syrian ‘Opposition’ who simply include the name ‘Islamic State’ in their repertoire, to illegally pour even more lethal weapons into Syria to continue trying to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.

It is clear that both the British government, and the ‘Islamic State’ including your Brit ‘Jihadis’ should be put on trial, because it is clear that neither large shipments of lethal weapons in return for oil magically appear or disappear.

As you know it was the former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas who said in June 2013 that the British government had illegally planned to overthrow the Syrian government a very long time ago.

Only a typically arrogant white racist/supremacist would very conveniently pretend to forget a very long history of the far from Commonwealth that continues to this day with Genocide in the Middle East, by waving around the ‘terror’ label.

More and more people are inevitably becoming aware that British ‘politicians’ have made the biggest illegitimate power grab in Brit history with 3000 + pieces (and still counting) of self-serving corporate legislation, which should not be conflated with law, since the turn of the century.

It is self evident that the sole purpose of this violent power grab that involves ‘politicians’ name calling by numbers, to dishonestly claim everyone else is a suspected ‘criminal’ and terrorist’ is so that the British ‘government’ can continue with Genocide in the Middle East.

As our campaign proved in getting this type of foul corporate legislation repealed, the fact a clerk in a ‘criminal’ court disgracefully reads out a charge under ss 132-138 of the Serious Organized Crime and Police Act 2005 (now repealed), which was of itself libelous, was only intended to disguise that the British government was illegally stealing evidence of the Genocide they are committing, that our Parliament Square Peace Campaign lawfully shares with the public.

I do remind you that it is the people’s rule of law that really governs all decent and civilized society, that determines you really should be tried as a criminal, with the facts and evidence in a court of law before a jury, with proceedings recorded and published.

The Opening Prosecution argument at Nuremberg is applicable to your complicity in Genocide.

The ECHR exists to uphold Nuremberg to try to prevent precisely what you are doing, which is promoting illegal wars.

While I fully understand that you are obviously a seriously inadequate person, which leads to your desire to cause the most serious harm to innocent civilians, you really do need to get a constructive life of your own, and leave innocent civilians lives in (for example) Syria alone.

It is the people’s rule of law, that really governs all decent and civilized society, that permits only a few administrators (call them ‘politicians’ if you must) to responsibly manage a few agreed public services, instead of the current Genocidal free for all.

Life is a beautiful and quite extraordinary experience that you really do need to learn to show respect for.

The law abiding majority reasonably demand the people’s rule of law in the US and EU is restored, to really try to save people’s lives everywhere.

The facts and evidence show that you really are part of what is a real terror network in Britain, run by the British government.

Our campaign has also proved, it is the British government who illegally kidnap law abiding people off the street using secret ‘666’ police to try to illegally prevent law abiding people having ‘access’ to the High Court to put the British government on trial before a jury -because- the British government do not have any defence that is recognized in law.

Babs Tucker
Parliament Square Peace Campaign

…this is what ‘secret’ Brit terror ‘police’ who have no recognized defence in law, look like.




Before becoming an academic Neumann worked in Germany as a radio journalist. According to his biography he ‘went to university in Berlin, Belfast and London. He received an MA in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin and a PhD in War Studies from King’s College London.'[1]

His German language book on the IRA, IRA: Langer Weg zum Frieden (The Long Way to Peace) was published in 1999 and republished in 2002.

In November 2003 Palgrave Macmillan published Neumann’s second book Britain’s Long War: British Strategy in the Northern Ireland Conflict 1969-98. As the title suggests, the book explored the strategy of the British Government in Northern Ireland from its intervention in 1969 to the Belfast Agreement in 1998.

In 2003 he was granted an ‘Early Career Fellowship’ by the Leverhulme Trust for research entitled ‘Going political: terrorism and electoral politics’. He was listed as ‘Peter Neumann MSc PhD, Department of War Studies, King’s College London.[2]

In February 2004 History Today published an article by Neumann offering ‘some useful lessons’ from Northern Ireland which would ensure success for British forces in Iraq.

His three lessons were: Lesson 1 – Don’t Fear Commitment, Lesson 2 – Don’t Ignore the Threat and Lesson 3 – Don’t Forget about Politics. In the article he argued that, ‘Political leaders have to accept that there is stiff resistance to the occupation, and that a concerted campaign of counter-insurgency is necessary in order to re-establish law and order, even if this makes a swift end to the occupation impossible.’ [3]

Similarly in August 2005 he wrote an opinion piece for the International Herald Tribune offering three lessons in dealing with ‘Al Qaeda and their associates’ – namely ‘be patient’, ‘be strong’ and engage.[4]

According to his own CV, it was in 2004 that Neumann was appointed Academic Director of the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security a terrorism conference organised by the Club de Madrid (an organisation consisting of former government officials, academics, think-tankers and journalists). The conference was held in Madrid in March 2005 and was according to Neumann, the largest ever gathering of terrorism and security experts.

After the conference, the Club de Madrid set up a website in association with Open Democracy ‘dedicated to continuing the Madrid dialogue’.[5] Its advisory board included Open Democracy’s Chair and Vice-Chair, Kim Campbell Secretary General of the Club de Madrid and several other figures from think-tanks, the media and academia.

Neumann was appointed a member of the advisory board as well as the website’s editor.[6]

In March 2005 Neumann also acted as senior advisor to the National Policy Forum on Terrorism, Security and America’s Purpose, which took place in Washington D.C in September 2005.

Neumann was director at the Centre for Defence Studies at King’s College London from 2005-7 and was then appointed as Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR); a terrorism research institute based at King’s College London.


ICSR is a collaboration between King’s College London; the University of Pennsylvania;[7] the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (Israel); and the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy.





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