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Benjamin- Netanyahu-allahu akbar

Zionist occupation forces transferred more wounded terrorists from Syria to Nahariya Hospital in Galilee in the north of the occupied Palestine over the past 24 hours.

The occupation authorities gave conflicting figures about the number of hospitalized terrorists who have been taken from and to the disengagement area in the Syrian Golan for cure.

The Israeli Walla website reported that two wounded suffering from injuries in the face, limbs and chest were transferred from Syria to Nahariya Hospital, adding that the Hospital have treated 408 so far.

Many terrorist organizations including Jabhat al-Nusra – designated by the UNSC as a terrorist group that should be combated besides Daesh-ISIL under Chapter VII of the UN Charter- spread in the disengagement zone and gain support by Israel.

Hospitalizing members of terrorist groups who get injured during army operations is just one aspect of the unlimited support provided to these groups by the Zionist occupation authorities, a kind of support that has amounted to no less than the Zionist enemy launching acts of aggression against sites of the Syrian army inside the Syrian territories in various incidents.


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