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Us & Eu Govt & News Media Aleppo War Propaganda Debunked As Criminal Legal Nihilism

The entire spectrum of US & EU ‘government’ and ’news’ media war propaganda is the same.

All the US & EU war propaganda is written in the language of the white supremacist racist European colonialist who in one way or another is making what is the untenable claim that the Genocidal US & EU governments war on Syria is to ‘save’ Syrian civilians.

In fact there are no -legal grounds- to use force to overthrow the Syrian government.

In legal terms the US & EU ‘governments’ therefore have no -legal grounds- to provide weapons and other support that a reasonable person knows has created the phoney Syrian ‘Opposition’ who fly under numerous banners, whose only purpose is to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.

It is very simple and straightforward that you are either for or against the criminality of the legal nihilism of what are Genocidal US & EU ‘governments’ or you are not.

There is not a single ’news’ media outlet or a single ‘journalist’ across the entire spectrum of the US or EU media, who openly opposes what is in precise legal terms, the legal nihilism of what is inevitably Genocidal US & EU governments.

Those who do not recognize the rule of law governs US & EU society will and do use whatever violence is at their disposal to do whatever they want, which includes trying to evade justice.


In both fact and law, the Muslim Council of Great Britain are actively recruiting Brit ‘Jihadis’..



The terrorist chatter amongst the US & EU ‘governments’ propaganda machines now continues as their vultures try to take Aleppo in Syria.

“…More than 150 military and civilian leaders from NATO nations and organisations gathered in Budapest, Hungary, November 4 for the 2014 International Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) Conference…

Participants from the Partnership For Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperative Initiative (ICI) and Partners Across the Globe programs were also part of the event…”

safe zone

‘STAR’: NATO and Turkey are illegally trying to annexe the area above the 36th parallel under the phoney pretext of a ‘Safe Zone’




The three main themes the US & EU war propaganda machine of ‘government’ and ‘news’ media are peddling are:

a) the US & EU ‘government’ and ‘news’ media support Syrian ‘Opposition’ who they claim are “moderate”.

b) “…the Syrian army are war criminals

c) the “…Syrian government…are not doing enough to protect and ‘save’ the Syrian people etc…”

In legal terms a reasonable person along with the legal nihilists who are the Genocidal US & EU ‘government’ and ‘news’ media know that these three false premises have no legal basis.



The murderous colonial war cry of ‘saving’ people who would much prefer to be left alone by the barbaric US & EU ‘government’ war mongering machine…

“…In fact, Assad and Daesh are two sides of the same barbaric coin. Assad largely created this monster by deliberately setting free the jihadists who fueled this terrorist movement. This was part of his underhanded effort to appear, in the eyes of the world, as the sole bulwark against terrorism in Syria. But the facts contradict this charade. How many times has the regime — so ready to attack its own people — bombed Daesh? Did it ever try and save Kobane from disaster, even while the People’s Democratic Party, or PYD, fought at its side elsewhere? No, it chose to do nothing…”

The racist French ‘Foreign’ Minister Laurent Fabius was long ago exposed as a terrorist when the French government he was a part of, used secret agents to conduct the Rainbow Warrior bombing in Auckland Harbour, in New Zealand in 1985 which killed a civilian member of Greenpeace.

That fall-out opened the eyes of an entire generation across the Pacific, who already thought the French government should do their nuclear testing a little closer to home in their own backyard in Paris perhaps, as deaths from cancer of that generations parents in the Pacific soared.

On that occasion it was the New Zealand government who became the cheese eating surrender monkeys, because farmers wanted to maintain access regardless of anything, to European markets.

Fabius now continues dishonestly pushing the ‘moderate’ Syrian ‘Opposition’ Herzl line across US, EU & Middle East ‘news’ media platforms through the unquestioning Washington Post, Le Figaro and Al-Hayat, propaganda outlets while claiming that the Syrian government are “not doing enough”.

Fabius has considerable previous form for conducting false flag terror attacks to make false allegations.

In fact Fabius was grandstanding at the UN precisely because he had no evidence of war crimes committed by the Syrian government, or you can be sure, he would have gone directly to the bought and paid for ICC.

The grandstanding at the UN was to disguise the fact that the current French Foreign Minister Fabius knew the Former French Foreign Minister Dumas had exposed that …Britain had long intended to illegally overthrow the Syrian government, which is why they wanted the French on board the illegal war in Iraq in 2003.


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