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A former DAESH-ISIS mercenary, named as ‘Abu Abdullah’, bodyguard of terrorist leader Saddam Jamal, in an exclusive interview with the British ‘The Daily Telegraph’ has revealed some of the crimes committed in the name of what we call their ‘Zionist jihad’.

Mercenary ‘Abu Abdullah’, was previously a drug dealer and a Free Syrian Army militant, before to receive more money for his services if working’ for Daesh-ISIL’s gangs.

He spoke of a series of horrific incidents, including when his boss, terrorist leader Jamal, had forced a couple of parents to watch his jihadists murdering their kids one by one.

“Starting with a 13-year-old boy, they lined up the sons according to their height and beheaded them in that order,” said the bodyguard.

“Afterwards, they hung the boys’ heads on the door of the school the family had been hiding in.”

Abdullah declared that Saddam Jamal was working for DAESH not for ideal reasons, but simply as business

“There are, of course, some who really believe that killing and whipping is the correct way to spread Islam,” Abdullah said to ‘The Daily Telegraph’.

“But for Jamal, he doesn’t really care if the mission spreads Islam. All he cares about is becoming more powerful. Now, if a stronger organisation emerges, he will join it. And there are lots of men in Isil just like him.”

Saddam Jamal was just using the same Abu Baker al-Baghdadi strategy of controlling the territory through force and fear.

“They kidnap and carry out assassinations…They think nothing of bringing down a whole building with women and children inside, just to kill one person”.

“A lot of their local and foreign fighters smoke but if they ever catch a civilian doing the same they lock him up, whip him and force them into community service. Why the double standards?”

Saddam Jamal is second in command for DAESH’s gangs, after the Chechen Abu Omar al-Shishani, known as the “Ginger Jihadist”.

Saddam Jamal was previously a leader of the FSA and of the so called ‘Supreme Military Council’ (a bunch of corrupted deserters, traitors renegades without honor), and he received funds directly from U.S. administration for fighting in Syria against Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army.

His base, with FSA, was in the Deir al-Zour province, and was attacked and defeated by DAESH. It is not certain whether Saddam Jamal hid himself and then proposed an agreement to DAESH, or whether he has been arrested at that time and decided to “change its flag”.

A mercenary is a mercenary, and the only flag he knows is the one of the money.

What we know is that immediately after those days he appeared in a video where he pledged allegiance to DAESH-ISIL/ISIS and denounced the FSA fighters as “apostates”.

“Isil (DAESH) blew up Jamal’s house killing one of his brothers. They kidnapped another brother and killed him too. After that Jamal disappeared,” mercenary Abu Abdullah declared to ‘The Daily Telegraph’.

Abu Abdullah during the interview finally told another monstrous tale: another “emir of terror”, Abu Abdullah al-Qahtani, ordered his eight-year-old son to cut the throat of another rival mercenary captured by the DAESH gang.

“Al-Qahtani held his son’s hand with a knife in it and made him cut the head of an FSA fighter accused of organising attacks on Isil (DAESH) … It would take days to recount to you the violence I witnessed”.


These are the horror stories exposed by only one former-mercenary belonging to DAESH-ISIL/ISIS foreign-backed terrorist gangs.

We can only imagine, with fatigue and disgust, the thousands and thousands of broken lives, horrors, torture and the suffering caused to the people of Iraq and Syria by as many thousands of ruthless and heartles mercenaries, entities without dignity, without God, which are part of the satanic army designed, willed, organized, armed and financed by the US regime, led behind the scenes by the cynical Zionist direction of the Israel lobby, the true mind that guides the Yankee armed wing.


By SFP/patriot ~ 11/11/2014

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