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Palestinian arrested by IOF

At least 13 Palestinian citizens were nabbed by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) at dawn Wednesday following a series of abrupt combing operations, home-raids and abduction campaigns launched across the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said taht IOF stormed Berkin, West of Jenin, overnight and raked through the town, PIC reported.

The attack culminated in a series of home-raids targeting at least 11 Palestinian family houses and the abduction of a Palestinian civilian. A number of Palestinian citizens were provocatively interrogated in the process.

Eye-witnesses reported that IOF rounded up Palestinian youth Ahmad Sami Ghanam, 23, following an assault on his family house.

The invading Zionist troops scoured a number of commercial stores and rummaged through civilian homes before they forced their way into the adjacent al-Hashimiya neighborhood and sealed off its main entrance with a makeshift roadblock.

Zionist occupation forces arrested a Palestinian man in al-Khalil city after combing operations in a number of suburbs in the city, locals reported.

In a related development, IOF have tightened grip at the Hawara military checkpoint, randomly set up South of Nablus city, where Palestinians’ IDs and vehicles have been meticulously inspected. A traffic congestion cropped up in the process, blocking Palestinians’ access to their schools and workplaces.

IOF have relentlessly been cordoning off the West Bank city of Nablus in an attempt to come down heavily on the Palestinian natives.

Meanwhile, sources based in Occupied Jerusalem documented the arrest of 10 Palestinian civilians at the hands of the Zionist police late on Tuesday afternoon and at dawn Wednesday.


SFP/patriot from local agencies ~ 13/11/2014
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