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Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that three years into the terrorist aggression against Syria, all countries have come to realize the dangers of the proliferation of the terror threat in the world.

Al-Jaafari, who was speaking in an address at the United Nations, said politicized and unfair decisions against the Syrian government have multiplied the suffering of the Syrian people which, he said, have sent a reassuring message to terrorists that “they are off limit and can go ahead with their crimes.”

He added that those decisions have harmed the international efforts exerted to reach a human rights’ council that deals with all violations around the world without discriminations.

Al-Jaafari went on to say that the UN Security Council resolutions have obstructed all cooperation and openness initiatives manifested by Syria lately with the international commissions, hindering the possibility of putting an end to the crisis in the country as well through encouraging terrorism.

Al-Jaafari indicated that the international committee appointed to monitor human rights violations in Syria has undergone a notable change in its stances, acknowledging in a recent report the existence of terrorism in Syria, a shift in tone that has come to pass after influential countries okayed it to suit its own interests.

Al-Jaafari said the report which provides an account of ISIS gross practices against the Syrians has stopped short of openly calling on the Qatari and Saudi regimes to stop financing, arming and training terrorists.

“Furthermore, the report does not press the Turkish regime to stop the influx of terrorists into Syria across the shared borders, nor does it demand that the United States, France and other western states honor their obligations according to UN resolutions 2170 and 2178.” Al-Jaafari said.

He added the report has indicated in its 11th article only to the foreign support to those terrorists, clarifying that the foreign support has contributed to increasing extremism of the armed terrorist groups.


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