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Sochi, RUSSIA, 29/11/2014 ~ Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, said that the continued regional and international interference in Syrian affairs hinders the political solution and increases the violence of terrorism exercised on the Syrians.

In an interview with Russian RT Channel on Friday, al-Moallem added that Syria believes in and adheres to an inter-Syrian political solution away from any foreign meddling but the problem lies in the conspiracy of Syria’s neighbors, particularly Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and others from outside the region.

”Russia found that the formula of an inter-Syrian dialogue could be more useful than what took place in Geneva, and accordingly, new ideas have emerged after talks held with factions from the opposition where the idea of convening an inter-Syrian dialogue meeting in Moscow comes to light,” the Minister said.




He added that it is hard to talk about a timetable for the solution as long as terrorism is striking Syria and the foreign intervention represented by Washington alliance is continued as well as the influx of terrorists into the country.

Al-Moallem clarified that a schedule could be set for the topics that ought to be discussed during the dialogue, on top of which counterterrorism.

On the possibility of holding a dialogue and reaching an agreement without the consent or the participation of regional and international powers, al-Moallem said that this inter-Syrian agreement will divulge two things: who are the Syrians that have links with foreign sides and committed to their directives for money and which of the foreign sides still insist on intervening in Syria’s affairs.

Minister al-Moallem underlined that Syria has agreed on De Mistura’s initiative, stemming from the keenness of the government and leadership on sparing the blood of Syrians despite the military situation in Aleppo where the Syrian Arab Army is superior.

He emphasized that only the central administration is ruling any city.” Thus any administration they talk about is unacceptable…We are talking about the Syrian government’s administration through its civil institutions,” he said.

On the vagueness of the alliance in countering terrorism and on its ambiguous intentions, al-Moallem said that we always suspect the U.S. intentions because if it were really sincere in countering terrorism it would have resorted to the Security Council to authorize it and it would not have excluded key states in the region such as Syria, which is combating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ISIS on the ground, Iran or Russia.

The Minister said that those who think that the air strikes will eliminate ISIS are mistaken for one simple reason: Turkey, the U.S. ally, does not abide by implementing the UNSC resolutions on counterterrorism, considering that training terrorists in Turkey is a recipe for prolonging the crisis and bloodshed in Syria.

He referred to the Israeli ambitions of establishing a buffer zone in Quneitra and Daraa at the hands of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists backed by the influx of terrorists from borders with Jordan.

On the impacts of an agreement between Iran and the west on the nuclear file on the crisis in Syria, al-Moallem pointed out that Iran is Syria’s ally and it realizes its benefit, It has a political decision to reach an agreement with P5+1 group and such an agreement will undoubtedly be reflected positively on the situation in Syria because it serves the friendly people of Iran.


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