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UAE Terror List Nibs NATO’s Covert Infrastructure in The Bud

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : The United Arab Emirates designated a large number of organizations, topped by the Muslim Brotherhood. The list includes a large number of other organizations who have been implicated in US/NATO subversion worldwide, such as CAIR and CANVAS.

On November 15 that Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) adopted a list that designates eighty-three organizations as terrorist organizations. The UAE’s government notes that the list is not final, implying others could be added but noting that those organizations who find themselves on the list have the possibility to apply for being removed from the list. The UAE stressed that it saw it necessary to designate the included organizations as terrorist organizations to protect the security of the emirates.

The list includes organizations which are currently legally operating in at lest seven European countries and at least two organizations which are legally operating in the United States. Among those operating in the United States are the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR and the Muslim American Society.

CAIR is commonly perceived as the successor organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas associated organizations such as WAMY and the Institute of Islamic Thought whose leadership had direct links to the White House but who were outlawed when their involvement in terrorism became too much part of the public record.

It is noteworthy that many of the leading members of Syrian Transitional National Council, who first met in Turkey and which was backed by the USA and other core NATO members had direct links to CAIR. The organization’s leadership is known for having close ties to, among others, U.S. security adviser and “Grand Architect” or NATO’s current military-politico strategies, Zbigniev Brzezinski. Or, in other words, to Rockefeller money.


… … … The inclusion of CANVAS in the list is widely perceived as a direct slap into the face of NATO covert operations planners, the U.S. State Department and the CIA. CANVAS, a.k.a. DEMOZ has been implicated in U.S.-backed subversion from the former Republic of Yugoslavia to Egypt and Ukraine… … …

…you can see the entire list of 83 groups of mercenary terrorists and you can continue read the full article by Christof Lehmann on NSNBC at:



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