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Turkish party leader confirms his country’s involvement in Ayn al-Arab explosion launched by Daesh-ISIS

Ankara, 2/12/2014 ~ Leader of the Turkish Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) unveiled Monday that there are photos video outlets proves that the explosion in the Syrian northern city of Ayn al-Arab a couple of days ago was launched by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) starting from the Turkish lands.

More than 17 members of ISIS terrorist organization were killed Saturday in fierce clashes with the popular units defending Ayn al-Arab city, northeast of Aleppo following the explosion of a car bomb at the city’s northern crossing and following the explosion, ISIS terrorists launched several attacks and clashed with the popular defense units.

“In spite of Turkish premiership and general staff’s denial, there are some photos and video outlets proves that ISIS members launched the attack on Ayn al-Arab on Saturday from wheat storages which are located in the Turkish side of the border Selahattin Demirta, co-chairman of (HDP) said during his party’s conference in Gazi Antep,

Demirta pushed for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) to clarify how ISIS terrorists reached that point of the Turkish soil and use Turkish borders freely, while Turkish Police fight demonstrators in town of Serouj close to the border since 70 days ago.

On the other hand, locals in the village Kutchock Kinderji told Cumhuriyet daily that ISIS terrorists who exploded the booby-trapped vehicle in Ayn-Arab sneaked to a storage house of agricultural products in Serouj through mined border areas.

One of the vehicles moved from the mined area towards storages in the early morning while the other one entered Ayn Al-Arab via border crossing which links both cities of Serouj and Ayn Al-Arab, the locals added, unveiling Turkey’s police warning peoples there to move away from the border line before the two explosions after they moved inside their security members.

In the relevant context, Democratic Union Party ( known as PYD) Co-Chairwoman Asia Abdulla confirmed that ISIS used Turkish lands in executing the attack on Ayn Al-Arab since there is no road linking the explosion site and the city (Ai-Al-Arab) except from the Turkish side.

Abdulla expressed, in a press statement, confidence that the “the bobby-trapped vehicle entered Ayn Al-Arab from Turkey a hundred percent”, confirming that ISIS has already committed such crimes against Tal –Al-Shair to the west of Ayn Al-Arab as videos and photos prove that.

Turkey’s decision not to participate in the coalition against ISIS raises questions, particularly when ISIS launch aggression against Ayn-Al-Arab by using Turkish lands as lunch pads for their attacks, Abdulla said.

Since September 16, Ayn al-Arab has been under continuous attacks by ISIS, supported by Turkey, to seize control of the city, attempts that have so far failed due to the locals resistance.



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