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Modern communication is such that there are known knowns that it is possible for sentient human beings to practically address.

The best gift decent and civilized people in the US & EU could really give to the brave Syrian people this Christmas, is to restore the people’s rule of law to it’s rightful place above ‘politics’ and ‘news’ media ‘opinions’ in the US & EU.

UN cynically collecting money to put in the pockets of NATO governments in their War on Syria

The plausibility of ideologues and their endless ‘news’ media soundbites that misrepresent, ignore, trivialize or try to replace the people’s rule of law that exists to protect life, with any ‘opinion’, however outrageous, is coming to an end.

Russian and Iranian ‘news’ media have managed to make some inroads into successfully countering the challenging nature of both mainstream and alternative US & EU ‘news’ media which typically only engages in the ‘opinions’ of the lowest common denominator that is necessary for it’s own survival.


“…Of course, we have the right to ask questions. What was this Ukrainian tragedy for?

Wasn’t it possible to settle all the issues, even disputed issues, through dialogue, within a legal framework and legitimately?

But now we are being told that this was actually competent, balanced politics that we should comply with unquestionably and blindfolded.

This will never happen.

It is imperative to respect the legitimate interests of all the participants in international dialogue. Only then, not with guns, missiles or combat aircraft, but precisely with the rule of law will we reliably protect the world against bloody conflict…”


  “…Let’s be honest: had Qatar not paid money to those terrorists at that time, and had Turkey not supported them logistically, and had not the West supported them politically, things would have been different….we as Syrians will never accept that Syria become a western puppet state. This is one of our most important objectives and principles…”


On December 4th 2014, the petulant response of the US to real resistance is characterized by a ridiculous House of Representatives Resolution HR 758, which had unsurprisingly been brought by an unapologetic war mongering ‘veteran’ of US Genocide in Iraq.

The US ‘resolution’ HR 758 that “…calls upon the Russian Federation to seek a mutually beneficial relationship with the United States based on respect for the independence and sovereignty of all countries” very pointedly -ignores- any mention of the rule of law.

People remember only too well that recently the entire US government waited until they were on vacation before getting President Obama to illegally authorize airstrikes in Syria.


The fact that US & UK ‘governments’ and ‘news’ media may work as one, does not of course make NATO immune from legal challenges in European courts.


While US & EU ‘news’ media continue to be an entirely nonsensical waste-land of competing idiocy, because even most self-styled ‘intellectuals’ are frauds who ignore or trivialize the rule of law themselves to promote their own ‘political’ ideology, it is nevertheless impossible to hide the basic facts that most human beings know at some level.

In not just legal terms, it is obvious the NATO ‘War on Terror’ is simply an extension of brutal colonial war mongering that all decent and civilized law abiding people have always known is illegal.

It is far from ‘anti-semitic’ to point out that the modern state of Israel was only invented by Britain and the Zionist Federation to provide a military foothold for the US & EU ‘governments’ in their Middle East Oil Wars.


…The simple right to vote is not enough: Systems need to deliver results…”


In fact weak and spineless ‘politics’ who do the bidding of big business are not absolved of any of their legal responsibilities.

The rule of law, that Blair & Co like Obama & Co pointedly ignore only permits limited public space for a few administrators to responsibly manage a few agreed public services, rather than their current murderous free for all which goes under the banner of monarchy and politics which gifts itself all manner of violent self-serving legislative powers.

One only has to read the Opening Prosecution argument at Nuremberg to understand that the nature of big business empire building is not original but formulaic.

It really is not rocket science that a jury in a court of law can understand that the greatest revenue for big business is generated through violently oppressing civilians at home, while murdering civilians abroad.

Very conservative estimates put the British military costs involved in the illegal Afghan and Iraq wars at £30 billion which was quite literally stolen from British people, to


The number one priority for big business who control not only US & EU ‘governments’ but their ‘intelligence’ services, is to try to control and silence real resistance that stands by the rule of law.

It is illuminating to consider that the current public services/infrastructure in Britain could be paid for simply through the current taxes on what people buy, while income tax which is nothing more than a coercive fraud, is not actually obligatory at all.


While the UK Uncut case was a nonsense in the sense that the guidance they were arguing, doesn’t have any force in law anyway, the fine print that was not widely disseminated is that the collection of personal income related taxes is entirely ‘discretionary’ (ie: voluntary)

20141205-brianhaw-3a serious misuse of the word ‘victory’

All US & EU ‘news’ media operates within the very limited spectrum of competing political ideologies who are only arguing over who should use the power their corporate business states have illegally seized from the people.

A wholly illegitimate British ‘government’ of all political shades, including Tory, Labour and Lib Dems illegally seized power through gifting themselves an unprecedented 3000 + pieces of violent legislation since the turn of the century, to create and continue the pre-planned NATO ‘War on Terror’.

All these 3000 + pieces of legislation are entirely illegal -because- they are wholly incompatible with the rule of law.


The fraudulent legislative power grab occurred because US & UK ‘politics’ suffered a seismic shock when the former UN Asst Secretary General Denis Halliday resigned in 1998 while heading the Iraqi oil for food program at the UN, to say the murder of over 500,000 Iraqi children through the illegal sanctions on Iraq was Genocide.

As our campaign has proved, despite the whole array of the badge and label opinion brigade who have no practical experience, it is a widely disseminated fallacy that people in the US & EU cannot reform a far from legal political system that has hijacked the people’s rule of law to replace it with their own self-serving violent legislation.

There is nothing in the rule of law, that prevents the people from getting legislation repealed and/or putting our ‘governments’ on trial for Genocide in the Middle East.

There are only ‘opinions’ and lethal weapons that are obstacles to the proper practice of the rule of law by the people in the US & EU, which would put governments on trial to stop illegal wars and much else.

What is evident is that while the pied pipers of ‘politics’ and ‘news’ media continue demanding people dance to many a distraction, real resistance to the consequences of the bogus NATO ‘War on Terror’ are illegally denied their day in court to remedy the murderous state of affairs being run by big business.

1. The illegal UK & US occupation of Iraq imposed an illegal constitution on the people of Iraq, that had no ‘amendments’ because it could not force -the majority- of the population to vote for a US & UK puppet government.

It is illegal UN & EU ‘resolutions’ and ‘sanctions’ that continue to control oil and weapons in Iraq.

When the Iraqi government challenged the theft of Iraqi oil in a US court, NATO moved back into Iraq and changed the government to try and make that legal complaint disappear.


NATO does not protect…children

2. When Palestinian people filed a complaint at the ICC to try and save their lives, ‘politics’ and ‘news’ media was awash with anything but why Palestinian people were being illegally denied that basic right of -access- to a court to try to save their lives, regardless of who they do or do not vote for.


3. It is well established that the British government are trying everything to prevent our own Parliament Square Peace Campaign’s groundbreaking claims against the British government ever seeing the light of day before a High Court jury with proceedings recorded and published by the people.

The truth is that for too long ‘politics’ and ‘news’ media have both been guilty of promoting any ‘opinions’ they choose about other people’s lives, instead of the rule of law, which is what society agreed really governs society.

The self-serving and often speculative ‘opinions’ of ‘politics’ and ‘news’ media over what US & EU ‘governments’ can do to other people’s…lives is both irrelevant, and often illegal.

Decent and civilized society agree that it is the rule of law, not ‘politics’ or ‘news’ media that has primacy to govern everyone in the US & EU.

It is a deliberate falsehood to conflate the rule of law with the self-serving legislation of ‘politics’.

The law abiding majority of people all around the world, quite properly do not accept that the US & EU ‘governments’ and ‘news’ media can either misrepresent, ignore, trivialize or try to replace the people’s rule of law in the US & EU because it is the rule of law that exists to protect life.

It is self-evident that there are no legal grounds to overthrow the Syrian government, yet US & EU leaders continue indiscriminately providing lethal weapons that by their very nature a reasonable person could foresee could end up in the hands of anyone.

While the US & EU media noise over the ‘Islamic State’ may be large, that only reflects the desperation of those who created a beast in their own image.

The fact is the British government have been trying to play catch up over Syria, ever since they were legally exposed in June 2013.


Putin to Cameron:”You arm people who you tube eating their enemies body parts”

“…The former French Foreign Minister publicly stated that the British intended to overthrow the Syrian government, before there was civil unrest fomented by the British government…”

There are a very many who can recognize the authoritarian likes of the British government in the NATO ‘Islamic State’ creation where it is true that some young fools will be hung out to dry by intelligence services if they return from Syria while the job of overthrowing the Syrian government remains undone.


“…Bombarded with lurid, misrepresented, and sometimes simply fabricated, stories about Assad’s brutality – and equally whitewashed accounts of the rebel forces – from the British media, hundreds of British Muslims responded to the propaganda campaign by going to join the valiant “freedom fighters” Cameron had been applauding so loudly.

The British intelligence services openly facilitated their passage, as the revelations at the recent trial of Moazzam Begg made abundantly clear.

When the volunteers arrived, however, they discovered that the real situation in Syria was nothing like the image they had been fed by the BBC, ITN and Al Jazeera….

…the message being sent to Britons in Syria is clear – stay and fight, because if you dare to come back you will be punished; a message clearly backed up by the new bill’s proposals to give the government the power to ban its citizens from returning home at all.

The Begg case shows that the only way to guarantee their immunity from prosecution is with MI5 protection, and the only way to attain that, it seems, is by being able to demonstrate some real service to the destabilization campaign…”


…While Washington claims to be fighting IS, documents in our possession prove that this group is a product of the CIA,” Iranian Armed Forces Deputy Chief of Staff Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri said.

“The fact that US Armed Forces supplied weapons and uniforms to IS since forming the [anti-IS] coalition testifies to the falsehood of assertions regarding the nature of their fight against [Islamists],” Jazairi added in an interview with Sputnik.

Earlier this week, Brig. Gen. Jazayeri denied reports that Iran’s Air Force had conducted airstrikes against IS targets in Iraq in coordination with the United States as “totally untrue.” In September, media reported that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had declined Washington’s proposal to cooperate in the fight against the IS..”


we have previously pointed out on November 30th 2014, that these disgraceful money grabbing mercenaries who spew nothing but foul corporate propaganda, actually run a private company called ‘The Pathfinder Group Terrorism and Research Center’. 


The cynical propaganda over white British mercenaries going to ‘avenge’ white European deaths in…Syria is intended to drum up support for the military et al, amongst the ranks of uninformed Daily Mail and Sun readers who still live in the warped colonial era mindset.

It is also  particularly disgraceful that ‘humanitarian’ agencies continue to dictate terms by which Syrian people can live and die, instead of acting responsibly by pointing out that US & EU ‘governments’ have no legal grounds to be supplying any lethal weapons to Syrian ‘Opposition’ members.

Responsible aid agencies in the US & UK have a legal responsibility to point out that the US & EU ‘governments’ are acting illegally in supporting armed opposition in Syria.

What the people in Syria really want and need is for NATO and their allies and all their humanitarian ‘aid’ agencies to leave and take their….terrorists with them. 


This ‘aid’ money that does not go to the Syrian government only goes to promoting the NATO war on Syria.

Those who like Amnesty International and the UN World Food Program, ignore the rule of law, collaborate with the US & EU ‘governments’ violent oppression at home and Genocide in the Middle East.



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