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the Syrian Arab Army is using reasonable force in self-defense

The days of Genocidal NATO ‘governments’ and their ‘news’ media being able to start illegal wars by simply peddling dodgy dossiers while liars like Colin Powell pontificate at the UN look finally well and truly finished.

Long discredited, murderous US & EU ‘governments’ are therefore desperately trying to find enough of other people’s money, to keep throwing at anyone who will pick up a lethal weapon to try to illegally overthrow the Syrian government.

The foul EU ‘Foreign Minister’s meeting yesterday only confirmed that in the absence of any legal grounds for their support of Syrian terrorists, the EU can only stick to the mantra of a ‘political’ solution that only involves the illegal use of lethal weapons to try and overthrow the Syrian government.






not a document the eu ‘government’ would dare submit to scrutiny in any court of law (PDF)


EU ‘governments’ who suggest that the likes of the unelected Saudi regime have any legal authority in…Syria, can properly expect to be ridiculed.

It is self-evident that if EU ‘governments’ cared about Syrian…civilians they would stop illegally supporting all armed opposition in Syria.

Therefore it is clear that the EU ‘Trust Fund’ is really being set up as a front to try and launder money for terrorists.

The German Foreign Ministry admit their ‘publications’ which are frankly also propaganda carry no legal authority.

The foul BBC propaganda machine can just consider themselves very lucky they are not yet sitting in a court of law trying to explain why they do not accept that lethally armed people in…Syria trying to overthrow the Syrian government are not -all- terrorists.

Decent and civilized people the world over can only support what are the entirely lawful efforts of the Syrian government to rid their country of foreign funded terrorists.


not credible as something some-one who the guardian portray as still an ‘islamic state’ leader, is going to be saying to a…guardian ‘journalist’


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“Damascus, SANA – Syria denounced yesterday’s statement made by EU foreign ministers on the situation in Syria as stressing the deep European involvement in the plot targeting Syria.

The EU statement, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said, also affirms the European complicity in shedding the Syrians’ blood.

In a statement to SANA, the Foreign Ministry source dismissed what came in the EU statement as “allegations and lies,” saying they assert that the European Union is apparently going forward with its policy of “systematic misinformation” despite the fact that the entire world now realizes the reality of the aggression against Syria being carried out by armed terrorist groups.

The source highlighted that those groups, including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra, are receiving “unlimited support” by some regional countries and international major powers.

Being “back with former stances” will lead nowhere as far as reaching a solution to the crisis in Syria is concerned, the source stated.

While the EU “is shedding crocodile tears” on the humanitarian suffering of the Syrians, the source said, it overlooks that it is the EU’s policy of backing terrorism in Syria, the economic sanctions imposed on it and the repeated attempts to abort the efforts seeking a way out are the causes behind having Syria’s crisis still dragging on.

Those very causes, the source stressed, are what led to the growth of the terrorist activities that have come to pose a serious threat to the regional and international peace and security, activities which involve thousands of terrorists who came from European states undeterred and under the nose of those states’ intelligence services.

The source went on saying that the stance of the European Union proves that it is “unworthy of having a decent status in the international arena having accepted to be subordinate to the others’ policies and a payer of their bills and a model of hypocrisy with it renouncing the very values it advocates.”

The Foreign Ministry source stressed that the EU’s statement and other similar statements will only make the Syrian people and army more confident and determined to achieve victory while they are “proudly” confronting the forces of the obscurantist takfiri terrorism.”

Haifa Said




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