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Occupied Jerusalem, 17/12/2014 – Last night another terrorist who was wounded in military operations in Syria was admitted to the Israeli Poriya hospital in Tiberias in occupied Palestine.

Israeli occupation forces have already moved what amounts to hundreds of terrorists who got wounded while fighting the Syrian army and people, in clear violation of the UN and Security Council resolutions.

Netanyahu visits in Israeli hospitals terrorists injured in Syria-2

The Israeli Walla website reported that the injured terrorist is 37 and had a leg wound, noting that Poriya Hospital has so far treated up to 130 wounded terrorists.

Hundreds of other terrorists who were wounded in Syria have received treatment at the Israeli Nahariya hospital in Galilee, with those amounting to 465 persons, according to earlier reports published by Walla website.

Giving medical treatment to wounded terrorists is only one aspect of the Israeli enemy’s unlimited support provided to the terrorist organizations fighting the Syrian army and attacking civilians.

This support has amounted to no less than Israeli warplanes launching attacks against sites inside the Syrian territory, proving Israel’s undoubted involvement in the internationally-devised terrorist war still raging in Syria since 2011.




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