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By Ziad Fadel – SyrianPerspective

It is hard to imagine how much longer the rats of ISIS can hold out in Dayr El-Zor what with over 200 of their own being executed in Al-Raqqa for desertion last week.  So sad. 

The assault on the airbase, as you now know, was a flop.  4 separate efforts with the usual cast of suicidal derelicts from Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan or Barfghanistan didn’t make one bit of difference or a whit of sense.  The army at the base is very well armed and led by a brilliant commander who’s not afraid to get in on the action.

Today, the SAA had a field day killing and sniping gathering rodents in this town on the Euphrates.  These are the confirmed carcasses:

  • Abu Al-Baraa` ‘Abbaas (LIBYAN SKUNK ODOR GLAND)
  • Jihaad ‘Arraaf Al-Madfoon
  • Ahmad Jaassim Al-Khalaf
  • ‘Izzeddeen Sibtaan Al-Naasser
  • Fu`aad Ahmad Majeed
  • Firaas ‘Abdul-Baaqi Ahmad Al-Sirhaan
  • Sufyaan Taalib Al-Batti
  • Ahmad Faaris
  • Luqmaan Sa’eed Al-Shahroor
  • Nizaar Mahmoud Tawwaaf
  • Faadhil Khaleel Al-Raa’iy
  • Muhammad ‘Adnaan Balsami
  • Daawood Sulaymaan Salaama
  • Muhamamd Hassan Al-Najjaar
  • Hamaada Muhjim Al-Hassan
  • 11 others could not be identified and are believed to be foreigners.

Al-Bu-‘Umar Village: 
26 rodents dead on the left bank of the Euphrates. Shu’aytaat militia came out in droves and beheaded 6 ISIS vermin as the SAA tried to stop them.  Vengeance is so sweet.

الجيش السوري يحكم سيطرته على مزارع الملاح وجنوب وغرب حندرات بريف حلب

Jaffra Village: 
More ISIS flies drop like, well, flies!  10 confirmed dead insects and all weapons and ammunition distributed to our militias.

Bayt Dughaym: 
An armored truck loaded with explosives and 4 rodents exploded courtesy of the SAA just east of the airbase.  All were killed. No names.

Huwayjat Sakr: 
SAAF very active overhead.  Reports of packs of rats scattering as bombers strafe positions on the island.

SAA continues to mop up in several areas like Al-Jubayla, Al-Rushdiyya, Old Intilaaq Neighborhood (3 Kuwaitis and 1 Tunisian killed), Al-Huwayqa, Al-Rusaafa.

تفكيك سيارة مفخخة بأكثر من 300 كغ من المتفجرات في الحسكة


City: At the Teachers’ Union Building:
(December 14, 2014) A car rigged to explode by remote control was neutralized by an SAA sapper.  The Hyundai was stolen and contained 300 kgs of TNT and C-4 and was laced with buckshot for added atrocity.

Al-Siddeeq Village and Al-Rahf Farms Crossroad
3 pickups with 23mm machine gun cannons were destroyed 15 kms from the city.  No other details.

Al-Maylabiyya area: 
15 ISIS cockroaches killed in vans loaded with weapons and ammunition.  The SAA was successful here in beating back an assault to cut off the roadway to Al-Shidaadi.

Al-Manaajeer Village: 
SAA defeated an attempted infiltration and killed 6 rodents.

Al-Aghbeesh Village: 
Same as above. SAA stopped an attempted infiltration.  No other details.

Tal Al-Safaa in the area of Kobane: 
SAA in action prevented movement of ISIS vermin toward the Kurdish held town.

Tal Tamr International Highway: 
SAA killed 14 ISIS rats in an ambush.

South of the city.  A pack of ISIS rodents was destroyed.




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