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Units of the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Armed Forces continued to carry out operations against terrorist organizations across the country, targeting terrorists’ gatherings and dens in several areas.


Army units destroyed terrorists’ dens along with the terrorists inside them and eliminated a number of terrorists in Daraa al-Balad, Tafas, al-Na’eimeh, Busr al-Harir, Bosra al-Sham, al-Sheikh Miskeen, al-Hirak, Zamrin, Ibta’, Deir al-Adas, Salmin, Da’el and east to Atman in the countryside of Daraa province.

Damascus Countryside

A military source said that the army seized rifles, communication devices and military suits hidden in a cache in a farm tractor driven by a suicidal terrorist on the road between Zakya and Shaqhab in Damascus Countryside.


A military source told SANA that the army eliminated a number of terrorists in the areas of Binnesh, Taftanaz, al-Taybat, Hmeimat al-Dayer, Tal Salmo, Abu al-Dohour, al-Mijas, Umm JJrein and Talab in Idleb countryside


Army units eliminated dozens of terrorists in Mas’hara and al-Hara in the countryside of Quneitra province.


A source in Hasaka province told SANA that army units killed and injured a number of ISIS terrorists who were attempting to attack Tal al-Gazal area southeast of Qamishli city.

The source added that army units carried out special operations against ISIS terrorists’ gatherings in al-Shbib and Bab al-Kheer villages south of Hassaka.

More than 50 terrorists were killed in these operations and their vehicles, dens, and ammo were destroyed.



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