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mass grave

New mass grave unearthed in Deir Ezzor countryside

~ Deir Ezzor, 29/12/2014 ~ Families of al-Bahra village in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor discovered Monday a mass grave which includes corpses of 70 citizens who were executed at the hands of the DAESH (ISIS) terrorists.

Families of al-Bahra village, 100 km off Deir Ezzor, unearthed a mass grave for 70 corpses, the majority of them were of al-She’tat clan, adding that some bodies were beheaded.

On December 17th, families of al-Kishkiyeh village in Deir Ezzor countryside discovered a mass grave which included corpses for scores of persons who were executed by Daesh mercenary terrorists.


Turkish terrorist killed in Syria

A Turkish terrorist from Sakarya Province was killed while fighting alongside with DAESH (ISIS) terrorist organization in Syria, a Turkish source said Saturday.

Terrorist Ergun Gunultas joined Daesh terrorist organization in Syria along with 4 other terrorists last August, Turkish Karsi website said.

The website affirmed that a woman, who went with Jonaultash, has informed his wife that he was killed in clash a month ago.

The Turkish authorities offer evident facilitations to terrorists from all nationalities to enter Syria through opening the borders, arming and training them, but this policy is falling back on the Turkish government as it faces unprecedented international pressures due to its support to terrorism and that terrorism is threatening the Turkish internal security after its failure in Syria.

Turkish media has previously leaked a secret recording shows that Erdogan’s government was orchestrating an unprecedented aggression against Syria and shows its involvement in the conspiracy against Syria.




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