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The idea that two nice young Italian girls just suddenly got it into their silly little heads around August 2014, to toddle off into the wild blue yonder into the epicenter of a war zone in Aleppo in Syria to hand out ‘aid’ on their own, frankly defies all rational thinking amongst right minded people.


It has long been trademark colonialism 101, to send the mercenary soldiers along with the supposed ‘do-gooders’ who are all going to ‘save’ the ‘uncivilized natives’ from themselves.

not 'victims' of the war on syria: it is never wise to support european 'government' sponsored terrorists like the 'free syria army'.

not ‘victims’ of the war on syria: it is never wise to support european ‘government’ sponsored terrorists like the ‘free syria army’.

In fact it is claimed by propaganda outlets, that two young Italian women were with an Italian ‘journalist’ who ‘managed to escape’, while pictures reveal they themselves were not at all impartial in their support for the European ‘government’ sponsored ‘Free Syria Army’ terrorists illegally trying to overthrow the Syrian government.

The likes of the ‘leadership’ of controlled opposition like the ‘UK Stop the War Coalition’ may be stupid, but even they are not yet that stupid themselves, although they are stupid enough to publicly support other terrorists like the anti-Syrian propagandist Moazzam Begg.


colonialism 101: phoney ‘humanitarian’ fronts launder very large sums of money

The propaganda in the latest Italian Job, is not dissimilar to the recent propaganda surrounding two phoney British mercenaries who were in legal terms, actually terrorists.


berlusconi, murdoch & co are making millions out of you-tube snuff movies


even the so called ‘communists’ are full of it.

“We are Greta Ramelli and Vanessa Marzullo,” Marzullo says. “We supplicate our government and its mediators to bring us home before Christmas. We are in big danger and we could be killed. The government and mediators are responsible for our lives.”

One must presume that gem about their lives being in ‘big danger’, may have crossed their minds before they allegedly went to Syria, only to helpfully parrot the European ‘governments’ propaganda narrative that European governments exist to ‘save’ the world. One can only presume that there is supposed to be a ‘ransom’ involved.

Quite how any ‘government’ is ‘responsible’ for any Europeans choosing to journey into a Syrian war zone while worse, openly supporting terrorists, like the ‘Free Syria Army’ remains entirely unclear.

In fact the so called ‘Free Syria Army’ & al-Nusra who are alleged to have taken the Italian girls hostage, are allies in Aleppo.

source: usa today december 14th 2012



The two British mercenaries who support the illegal overthrow of the Syrian government too, were supplied with Go-Pros by the far from respectable Channel Four, who like all other Westminster ‘news’ propaganda outlets, had long tried to pretend they were not supporting -all- Syrian terrorists too.


vice: the murdoch propaganda machine makes it’s profits out of sensational propaganda, while plundering stolen oil.


Not a single slice of European propaganda over the two missing Italian girls, like that of the British mercenaries, even mentions that it is illegal to try to overthrow the…Syrian government for what are very clearly oil profits.

Whatever the true circumstances are surrounding two young Italian girls allegedly missing in Syria, the fact remains that they are furthering colonialist propaganda which illegally promotes the view that EU ‘governments’ have some role to play in handing out lethal weapons to decide the ‘political’ leadership in Syria, which is simply not true.

It is useful to remember that these very same European propaganda outlets do not publish flattering stories about European students standing up to European ‘governments’.

In legal terms, the propaganda surrounding the missing Italian girls, is at very best a squabble amongst terrorists, where it has long been known that some terrorists will be-head other people, which when it is amongst those who comprise what is the Syrian ‘Opposition’ is not ‘news’ worthy in any real sense.

Frankly the European ‘government’ propaganda machine could wheel out a busload of British pensioners held ‘hostage’ while going to ‘fight’ alongside Syrian ‘Opposition’ which would still not change the fact that the only real victims of the war on Syria are the Syrian resistance/civilians who refuse to be colonial puppets.

Any idea that European ‘governments’ and their ‘news’ media can just keep sending all manner of wolves draped in sheep’s clothing, who all have the same agenda of overthrowing the Syrian government, is illegal.


real resistance from young women in syria

“…Who the hell are you to be studying us and issuing us Euro-American directives on “good governance” and “conflict resolution”?

Crises of governance and conflicts which have been engineered by none other than your governments , with your intellectual cover…

What Syria needs is more women who understand how their liberation is linked to their freedom and dignity as human beings who are free from all forms of exploitation and subjugation.

An integral part of this freedom is a sovereign and unitary Syria which is free from the predatory ambitions of the Empire and its Arab minions…”



In brief, for us at SFP, the two Italian girls, Greta Ramelli and Vanessa Marzullo, in the hands of pervert mercenaries, are accomplices and supporters of FSA & Al-Nusra terrorist groups, they are not “victims”, they are ‘useful idiots’, they went to Syria to be first used for the sex-jihad, and then after as baits to attract foreign troops…and money…


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