French humorist Dieudonné M'bala M'bala

French humorist Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, arrested

In the name of the “Freedom of Speech”. French comedian Dieudonne has been arrested after writing a Facebook comment, not because he has incited hatred or terrorism, not because he has offended or outraged someone, but simply for a satirical and sarcastic comment on Facebook. all this is tragically comic.

Notorious French comedian, Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, has been arrested today, Wednesday 14/1/2015, after commenting about the Paris attacks on his Facebook page.

Facebook is a social network full of pages and accounts belonging to Wahhabi & Salafi terrorists and their supporters posting explicit encouragement to violence, videos and photos with bloody images of incredible violence, cut throats and various killing, but French prosecutors had opened the case against Dieudonne on Monday, after he posted on his Facebook page this few words:

“Tonight, as far as I’m concerned, I feel like Charlie Coulibaly”

mixing the popular slogan “Je suis Charlie”, used in homage to the slain Charlie Hebdo cartoonist, with a reference to jihadist mercenary-terrorist Amedy Coulibaly.

As stated by Police reports, Coulibaly is the man that killed four Jews at a supermarket on Friday and a policewoman the day before.

Dieudonne’s arrest is one of 54 cases that have been opened in France for “condoning terrorism” or “making threats to carry out terrorist acts” since last week’s Islamist shootings that left 17 people dead.

Dieudonne’s lawyer, David de Stefano, said today to the journalists:

“We are in the land of freedom of expression? This morning, the government provided the demonstration of that,” he said sarcastically.

Dieudonne has also attracted controversy over sketches widely viewed as anti-Semitic that have occasionally prompted local authorities to ban his shows.

Dieudonne made his Facebook post after attending Sunday’s unity march against extremism that brought more than 1.5 million people onto the streets of Paris in the wake of the attacks. But after he dismissed the march.

Dieudonné said that the French government of trying to ruin his life, while he said, “I am only trying to make people laugh”.

Freedom of speech and freedom of satire are just for some, not for all.

Stay calm, you can desecrate every religion and community, you can publicly draw obscenities about God, Jesus, Mohammed, Madonna, Buddha…, without worrying about offending and discriminating millions or billions of people in their innermost hearts: but you can not desecrate the program of total war that the West Zionist is preparing to damage us all … in the name of Charlie.

The terrorists who committed the massacre of Charlie Hebdo were part of terrorist groups operating in Syria, supported, armed, financed openly and without shame by the Western powers of the US, UK and France in first place.


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