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Thousands people rescued from Eastern Ghouta by the army

Damascus Countryside, 18/1/2015 – As many as 2,112 people were evacuated Sunday from Eastern Ghouta after turning to the army fleeing the unspeakable atrocities of the takfiri terrorist organizations operating in the area.

Exiting Douma, Joubar, al-Shifouniyeh, Mida’a, Hawsh al-Fara, Hawsh al-Dawahra and Hawsh Nasra, the people turned to a military post located near Hawsh al-Fara, a military source.


The evacuees were provided with all the urgent requirements for them to be later moved to makeshift housing centers.

Nearly 1,094 children and 639 women were among the evacuees, along with over 350 gunmen who turned themselves in to the authorities so that they might have their legal status settled according to the laws and rules in place.

A series of evacuation operations have been carried out by the army recently to rescue people who are trapped in areas taken over by the terrorist organizations.

Today’s operation came one day after the army secured the safe exit of 1,687 people from various villages and farms of Eastern Ghouta, who were taken through Adra al-Balad road and moved into a temporary residential center in Qudsayya suburb in the western countryside of Damascus. Those included 824 children and 494 women.

Four days ago, three people turned to the army for help, only for more than 160 others to follow suit the next day -yet not without risk- as a child, a woman and two men were injured with the terrorists opening gunfire on the families to prevent them from reaching the army posts.

The residents of Eastern Ghouta have been subject to obscurantist and highly extremist rules imposed by the takfiri organizations. Among those organizations are the so-called “Jaish al-Islam” and “Jaish al-Ummah”, which include foreign mercenaries.

The people are having their homes stormed by the terrorists and are being robbed looted, starved and not least, getting killed.

10Army foils terrorists’ attacks, targets others’ positions

Units of the Army and the Armed Forces repelled Sunday terrorists’ attacks against military posts in some areas and killed others during targeting their positions and dens.


Army units killed many terrorists and injured others in Abu al-Dhuhour, Talab and Tall Salmo in the countryside of the northern province of Idleb.

In the western countryside, the army targeted the terrorists’ dens in concentrated operations, leaving a number of them killed.

Units of the Army and Armed Forces eliminated terrorists and injured others in Halouz, Ayn al-Bara and al-Jdaida al-Foqani in Idleb countryside.


Other army units killed several terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in al-Misherfe and al-Rastan in the countryside of the central province of Homs.

Damascus Countryside

Terrorists who attempted to attack military posts in Hawsh al-Abbassiyeh in Khan al-Sheeh in Damascus Countryside were repelled by and army unit, which left all of them killed or wounded, in addition to destroying one of their vehicles.

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