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Winners in finals of Syrian Scientific Olympiad honored

Under the patronage of Mrs. Asmaa al-Assad, the National Agency of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad held a ceremony on Monday in honor of the winners of the national finals of the 2014-2015 Syrian Scientific Olympiad at Al-Assad House for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

Medals and certificates were awarded to the winners during the ceremony, which was attended by Presidency Affairs Minister Mansour Azzam representing Mrs. Al-Assad. The ceremony also included an artistic show and a presentation on the Olympiad since its establishment in 2006.

The finalists are:

Ahmad Abu Dan (Aleppo), Jullanar Shahoud (Homs), and Mark Jabbour (Lattakia) in math,

Khaled Kalayeb al-Ishabi (Homs), Ammar Kurdi (Aleppo), and Fajr Afasha (Lattakia) in physics,

Tammam Hawa (Homs), Yazan Zidan (Lattakia), and Ghifran Khalil (Damascus) in chemistry,

Salim Mansour (Damascus), Nada Asaad (Homs), and Donabelle Hamamji (Aleppo) in biology,

Mohammad Dweik (Aleppo), Mahmoud Hassan (Damascus Countryside), and Mohammad Zeid al-Qabaqibi (Damascus) in IT.


Higher Education Minister Mohammad Amer Mardini said the goal of the Olympiad is to help create a creative generation and develop their scientific skills and competitive spirit, while Education Minister Hazwan al-Waz said that this event shows the Syrians’ determination to excel despite difficult circumstances.


Head of the National Agency of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad Imad al-Azeb noted that the number of participants in the Olympiad has witnessed a remarkable increase over the years, with the number of participants exceeding 42,000 students, with the Agency expanding the Olympiads’ events and competitions and increasing participation in competitions abroad.

The national finals were held on Sunday with the participation of 381 students from across the country.


Syrian Arab Army continues crackdown on terrorists’ gatherings

Units of the army and armed forces on Monday continued operations against the armed terrorist groups, targeting their dens and vehicles and killing large numbers of them in several areas.


Units of the army and armed forces killed members of Takfiri organizations in al-Ken Mountain in al-Rastan city in the central province of Homs, as they destroyed “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) terrorists’ dens in the eastern countryside of the province.

A military source told SANA that army units killed numbers of ISIS terrorists, injured others, and destroyed their vehicles in Jazel oil well and al-Shaer gas field in the eastern countryside of the province.

The source added that army units continued hunting ISIS terrorists in an operation where many terrorists were killed or injured in Rahoum village.

The source pointed out that a number of terrorists were killed or injured during operations in al-Ken Mountain in al-Rastan city a day after destroying vehicles and eliminating a number of terrorists in the city.
Military operations carried out Sunday in the northeastern countryside of Homs targeted terrorists’ gatherings and dens in al-Msheirfa village, where many terrorists were killed and their vehicles and weapons were destroyed.


Units of the army and armed forces intensified their military operations against terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts in the southern province of Daraa, inflicting heavy losses upon their ranks in personnel and equipment.

In al-Manshiyeh neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad in the city, the army killed a large number of terrorists, including Nazem al-Mahameed and Ismael al-Ghazawi who were identified among the dead. The army units also destroyed several vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns.

Several more terrorists were killed, while many others were injured in Tariq al-Sad neighborhood.

Meanwhile, other units of the armed forces razed two hideouts for terrorist organizations in al-Mzeirib town, in addition to destroying a weapons and ammunition cache and three vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns.



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