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The terrorist organization known as Daesh-ISIS has executed 13 teenagers just because they were surprised to watch a football game, an act that is considered punishable by death under the interpretation of the sharia law by those terrorists of Daesh, a bunch of murderers, ignorant, cowards, and perverts rapists of girls/kids.

The fault of the 13 kids (captured last week in the district of Al-Yarmouk Mosul, IRAQ) and the cause of the slaughter, has been that of having watched the football game of Iraq-Jordan, held in Australia and valid for the Asian Cup finals.

After being captured while watching the game, that Iraq won 1-0, the teenagers were imprisoned and then publicly executed with machine guns.

Before their murder, a fanatical jihadist imam, with a non-Iraqi foreign accent, publicly announced by loudspeaker why the boys were executed, that is, having seen and exulted for a football game where their national team had won .

It was denied to their families to be able to be close to them, comfort them, embrace them for the last time before the execution.

The bodies of the children have then left on the cobbles, in the street, without their mothers and fathers could recover the bodies,in danger to be themselves killed.



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