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According to Almasdarnews (Leith Fadel, 30/1/2015), a military source declared that local Syrian tribal fighters, under the command of Brigadier General Issam Zahreddine of the Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard (Harss Al-Jamhouri), have captured the strategic northern entrance to the city of Mohassan in the Deir Ezzor Governorate, after fierce clashes with Daesh’s mercenary gangs (ISIS).

The same military source reported that the tribal patriotic fighters carried out this attack in conjunction with the 104th Brigade’s assault on the DAESH mercenaries entrenched in the Jubeileh Quarter of Deir Ezzor. Their attack resulted in the death of 19 terrorists, in majority foreign troglodytes.

Thursday morning, the 104th Brigade attacked the DAESH mercenaries in the east Jubeileh Quarter, killing scores of terrorists and destroying 3 armored vehicles. The 104th Brigade is in control of 80 percent of Jubeileh, with only the eastern sector left to capture.

In northern Deir Ezzor, the 104th Brigade continued their aggressive offensive at the village of ‘Ayyash, targeting the DAESH jihadist mercenaries who are holed up like sewer rats in the eastern district.


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