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Do you remember the Excellent interview recently released by H.E. President Bashar al-Assad to Jonathan Tepperman (American magazine ‘Foreign Affairs’)?

We have published the full interview on 26.01.2015 at the following link:

Jonathan Tepperman, few days after the the interview wrote an article of propaganda and malice sounding exactly like a good little mouthpiece of Washington. Perhaps because he is nothing more. 

What defines a “good journalist” or a journalist that sets you apart from others? Integrity… Something definitely lacking in journalism in the main stream media of the US. Its the exact same thing that sets men of honor apart from lying men who clearly have their own agenda. This is what Tepperman appears to be. First, lets look at the word integrity, and define it.


Integrity is something you have, or you dont. Its that simple. You dont have it sometimes, but not others. You are a man of honor (with integrity), or youre not. When you report claims, such as was done with vile words offering zero proof of what you say, at the very least, it should make one question you. When questioning Tippermans words however, I am not so surprised.

Tipperman did a piece afterword making claims about President Bashar al-Assads looks, as well as what he must be thinking. Remembering the fact that not only did he have no photos to back his claims, he had no reports, or facts to such.

Tepperman is not new at being called out in his writings or facts.

“It would have been informative to name a single human-rights group that is banned, but, Mr. Tepperman can’t list one because there is no single political group let alone human-right organization that are banned in Ethiopia.

Mr. Tepperman would have served better the democracy he professes for Ethiopia had he taken his time to read the press law which he labeled as draconian. The press law is almost carbon copy of the law that exists in the States. It would have been good has he explained to readers, with his infinite wisdom, how a law that is okay in the US is draconian in Ethiopia.”

He has been accused of distortions here:


According to Teppermans on BIO on Linked in…

Untitled 13679

The bottom paragraph stating he is a graduate of Yale University, but according to Yales website, I guess Johnathan Tepperman didnt graduate Yale, or at the very least didnt make the grade to even be listed under notable: LITERATURE AND JOURNALISM. He actually isnt named here at all.


However, I did find a photo of him and his wife Alexis Wichowski.


Alexis works as the Director of Media Analysis & Strategy at US Mission to UN, and the US Department of State:

Untitled 13681

Tepperman works for Gideon Rose…


Untitled 13682

Gideon Rose is a member of Kolot Chayeinu

Untitled 13675

Untitled 13677

Looks as though Teppermans wife, and Gideon Rose speak together.

Brother Nathanael did a great video showing who Gideon Rose is.

Jewry’s Push For War On Iran

For a pretty comprehensive article on the Rose family (and all their money):


With all I have read about Tepperman and Rose today, its no surprise to me that he added unfounded allegations surrounding the Syrian president. It may explain the need for him to bash the Syrian president, but it does NOT excuse it at all. In fact, we have printed all the speeches of president Bashar al-Assad all along since this war has begun. He speaks with honesty and integrity regarding the proxy war waged on his country. That cannot be said for Johnathan Tepperman who does a lot of lip service for US government policies (claims without proof), but none for honesty & integrity!

Below are some of the insults Jonathan Tepperman (‘Foreign Affairs’) wrote  at the end of his delirious article, full of poisonous and hateful propaganda of war, so that seems written or suggested by the American ‘Israel lobby’, maybe good for Bibi Netanyahu and his electoral ads, but not honorable and worthy of a real journalist:

But behind the cheery aphorisms and the barely-there mustache is a man so unyielding and deeply deceptive — or delusional — that it’s impossible to imagine him ever negotiating an equitable end to Syria’s civil war.

Assad made that clear in several ways. A shrewd and crafty debater, he overwhelms interlocutors with torrents of language that combine common-sense rhetoric with wild untruths, often in a single sentence. So, for example, no sooner had he (sensibly) conceded, paraphrasing Clausewitz, that he’d never be able to triumph militarily — since “all wars anywhere in the world have ended with a political solution” — than he insisted that “the Syrian people are still with the unity of Syria; they still support the government.” Given that the country’s turmoil began when he savagely repressed widespread protests during the Arab Spring, sparking a popular rebellion, this analysis is more than a little implausible. Especially since his army is now suffering mass desertions and recent protests in Homs and Tartus suggest that even Assad’s minority Alawite sect is turning against him.

… … …

At the start of our meeting, Assad implied that he’d decided to grant the interview now (I first requested it in 2013) because the recent terror attacks in Paris gave him a fresh opportunity to make the case his government has been pushing for years: that he and the West are fighting the same enemy, Islamist extremism, and so are natural allies and should join forces.

But for all his talk about comity and shared interests, Assad — once you cut through his obfuscation, dodges and appeals to reason — made it very clear that he’s ready to concede absolutely nothing to bring the sides together. At the end of the day, the tyrant can imagine but one way for the conflict to end. All his enemies, in the region and in the West, must capitulate and concede the merits of his own twisted arguments. Until then, he’ll keep on killing.

Jonathan Tepperman (‘Foreign Affairs’)

We believe that to Jonathan Tepperman will not be given the option of a second interview.

You can continue reading this junk article, that with journalistic ethics has nothing to do, directly from the Washingtonpost at this page:

I interviewed Bashar al-Assad about Syria’s civil war. He’s still too delusional to end it.

or here http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c8c_1422727558



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