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The cowardly NATO assassinations of Hezbollah’s top commander Imad Mughniyeh (2008) and his son Jihad Mughniyeh (2015) which both took place outside any battlefield, highlights the criminal nature of colonial militarism which does not recognize ‘military rules of engagement’ because it has never had any legal grounds for being in the Middle East.

World War One eliminated the Ottoman Empire to pave the way for European colonial powers to try to take complete control of Middle East oil.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 which is an agreement between the British government and the Zionist Federation paved the way for World War Two, so that Occupied Palestine could be populated with Europeans, so that it would become the most heavily armed military garrison in the Middle East for the colonial oil wars.

It really is impossible for any European government to claim they did not know these facts, and then particularly when you look at the extraordinary actions of the newly formed UN in 1949.

Imad Mughniyeh with his son Jihad (R.I.P.)

The British and Zionist Federation obviously needed to populate what would become Occupied Palestine so that the State of Israel could become the colonial powers military garrison in the Middle East.

The British had considerable previous form having for example used white slave labour to create colonial settlements to occupy Australia, by calling people ‘convicts’, which is an only too familiar term the British ‘government’ illegally use against this unarmed civilian resistance.

Obviously the British government and Zionist Federation did not want Middle East oil wars to enrich civilian populations anywhere, so they could not use ‘convicts’ to populate Occupied Palestine, because they knew if they used people they had obviously exploited etc, such people would turn on them.

The Swiss bankers have run out of steam roping in wholly corrupt London ‘lawyers’ for the whole Hollywood circus of European governments pointedly ignoring the fact of European colonial Genocides around the entire world, including the continuing Genocide in the Middle East now.


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