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Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the memorial ceremony in honor of the great Quneitra martyrs held on January 30, 2015.

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, on his chaste and pure Household, on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings. Allah Al Mighty says in His Holy Book: {In The Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs in return is the Garden of Paradise: they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the law, the Gospel, and the Qoran: and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? Then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the supreme achievement}.

First I would like to welcome you and thank you for your kind participation in this ceremony held in commemoration of these dear martyrs.

As a beginning, I would like to say a word about the families of the martyrs, the martyrs, the sympathy, and the people. Then I have first a prelude to what took place in the past couple of weeks or the few past days, second a prelude to the strategic environment as you like to call it, third a word on the assassination operation in Quneitra, fourth a word on the Resistance operation in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms, and fifth some conclusions and stances.

First, I offer my consolation to the families of the martyrs for losing their dear ones. I also felicitate them for these dear ones receiving the sublime divine award and being rewarded a high status by Allah Al mighty through being martyred in His sake. I felicitate the families of the martyrs for having their dear ones ascending from the level of the fake mortal life to the level of the true and immortal life. I ask Allah Al Mighty to accept from you your sacrifices and to make your martyrs your intercessors as well as ours on The Day of Resurrection. I also ask Allah Al Mighty to bestow patience and consolation on you and to guard the pride, honor and dignity He granted you in this world and in the Hereafter.

I also thank all those who shared us by offering their consolations and felicitations for these honorable martyrs whether through attending personally or through phone calls, messages, statements, or any other means of expression whether from Lebanon, Palestine – whose people and factions showed very special sympathy -, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Yemen, Tunisia, Mauritania, Pakistan, and the Arab and Islamic world. I also thank all those who celebrated a couple of days ago and are still celebrating the qualitative operation staged by the Resistance in Shebaa Farms. My very special thanks are also to the fighters of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon who were fit of this responsibility from the very first moment following the assassination crime in Quneitra. They had a solemn presence and high spirits, and they showed their full readiness to offer all sacrifices over the past days, nights, and hours and are still.
I must thank our dear Lebanese people, the people of the Resistance, the masses of the resistance, and all those who stood next to this Resistance from the very first moment that followed the assassination crime in Quneitra as well. Despite security risks, they partook in the martyrs’ funerals, they showed their sympathy and presence, and they expressed their backing to any decision or any choice to be taken by the Resistance. Also on Wednesday specifically, in the moment in which the entire region was before major possibilities, the people and masses of the Resistance were up to their oath as they were over the past decades: firm, patient, loyal, and steadfast. Thus they have the right and we are obliged to call them on every day and in every hour: O most honorable people! O most chaste people! O noblest people!

It is our duty, as we hold this commemoration for the Resistance martyrs, to stand in respect before the Lebanese Army’s martyrs in Ras Baalbek, who fell while defending Bekaa, Lebanon, and the Lebanese front towns in face of the terrorist Takfiri groups that prove day after day that they are proceeding in what the “Israelis” did and are doing, as they both have the same scheme. We offer our consolations to the leadership of the army, its officers, its soldiers, as well as the honorable families of the martyr soldiers. These noble families are also partaking in paying the blood tax as well as in offering sacrifices. We offer them all our felicitations and salutations as well.

As for the martyrs – Martyr Leader Brigadier General Mohammad Aliullah Dadi, Martyr Leader Mohammad Ahmad Issa, Martyr Fighter Jihad Imad Moghniyeh, Martyr Fighter Ali Hassan Ibrahim, Martyr Fighter Abbass Ibrahim Hijazi, Martyr Fighter Ghazi Ali Dawi, and Martyr Fighter Mohammad Ali Hassan Abu Hassan, we offer them all our true love and affection. Blessed are you as you are rewarded with Heaven. We – your brethrens – wish we will achieve what you have achieved. We hope that on one day of His choice He will bestow on us this great honor He had bestowed on you. You – our dear brethrens, sons, and dear martyrs – as all the other martyrs who had preceded you in all the squares and fields – had been relieved from this world and its sufferings. You had moved to the life of peace, security, pride, honor, and happiness. We only have remained in this world to struggle. We ask Allah Al Mighty to grant us patience and persistence on your path and loyalty to your goals, causes, and chaste blood until that time comes.

Brothers and sisters! This group of martyrs in Quneitra operation represent the generations of the Resistance. Notice their ages that stand for three or even four generations. Through the martyrdom of Brigadier General Aliullah Dadi and Leader Abu Issa in particular, this group of Quneitra martyrs represents the sharing and presence of leaders next to fighters in the field. This is the secret of the Resistance. This group of martyrs also represents the affiliation of entire families – and not only members – to the school of jihad and martyrdom. The group includes sons of martyrs such as Martyr Jihad Imad Moghniyeh- the son of Martyr Leader Imad Moghniyeh-, Martyr Ali Hassan Ibrahim – the son of Martyr Fighter Hassan Ibrahim, and Martyr Sayyed Abbass Hijazi – the son-in-law of Martyr Leader Abu Hassan Ali Abu Deeb – who was bid farewell on the very day along with his father, Fighter Sayyed Abu Kamal who was among the veteran Resistance men since its first days in 1982. These families as a whole offered and are still offering sacrifices in the battlefield. They fight, show tolerance and patience, and offer sacrifices. When Netanyahu, Yaalon, or any other figure threatens them, they tell him what their Imam Zein Al Aabideen bin Al Hussein (Peace be upon them) said: “Are you threatening us with death – O son of the freed? Death is just a habit to us, and martyrdom is just a blessing Allah bestow on us.”

These families have this culture and belong to this school. This group of Quneitra martyrs expresses the mix of Lebanese and Iranian blood on Syrian soil in Quneitra. I hope you give much attention to this paragraph. Through the mix of Iran and Lebanese blood over Syrian soil, the group of Quneitra martyrs expresses the unity of the cause, the unity of fate, and the unity of the battle which when disintegrated by governments, political movements, oppositions, and divisions we entered the era of defeats in the sixties and when united by blood in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and the entire region we entered the era of victories.

Contrary to all the lies and falsehoods written, broadcasted on satellites, and spread, the group of Quneitra martyrs asserts that Hizbullah fighters are and will remain with the other fighters and resistance men in the front lines and pioneer martyrs, and the entire world with all what and who are in it cannot separate them from what they believe in and what they love.

Brothers and sisters! Now we move to the prelude before talking about Quneitra and Shebaa and wrapping with our stances.

I will start with a brief prelude. For decades – at least since 1948-, our region with its governments and peoples has been suffering from a cancerous growth called the usurper entity – “Israel”. “Israel” is a cancerous gland, a terrorist state, an aggressive entity, a corruptive germ, and a title for tyranny and arrogance.

I do not wish to open the cause since 1948 up to our day. I will talk about now and what we are in. In the past months – at least in this year in Palestine -, “Israel” is still unjustly occupying lands and sanctities. Besides, it is perpetrating violations under the pretext of searching for three setters. It waged a destructive war against Gaza Strip for 53 days and perpetrated the most atrocious massacres. It is still occupying the Strip, profaning sanctities, and seriously threatening to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque. It still detains thousands of Palestinians in prisons under tough conditions. It does not recognize the simplest rights of the Palestinian man and the Palestinian people. There are many other crimes that you can add to the list. It has been occupying Golan for decades by now. It is exploiting the ongoing war in a very loathsome way. It is igniting the internal war and offering flagrant support to the armed Takfiri groups with the aim of demolishing Syria and destroying its army. In broad daylight, it stages aggressions and shells posts for the Syrian Army and raids the deep Syrian territories under various pretexts and excuses. In Lebanon, besides still occupying the Lebanese Shebaa Farms, it does not recognize Resolution 1701 which is sanctified by some of us.

Check the UN reports and not the reports of the Lebanese government or the Lebanese resistance. It has committed thousands of violations against the country’s land, sea, and air sovereignty. It shells when it wishes to as it did in Jenta.

It assassinates also when it wishes to as it did when it assassinated Martyr Leader Hassan Lakkis. Lebanon is still in the sphere of danger. “Israel” believed and still believes that it can threaten all armies, governments, and peoples in the region, and that it can attack or stage aggressions against everyone whenever it wishes around the clock.

It can assassinate, shell, or raid. It feels free and undeterred. Indeed it is benefiting from the conditions in the region and the ongoing wars especially in the neighboring countries: the preoccupations of the armies and the resistance movements in the region, the sharp divisions in Arab and Islamic public opinion, the ruptures in these communities and in these states, the ordeals and the calamities, and the complete absence of the Arab states and the so-called Arab League. Allow me to say that the Arab League is not only absent; it does not exist in fact. This is not something new in our conviction. We never bargained on anything of this sort.

However, this is emphasized now more than any time in the past. I am saying this to the Palestinian people, the Lebanese people, the Syrian people, the people of the region, and the Arab people. There is nothing called “The Arab League” unfortunately. Some exaggerate and say there are no Arabs. Well, no, there are Arabs; rather, there is no Arab League. In fact, those who are steadfast and confront this challenge in Palestine, in Lebanon, in Syria, and in the neighboring countries are indeed Arabs. They are the children of the region and the peoples of the region.

Well, there are no Arabs, no Arab money, no Arab arms, no Arab media, no Arab League, no independent public Arab decision when the battle is with “Israel” though they create a million front when it comes to Iran and other states. The fight and defend something that does not exist in fact. However, when the battle is in Arab countries and when it comes to Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya or Sinaa as what is taking place, Arab money, Arab arms, and Arab media become available. You also come to see some gloomy Arab faces. This is not new.

The tyrannical war against Gaza last year is evidence on the absence of Arab money, Arab media, Arab arms, the Arab League, and anything of this sort. This is the current status quo in which last weeks’ events took place and in which the region’s developments are taking place confronted by the Resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon and by the Resistance axis in the region besides Syria and Iran. Amid such status quo, climate, environment, and situation, the Quneitra assassination operation took place.
Here I usher to the third topic:
On Sunday 18 -1- 2015, just before noon (between 11:30 – 11:45 AM), in broad daylight, “Israeli” helicopters raided over two civil cars carrying seven brethrens what led to the martyrdom of all of the brethrens. The brethrens were in an inspection visit to Quneitra region.

Only a couple of days ago, the scene had become clear pertaining the assassination operation and its background through what the Israelis said or leaked. Though to the very moment, officially they are still lost: The operation was a result of a decision taken in the mini-cabinet or taken by the personal staff of the enemy’s PM. It was even said that the head of the “Israeli” opposition was informed of this decision due to its sensitivity, seriousness, and importance. So the enemy sat, examined, calculated, gathered information, estimated the risks, took a premeditated decision, and executed the assassination operation. What happened in Quneitra is a crystal clear treacherous assassination operation.

This puts an end to any argument over what took place as some analysts or media outlets said that what took place was instant or that the men took another road by mistake and went I do not know where or that the men transcended the line that is deemed crucial by the “Israelis”… All of this is baseless. The truth is as follows: There was an “Israeli” decision to target this group. Only Allah knows when this decision was taken: a couple of weeks ago or three or four months ago. So the time in which the decision was taken is not clear. However, this decision was taken by high rank officials in the entity of the enemy, and the head of the opposition was informed of it as was said. They were waiting for the moment of execution. The timing was on Sunday…

So we are before a blatant deceptive assassination operation that took place in broad daylight. There is nothing ambiguous here. I will be very clear and transparent with you today because we have to say a final word at the end. For example, some might say that I am accusing “Israel” of the assassination operation of Martyr leader Hajj Hassan Lakkis. Well who said it is “Israel”?

Well, I take it for granted that there is a degree of ambiguity as far as this operation is concerned though we are convinced it is “Israel”, and the information we have leads us to “Israel”. This issue is to be tackled again later in the speech. However, for the first glimpse, someone may say this is ambiguous. Where do you want to go?

But here we are before a blatant crystal clear assassination operation which if you wish I compare to the operation in which our master, leader, and beloved martyr Sayyed Abbass Mussawi and his wife Im Yasser and his son Hussein were assassinated in broad daylight and on the road in the South too. They are the same. It is not a matter of accident or mistake or taking the wrong path. The story is clear. Indeed this description leads to results. I am not filling your time. My job is not to describe and analyze. My job is rather to reach the end and take the decision according to which I must act.

“Israel” did not claim responsibility for the operation on Sunday 18, January. So far I did not know if “Israel” officially claimed responsibility because they are still dealing with it equivocally – meaning that when they refer to it they say: ‘The operation which “Israel” is supposed to have staged’ or ‘the operation which “Israel” is accused of executing’. So they are dealing with it equivocally. Perhaps “Israel” assumed that Hizbullah would hide the news of the operation, would not give it publicity, and would not say “Israel” killed a number of its members. I am supposed to explain these things to you because when Hizbullah says “Israel” killed a number of its members in Quneitra that would mean that it would appear embarrassed before its masses, people, the deterrence power, and the rules of engagement.

The very symphony would be played again: Hizbullah is now preoccupied, confused, weak, and exhausted. It is similar to a lament. At times when we read some of what is written about us we feel pain for them; to that extent your hearts ache for us? Well, “Israel” may have assumed that we would not give publicity to the operation and would rather say the martyrs fell in Syria. Our martyrs are falling in Syria and this is not something covert. This is something overt and it happens in broad daylight. We are proud of these martyrs, we boast of them, we raise our heads high when talking about them, and we consider them the martyrs of the Resistance and the martyrs of the path to al Quds in Syria.

So “Israel” may have supposed that Hizbullah would say that these men were martyred in Syria just like the other martyrs. Thus it would disengage itself from all moral and political repercussions or any balances, or rules of engagement. For this reason, “Israel” might have remained silent on the operation as it has not claimed responsibility for it so far. Here I again say that is not final. The brethrens must confirm that to me.

I believe that the first surprise Hizbullah had to the “Israelis” is that after half an hour only Hizbullah officially issued the statement saying that a group of Hizbullah fighters was inspecting the so and so region in Quneitra, and it was raided by “Israeli” helicopters what led to casualties and the names of the martyrs would be announced later. On the very day, the names of the seven (six plus one – adding dear brigadier General Aliullah Dadi ) martyrs were announced. Between parentheses I say that we did not hide our martyrs. We did not announce their names in retail as well. We did not do that. Between parentheses I tell all the world, all the Lebanese, the friends and the foes, the adorers as well as the envious and those rejoicing for what happened: If 50 martyrs fall for us, we say that 50 martyrs fell for us. These are their names, and we are proud of them. If five martyrs fall, we say five martyrs fell. We also say their names, and we are proud of them. So between parentheses I also say that we must put an end to this symphony.

We announced the names of the martyrs. I believe that this took the “Israelis” by surprise. So the killer got confused. Imagine that on Sunday after Quneitra martyrs fell and following the announcement of their names, a new status quo prevailed: The killer was confused, and the killed was unconfused and rather acting with clarity and transparency. The latter knew where they were going while the former did not know where they were going.

Well, what is the pretext behind the assassination operation? We will explain step by step. The “Israelis” said or leaked through their analysts and commentators several pretexts though they all lead to one essence. They said that the group was targeted because it wanted to execute an operation in Occupied Golan. There is another scenario that says that the group of men in both cars was at a point that is 6 kilometers away from the borderline at Golan where thousands of Nosra Front fighters are present. So the men are at that point, and they are coming to execute an operation against the “Israelis”. They also said that they are coming to prepare for operations that will be executed later. They further said they are coming to inspect, examine, and prepare to install rocket platforms in that area. So, all the stories rotate around one idea called the Resistance in Golan. This in itself is a point of discussion which we can’t cover now. We will put it aside and return to it for some details and quiet discussion later in the speech.
They supposed – that is what they said – that there is a Resistance, a form of a Resistance, a Resistance structure, a prelude to some Resistance aspect… So they have to take the initiative to strike them. That is what they said. It is not I who is analyzing.

The big question which is posed here on everyone: on the Syrian people, on the Syrian opposition before the Syrian government and regime, on the Lebanese people, and on the Palestinian people (The Palestinian people also is our complete partner, and we are its partner in blood, in calamity, in hope, in joy, in sorrow and in victory). Let all the peoples of the region contemplate this question: What’s found on the borderline with “Israel” in Golan – meaning on the bribed wire? At one place it is occupied. At another point the regular Syrian regime is present. What else? At a depth of six and seven Kilometers – according to the disparity of the region – there are thousands of Nosra Front fighters with their tanks, artilleries, rockets, and all kinds of weapons, anti tanks, and enormous quantities of explosives. They have military barracks, military posts, and fortifications. Well, who is the Nosra Front?

Let’s remind those who had forgotten? It is the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda which is at the UN, USA, western, and Arab terrorist lists. Al Qaeda is categorized a terrorist internationally and by the west and by Arabs. Al Nosra has an enormous military presence between the Arab Syrian Army posts and the bribed wire in Occupied Golan. Netanyahu does not have any kind of fear from these.

Yaalon, who presents himself as a strategic analyst and was questioning why the car was ordinary and not armored, does not feel worried from this presence. They even protect this presence and provide it with an aerial cover. They further opens the gates at the frontiers for the wounded to be treated in “Israeli” hospitals. They also visit the wounded. Netanyahu personally behaves humbly and pays visits to these wounded. “Israel” does not feel worried from these; however, it feels worried because of two civil cars carrying seven men who do not have any rockets, bombs or any personal arms even.
I have a question for the Arab world and for all the resistance movements. Some people reached a degree of grudge to the extent that they want you to forget “Israel” saying they have a crisis called the regime in Syria and a crisis in Iraq and in Egypt. Well, if you want to forget “Israel”, forget it yourself. As for us, we cannot forget it. If you want to forget the Palestinian people, forget them yourself. We cannot forget them. We did not forget them, and we will not forget them. This is our culture and the culture of our fathers, ancestors, children, and grandchildren. With their martyrdom, our children are expressing this concept. No soon you will see grandchildren expressing this concept through shedding their blood in martyrdom.
Well, what is the answer to this big question? This requires a pause. Anyway, before the operation and even after it, many wrote about the operation and its indications, implications, and targets. I want to stop here to move to Shebaa Farms and the stances. “Israel” and its adorers in the region thought or supposed that following the operation Hizbullah would be perplexed, confused, and embarrassed. What would it do? Where would it fall or collide? Where would it hide? What would it do? Many evaluations were made for the indications and dimensions of the assassination crime.

Before moving to the topic that precedes the last topic, I want to wrap up this section with a word that expresses our true emotions. This was expressed by many of our brethrens in their councils, to their friends, and to those who called them. The assassination operation in Quneitra had a painful dimension which is the humanistic, emotional dimension. Yes, we feel the pain. If someone believes that we do not feel the pain he is mistaken. Well, we feel the pain and feel sorry. The families of the martyrs feel sad and weep. I myself tell them to cry. There is no problem in that. It is not that we do not want to cry. No, let them cry. Well, at one day, I did not cry. That has to do with the psychological political war.

However, away from the camera, I cried. I am a father like all the other fathers. As far as the humanistic dimension is concerned, we feel the pain. We lost dear persons. However, as far as all the other dimensions are concerned, we do not see in all what took place in this calamity but what is good for us: blessings, positive points, and divine benevolences. Let the “Israelis” know that we think in this way. Apart from the humanistic dimension, we do not see in this calamity except all what is good: blessings and benevolences from Allah Al Mighty on our path, Resistance, track, cause, and region. Here we resort to Karbala because it is an event that sums up many values and concepts. We recall Sayyeda Zeinab (Peace be upon her) when Ibn Ziad wanted to disgrace her when she entered to his council as a hand-cuffed prisoner. He asked her: How did you find what Allah afflicted on your brother? Did you see what Allah did to you? He killed you and slaughtered you. What Zeinab (Peace be upon her) said is our culture. She said: I did not find but beauty. I did not see but beauty. These men were fated to be killed. They only had to show up for their death. She will give the pretext and evidence on Resurrection Day. She said: May your mother mourn you, Ibn Marjana. Here is the bravery and courage. Here we see steadfastness, determination, and pride vis-à-vis Quneitra crime and other crimes. In this battle, we feel pain for losing our dear ones. However, we only say what Our Lady Zeinab (Peace be upon her) said: “We did not find but beauty!”Our dear seven martyrs are men whose fate was to be killed. So they only showed up to their death. This world and the Hereafter separate us from this enemy of ours.

Now I will move to the section before the last section. Today, I will take extra time as I am the only speaker. So I will take my time and the time of those supposed to have spoken before me.

Since the very first hours following the disclosure of the assassination crime and the names of the martyrs, the foe and the friend and the neutral sides as well get engaged in analyzing, examining, contemplating, and expectations. So there was a main topic and a central question: Will Hizbullah retaliate? Will Hizbullah remain silent? If Hizbullah is to retaliate, when, where, and how? What are the limits of such retaliation? What are the consequential risks? Such questions were being asked from Sunday until Wednesday. On Wednesday, we gave them the answer. Until Wednesday, this debate was taking place. However, greater debate was taking place among the “Israelis”. Well, we read many analyses, studies, and expectations in Lebanon and the region. Some made objective analyses apart from love or loath. Some made analyses merged with love, while others made analyses merged with loath. Anyway, the story was over, and the question was answered to a great extent. However, it is important to pose for a while on the “Israeli” issue. What is important is what befell the “Israelis” after Hizbullah announced the assassination in Quneitra, and this is what I want to talk about now.

Before talking about Shebaa Farms operation, I want to talk about “Israel” which is supposed to be a great regional state which threatens, intimidates, and kills on purpose and not by mistake or by chance. It rather took a decision to kill. How did “Israel” deal with the issue?

Now I do not want to go into details because you have all followed the events. I only want to outline the way they dealt with the operation politically and in the media: We, not we, yes, no, so and so, such and such. They discussed. They did not discuss. Are we supposed to accused? …. As I told you so far I don’t know if the “Israelis” issued an official statement. However for ten days they remained in such a state. Consider also the way they dealt with the martyrdom of Brigadier General Mohammad Aliullah Dadi? I do not know if they were taken by surprise or not – as there is an Iranian brigadier general in the group of martyrs. They were perplexed. What are they to say? Media outlets started quoting commentators and close.

In such cases officials may not want to talk in person. They might rather inform close or friendly commentators or analysts of their viewpoints who in their turn express the former’s viewpoints. “Israel” was put in a state of mobilization especially in the north and in Golan. The iron domes were sent to the north. They only left one facing Gaza. They brought all what they have to the north – to our borders. Fortifications were made in the north. Precautionary measures were taken. Information and intelligence mobilization reached 100%. The situation at the borders from Sunday until next Wednesday was as such. Go to the Lebanese-Palestinian borders. You wouldn’t find one single peasant or soldier or vehicle or tank or car? Nothing of this sort was seen. Even in settlements, they told them there is nothing frightening. Still they were frightened and they hid.

Through messages conveyed by various states and at the same time through threatening and intimidating, “Israel” said that should Hizbullah retaliate it will act in such and such a way against Lebanon, Syria, and the region. This was said overtly and covertly as well. However the eyes, ears, and minds of “Israel” with its political leaders, generals, settlers, and soldiers were on Lebanon and more precisely on Hizbullah in Lebanon and even more precisely on a word, a signal or a stance from Hizbullah. What will this party do? Here let me tell you that I consider that the first achievement made by the blood of the martyrs and the first “Israeli” recognition of the value, capability, and readiness of the Resistance is that from Sunday until Wednesday “Israel” was standing with a lame leg waiting for Hizbullah. So it was not standing on both legs. It was standing by the wall with a lame leg. Well, this is a blessing of the blood of the martyrs and the determination of the resistance men, the environment, and the supporters of the fighters. Some people thought that the entire world would fall on the head of Hizbullah. Allow me to talk frankly. They thought Iran would call and tell us to be cautious because they are carrying nuclear negotiations I do not know where. They are sitting with the 5+1. There is a great possibility that things may work. So do not ruin what is being done. They thought also that the Syrian leadership might call and say that the “Israelis” are threatening and intimidating and the priority now is somewhere else. Never! Here I am telling you: We did not receive any such message from Iran or Syria or any other friend. In fact none of our friends and dear ones accept humiliation for us. None of these friends accept that our blood be shed while we stand looking without taking any action.Also between parentheses and as we are concluding files let me say that the symphony of the Iranian nuclear file and the Iranian nuclear negotiations has nothing to do with Lebanon. So let the Lebanese, the region, and the “Israelis” know that the Iranian nuclear file has nothing to do with the president of the republic in Lebanon or the Resistance and the decision taken by the Resistance to retaliate the aggression. This is a Lebanese issue which the Islamic Republic in Iran respects. It also respects our interests and our dignity. So let’s put an end to this symphony.

The “Israeli” stand by the wall was enough to tell the “Israelis” that you cannot kill people and sleep in your homes with peace and serenity while your peasants plant the fields and your soldiers strut on the borderlines. You cannot live in peace, security and tranquility as if you have killed mosquitoes. That is not the case. No! From the very first moment the “Israelis” acknowledged that they are facing a tough situation. Also the “Israelis” took all the scenarios into consideration along all the past ten days. They talked about no retaliation and the possibility of retaliating.

When they put the possibility of retaliation, they started with the least possible retaliation to targeting strategic compounds, edifices, and institutions. That’s because they know that the resistance is able and ready for all what has been said so far. In fact, the “Israelis” know this more than anyone else.

Our people trust us. They say: You said so. Then it is as such.
Apart from whether they trust us or not, the data the “Israelis” have says this. At time, this is one of the blessings of spies. They help in psychological wars. So the enemy knows that all the probabilities they put are possible for Hizbullah to take, that Hizbullah is capable, and that Hizbullah only needs to take a decision. Here we still did not reach the operation. At the time in which the “Israelis” were perplexed and making discussions, the entire region was waiting. With the same transparency, I am telling you that with the first hours on Sunday, things were clear to us. Indeed, we later on needed to meet and take a decision. However, things were clear to us. When we met, the discussion did not take more than 10 minutes.

I want to tell you about what took place with us because it clarifies what happened later on. So I am not talking about an experience or a history. This is how we act, to let you know this for the future. Well from the very first hours, things were very clear to us. We must retaliate. We were not 1% hesitant. That was undisputable. The “Israeli” enemy must be punished for the crime it perpetrated in Quneitra. A limit must be put for the Zionist extremism in crime, aggression, tyranny, and killing. The issue is worth offering sacrifices. Listen to what I am saying very well. The issue is worth offering sacrifices even if things went to extremes.

We specified the area, the timing, and the nature of the operation. What are the options open for the brethrens. We studied things with utmost secrecy. We took the worst scenarios into consideration. We headed to the operation while bearing in mind the worst scenarios, and we prepared ourselves to the worst scenarios. Accordingly, we took a number of measures. This is what the “Israelis” came to understand before Wednesday. In fact, there was a broad activity which was not hidden from the “Israelis”. The “Israelis” came to understand that any bullet might be shot from any place they were expecting, and that he who is shooting now is ready to go to an extent unexpected by anyone in the world, and he is fully fledged for that.

This had to do with deterrence. It had to do with the consequences of the events that took place in Shebaa Farms and at the borders. Thus was the qualitative operation staged by the fighters in Shebaa Farms on Wednesday at around 11:30 AM. The operation was divinely successful, praise and thanks be to Allah Al Mighty. That is the way we believe. We have to plot, think, and prepare, and our brethrens work industriously. The rest depends on Allah Al Mighty. Allah grants us success. Allah supports us. He also decides the outcome and whether it is of this magnitude, no less, no more. This is all the work of Allah Al Mighty. So it is a kind of inlaid work. We depend on Allah in achieving the skillfulness and professionalism you talk about, as indeed there is skillfulness and professionalism.

The operation took place. I would like that you pay attention to the characteristics of the operation which were tackled by everyone. So I am not saying anything new. The operation took place amid the peak of “Israeli” mobilization and readiness. The enemy was in the peak of its mobilization because before Wednesday – even since Sunday – the enemy was observing a number of measures being taken on the level of the Resistance. The enemy is tapping on us. After communication is not taking place only via wired devices. The mobile phone is used as well. People are talking about the issue too. So, broad measures were being taken.

Thus the “Israelis” understood what is taking place. So since Sunday-Monday night the enemy was at the peak of its mobilization on the information, intelligence, technical, and spying levels at the borders and at the front. Hence, at least he must have counted the “ants” at the borders! He took all places as possible for the scene of the operation. Still the Resistance in broad daylight and amid the peak of “Israeli” mobilization staged this qualitative operation in Shebaa Farms.

This only reveals “Israeli” impotence. I am telling this to the enemy and the people of the enemy who believe their army to be a great army. The operation took place amid the peak of mobilization and in an area in which the enemy has posts, air tracks, and technical and intelligence control. So it is a very tough area. The enemy was incapable of grasping or knowing what took place from the beginning to the end of the operation. When the brethrens returned back, the “Israelis” woke up!

This is a message to the enemy and to the people of the enemy as well. It is a message to our friends and our people – the most honorable people. This is your Resistance which it is continuously sought to shake your confidence in. Even the enemy said that the operation was smart, brilliant, professional, skillful, secretive, and covert. This is your Resistance.

Now we reach the consequences of the operation and the stances:

First, they killed us in broad daylight; we killed them in broad daylight. Their operation took place around 11:30 or 11:45 AM; our operation was staged around 11:25 or 11:35 AM. They targeted two of our cars; we targeted at least two of theirs. We lost martyrs, and they got casualties. As for the figures, we would see later how that would be resolved. They used rockets; we used rockets. So we did not install a bomb or anything of this sort. In broad daylight, the rockets were on the shoulders of the men, and they staged the operation.

There are two differences between the “Israelis” and us:

The first difference is that they are coward. They are not strong men because {They will not fight you (even) together except in fortified townships, or from behind walls}. They hit us in the back. As for the Resistance men, they are real strong men who do not fear death. Thus they attacked them from the front – vis-à-vis.
The second difference is that the “Israelis” did not dare to claim responsibility of the operation; the Islamic Resistance for its part claimed responsibility of the operation in Statement I directly after it took place.

This is what happened up to this moment. This is what took place as a result while they are still being equivocal. So far, they did not reap but frustration and remorse while we gained pride and victory. Our martyrs are in Heavens and their casualties are in Hell.

Let’s head now to the stance. Here I find it my obligation to thank and salute the Resistance men and fighters and their leaderships who worked directly following the assassination operation with responsibility and accuracy. My special regards are to those courageous fighters who executed the qualitative operation in the core of the enemy. I kiss their chaste hands and their blessed and prideful forefronts.

Well, now that we moved to the stances and positions, I say that much of what was said as conclusions and indications is true. I do not want to reiterate. I only want to stress three or four conclusions before wrapping my speech.

You know that there is an argument now in “Israel”. You all know that it is election time there. So it is normal that argument is violent and warm now. Over the past few days, the “Israelis” discovered that the assessment of their political and military leaderships was dump. That is while taking into consideration that those in charge now present themselves as having a long experience contrary to Olmert and Peretz whom we are about or had already forgotten their names. So they are supposed to be experienced experts. Still they made a dump assessment.

All of their assessments and expectations were wrong. The “Israelis” discovered that their leadership had put them at the verge of serious risks which might have jeopardized them, their entity, their interests, their security, and their economy, as a result of this stupidity which thier leadership had perpetrated. The assassination had led to counter results and will lead to even more counter results.

Second: The “Israeli” enemy army and security bodies and all its capacities are weak enough to confront the will of the Resistance and its action at the field. This is a second conclusion. This is “Israel” which we defeated in 2000 and which was defeated by the people of Gaza several times. “Israel” which we triumphed over in 2006 and which we triumphed over in the past days is feebler than the spider web, and it will always be as such.

The third conclusion is that the Resistance in Lebanon is fully fledged. It is absolutely intact, integrated, cautious, skillful, strong, wise, and present…..

Fourth, the armed Takfiri groups – especially – those at the border with Occupied Golan – are a natural ally to the “Israeli” enemy. They are similar to a new Syrian “Lahd” Army even if they raised an Islamic banner. These conclusions must be absolute and final.

As for the stances, first I would like to assert that following the interview with “Al Mayadeen”, many analyses and words were issued. I want to assert to you a word I said then concerning the Resistance and the struggle with the “Israeli” enemy so that I would not be obliged to reiterate the many equations and facts I tackled during the interview. Following what took place on Sunday in Quneitra and what took place on Wednesday in Shebaa Farms: You tried us; don’t try us again. This is first.

Second, this is the most important point. When you ask me what the most important thing in this 90-minute-speech is, I tell you it is this phrase I will address the “Israelis” with. As for the dear friends, we would talk to them as there is no problem in that. We truly consider the emotions and fears and national interests. The Resistance has proved to act with responsibility and wisdom. So let’s put this aside. I will talk in formal Arabic so that the “Israelis” would translate it properly into Hebrew. The “Israelis” must understand very well that the Resistance is not deterred. They always say that the Resistance is deterred. No, it is not deterred. It is wise and not deterred. There is a difference between wisdom and fear. Someone might be strong and able; still he is wise. He is not similar to a coward or to a weak man. That has nothing to do with wisdom. This Resistance is brave, able and wise; it is not deterred at all. If the “Israeli” enemy believes that the Resistance is weak and afraid of war, here I am telling the enemy today in the ceremony held in commemoration of Quneitra martyrs and following Shebaa Farms qualitative operation that the “Israelis” must know by now that we are not afraid of war, we will not hesitate in confronting it, we will confront it if it was imposed on us, and we will gain victory Inshallah.

Let no one be mistaken. I believe that Wednesday was the most important message because the issue is not limited to Shebaa Farms but rather what preceded and what follows and what comes along with it. Let the “Israelis” read this and take this message which I am saying into consideration. I am not making a psychological war or intimidating the enemy. I am saying the truth which we manifested in the field. For the friends and the dear ones I say: There is a big difference between wanting a war and does not wanting a war. This is not a weak word. This is a responsible and wise word as well as an emotional word. This is our country, our people, our towns, our villages, our allies as well as our region. No one – neither the Resistance in Lebanon nor the Resistance in Palestine – wants a war in this sense of the word. The power of the Resistance is not here but in another place. We were obliged to become a Resistance and we are militarily ready because there is a broad “Israeli” aggression. Otherwise, this is not the nature of the Resistance. I do not want a war.

We do not want a war. Still we are not afraid of it. We must differentiate between the two cases. The Lebanese must differentiate between the two cases when they want to take a stance. The “Israelis” also must understand this very well. We are not afraid of a war. We act with responsibility. We do not want to go to war. We are not ashamed of what we are saying. We do not want to go to war, but we are not afraid of it. We are not scared or terrified of it. Allow me to repeat these phrases again and again so that the “Israelis” and all who are listening memorize them by heart. We are the real strong men of the Resistance. We are its fighters. We are the makers of its victories with Allah’s support and will Inshallah.

May I have your attention as I would like to be clear in the third point I am to say. Following the operation in Quneitra and the retaliation in Shebaa Farms, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon is not anymore concerned with the rules of engagement. We do not recognize the rules of engagement. They have come to an end even in confronting any aggression or assassination. There aren’t any rules of engagement anymore. We do not recognize disintegrating fields and fronts anymore. It is our legitimate, moral, humanistic, and legal right – this is to those who argue with us by the law – to confront any aggression regardless of its nature, timing, and form. We will confront it in whatever place, timing, and form. We came to an end to the equal and similar retribution formula. Wherever, whenever and in whatever form you stage an aggression, the Resistance has the right to retaliate whenever, wherever, and in whatever form it finds fit. This is the end of the story.

Fourth, in an attempt to digest the Shebaa Farms operation, we heard the “Israelis” saying that those behind the attack will pay a high price for it anyway.

That was all what they said. In politics, this may be understood as a threat to Iran, Syria, the Lebanese government, and the Resistance in Lebanon. However, allow me to contemplate and scrutinize. Here I am telling the “Israelis” what my brethrens and I personally understood. We understood that the “Israelis” are evading military confrontation. They will search for those who staged the operation and humiliated them in Shebaa Farms on Wednesday, and assassinate them through a bomb or a bullet or through a collaborator or a commando they dispatch to Lebanon through the sea or land as they always used to do to kill them.

This is what we understood. Accordingly, in the past, we used to differentiate between two kinds of operations. This is what I mentioned before. There is a difference between assassinating the martyrs of Quneitra and assassinating Martyr Leader Hassan Lakkis. We are talking about the new martyrs. As for the veteran martyrs, for example Hajj Imad, we talk about them in the anniversary of Leader Martyrs Inshallah.

The former is a clear military operation that took place in broad daylight and does not need any evidence or discussion. The latter is a security operation which some may refer to as equivocal, though I swear by Allah that it was staged by the “Israelis”. We used to deal with the military operation as deserving retaliation. We used to retaliate with no hesitation. We used to determine the time, the place, and the form as what took place following killing our dear brethren in Adloun. However, when the assassination is through a security operation, we used to take our time to be absolutely certain. My message today is that from now on if any Resistance cadre or man in Hizbullah is assassinated, the “Israelis” will be held responsible and accused on the spot, and we will consider that we have the right to retaliate in any place, at any time, and in the form we find fit. Wars and battles have their ups and downs. At times you gain victory over your enemy; at others your enemy triumphs over you.

I might have taken much of your time, but I wanted to give the issue all the time it deserves though I believe I did not. However, the period of time from Sunday January 18 to our day was a pregnant experience. The issue is not that of an operation and retaliation. Some commentators referred to what took place in Shebaa Farms as being more than revenge and less than a war. That is true.

This is a very precise description. The situation prevailing in the past couple of weeks in the region was more than a confrontation and less than a war. Thus it deserves contemplation and examination to draw lessons on all political, moral, and military levels.

At a time we assert all the stances I mentioned, I say that our brethrens proved that they act with the required and legitimate national responsibility indeed. They are not driven by zeal, apart from being absolutely responsible while taking the circumstances and conditions into consideration. I do not need to be more reassuring.

Anyway, even the martyrs are the ones who draw the path for us and give us the good tidings of the upcoming hope of absolute and final victory. Since 1982, we conclude our statements with: The Resistance alone is the response, and only processions of martyrs make victories. Processions of martyrs have already made victories, and they will make more and more victories Inshallah.




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