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Footage has recently surfaced on YouTube, showing a Ukrainian news crew reporting on events in the city of Mariupol, and making contact with what some are saying is a US [UK?] military contractor dressed as a Ukrainian soldier.

The alleged soldier in the footage is the only person throughout the whole video who speaks in English, and it seems to be a distinct American dialect as well.

As the news crew approaches the soldier, he puts his hand up to the camera and tells the reporters “outta my face” (out of my face) which is clearly an odd thing for a Ukrainian soldier to say. Even though many people in different parts of the world speak English as a second language, it would be very unlikely for two Ukrainians to speak in English to one another. Furthermore, it would also be highly unlikely that someone would use a slang term like that when speaking in a second language.

The soldier depicted in the video is also wearing a slightly different uniform than the standard issue for Ukrainians, and is seen wearing a baseball cap instead of a helmet or military issued hat. The way that the soldier in question was dressed is actually more common among US military contractors than it is among Ukrainian soldiers, and it is in fact fairly uncommon to see a Ukrainian soldier dressed as this man was.

The United States obviously has motives to get involved in the growing hostilities in Ukraine, to steer the revolution towards a pact with the European Union, but does that mean that they have already sent military contractors into the country?

Decide for yourself and check out the video below:

The ‘soldier’ speaks in English at min 0:41



NOTE by SFP editorial staff: We would like to correct the author of this post when he said that the ‘soldier speaks in American dialect’, because the soldier speaks with a clear and unmistakable English (UK) accent.




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