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According to Donetsk People’s Republic’s forces, ammunition designed for NATO countries had been found in Ukraine.


Sputnik News ~ The Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) forces has found ammunition used exclusively in NATO countries that the Ukrainian Army is not usually equipped with, Deputy Donetsk Militia Commander Eduard Basurin said Tuesday.

“These types of ammunition are designed for NATO countries. One of them [devices] is equipped with a base fuse. For instance, when this type of ammunition hits the wall, it blasts and destroys it [wall]. The Ukrainian forces do not have this type of ammunition,” Basurin said, demonstrating the ammunition to journalists.

DPR authorities have repeatedly claimed finding US-made weapons in the Donetsk Airport, previously occupied by the Ukrainian military. On January 19, Basurin said that DPR forces had found large quantities of US-made weapons, including M16-A5 assault rifles, grenades and communication devices. Prior to Basurin’s remarks, DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko said that US-made weapons had found in the airport.

On January 21, 2015 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov harshly criticized the deliveries of weapons by a number of NATO members and European Union countries, saying this move went against EU and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) norms.

On Thursday, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that no lethal weapons had been delivered to Kiev by the West, despite an announcement made by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in September that a number of NATO countries had agreed to supply the country with modern weapons. Presidential adviser Yuri Lutsenko later claimed that an agreement on the supply of weapons from the United States, France, Poland, Norway and Italy had been reached at the NATO summit in Wales. However these countries denied the statement.



“Azov” battalion: who are the real governors of Mariupol?

Novorossiya Today ~ Opinion of a dweller of Mariupol, Lyudmila Surikova: My acquaintances and friends often ask me:

  • “What is going on in Mariupol?
  • Who is shelling peaceful cities and killing ordinary civilians?
  • Who downed MH17?
  • Who blew up the bus in Volnovakha and bombed residential area Vostochnyi?

They expect me to answer that it was done by People’s Militias or by Ukrainian Army… Nevertheless I surprise and disappoint them with my reply… Ukraine has no authority in Mariupol.

“Azov” battalion is the authority in the city. Ukrainians as well as militiamen have nothing to do with the downed Boeing, as well as with the blown up bus and the shelling of Mariupol… All of the above mentioned are the deeds of international brigades of NATO’s foreign legion under the scandalous name of “Azov” according to true words of the Russian President.

Such battalions are also called territorial battalions… There are many of them. “Azov” is not the only one.

There is also “Aidar”, “Donbas” and others… In reality they are not Ukrainian Nationalists; they are typical Western international mercenaries, hired in various countries by Mr. Kolomoyskiy for American money and on order of the USA.

In fact it is NATO’s foreign legion, as Putin said, only masked as local Nationalists… They do not fight for any idea, they earn money. It makes no difference to them who they are killing or blowing up. They are only paid for combat activities, and that is why they need to constantly murder someone, in order to report about the work done and receive their salary…

And the goal set before them is simple: exterminate as many as possible pro-Russian local inhabitants, undermine the infrastructure of the industrial region and discredit Russia in the eyes of the world, if possible, even get it directly involved into a World War…

They are not subordinated to Kiev or the Headquarters of Ukrainian Army. They have a different task… Their command is directly instructed from Washington or Ukrainian Security Service, which has been a CIA department for some time now.

They are instructed and trained by counselors from the task forces of NATO and Israel. It is them who are shelling peaceful cities, blowing up buses, murdering civilians and kidnapping people.

It is them who shoot in both directions: on Ukrainian military and militiamen, when ceasefires are declared, in order to receive their blood money… It is them who shoot in the back of Ukrainian soldiers, when the latter do not want to fight, torture and kill captured militiamen…

They are called “the Third Force” here in Donbass, and they are never taken prisoners…



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