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Until this moment 6 Syrian martyrs (1 policeman, 1 soldier and 4 civilians) reported and 40 wounded.

6 Syrians were killed Thursday by rocket shells fired by takfiri terrorists in East Ghota at residential neighborhoods in Damascus.

Terrorist rocket attacks hit residential neighborhoods in the provinces of Damascus, Aleppo and Lattakia on Thursday, leaving 6 people dead and scores of others injured.

Five civilians were killed by rocket shells fired by takfiri terrorists positioned in Eastern Ghouta on residential neighborhoods in Damascus city.



Among the dead was also another woman, who died at al-Mouwasat Hospital after succumbing to wounds sustained in the rocket attacks, which also resulted in injuring at least 53 civilians, damaging houses and burning a number of cars.

Six injured civilians arrived at al-Mwasat hospital, including a woman, a source at the hospital said.

Meanwhile a source at Damascus hospital said that two killed bodies and 32 injured civilians , some of them in critical condition, arrived in the hospital.




In the northern city of Aleppo, takfiri terrorists stationed in Bani Zaid neighborhood fired several rockets on Share’ al-Nill neighborhood, causing damage to houses, a market and more than 15 cars.


In a relevant context, two civilians were reported injured by two rocket attack shells that hit the residential al-Azhari area on the northwestern outskirts of Lattakia city.

A house and several cars parked in the area sustained severe damage due to the attack.

It is not the first time that the mercenaries of FSA and al-Nusra Front, the front ofmoderate terrorists’ funded and armed by the Obama administration, are attacking residential districts of Damascus with a sudden rain of mortar shells.

Through an extensive network of underground tunnels, which the Syrian Arab Army daily discovers and dismantles, terrorists mercenaries come out of hiding, in the countryside on the outskirts of Damascus, to launch some rockets, and then escape through the same underground tunnels.

In most cases they are intercepted and neutralized, but the honey‘, that is represented by the river of dollars handed out by US allies, attract more and more desperate criminals without conscience, firing on the civilian population with the sole purpose of creating terror.

Syria resists, fights and wins this vile form of terrorism, but as long as the West (USA & NATO), and the local powers (Gulf & Turkey tyrans) will continue to finance and arm the terrorist network of mercenary groups, this carnage will unfortunately continue, with no chance to win and prevail, but creating losses, damages and discomfort among the population.

Following are excerpts of testimonies of local residents


The massive amount of missiles launched by terrorist gangs target children on their way to school and citizens on their way to work.

Please pray for the innocent people of Syria, and the Armed Forces to Hit their marks!

John McCains fake Muslim Army known as “Moderate Rebels” Attack the Innocent Civilians!


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