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Units of the army and armed forces continued Thursday to raze dens of terrorist organizations in several areas across the country, amid a recent sweep that has consolidated the army’s military gains.

Damascus countryside 

The Army eliminated scores of terrorists, the majority of them from so-called organization “Islam army” in the villages of Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside.

SANA field reporter said that Aliya farms, north of Douam, witnessed fierce clashes that resulted in the killing of scores of the so-called “Islam army” terrorists, while other army units were destroying dens of terrorists in center of Douma.

Meanwhile, units of the army carried out a series of strikes against dens and concentrations of terrorists in Joubar, killing a number of them.

Other army units carried out special operations against terrorists in Zamalka and Erbin, killing and injuring several mercenaries.


Units of the army and armed forces targeted dens of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization in the southern countryside of Hasaka, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

SANA reporter in the northeastern province said army hit with artillery ISIS gatherings and dens in al-Badran village, 20 km south of Hasaka city, destroying many of ISIS vehicles and weapons and killing a number of terrorists and injuring others.

Another army unit crushed ISIS gatherings, using various types of weaponry, in Bab al-Kheir village, 20 km south of the city, part of which came under the army’s control on Wednesday. Many ISIS members were killed in the operations.

These operations came one day after the army restored full security to the villages of al-Watwatiyeh, Jammo, Jammo Farm, and the eastern part of Bab al-Kheir village in the south.


Units of the Army and Armed Forces killed members of takfiri terrorist organizations during continued operations against their dens in the eastern and northern countryside of Homs.

A military source said that Army units destroyed terrorists’ dens, killed many of them and injured others in Ez-Eddin and al-Sa’en in Talbeisa area.

In the eastern countryside of Homs central province, the source confirmed that an Army unit eliminated many terrorists, injured others and destroyed their weaponry and ammo in Salam Gharbi, al-Doiba and Om al-Rish villages.




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