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More towns in Damascus and Daraa countryside  under the Syrian army’s full control

(Damascus Countryside/Daraa, SANA/Haifa Said, 10/2/2015) ~ The Syrian Arab Army has gained firm grip on al-Denaji town in Damascus Countryside on Tuesday, a military source said.

SANA reporter quoted the source as saying that a unit of the army and armed forces eliminated the last of takfiri terrorist gatherings in al-Denaji town, which borders the southern province of Quneitra.

By doing so, the army has assumed full control of the town, the source said, noting that army personnel have started combing the area and dismantling mines and explosive devices left behind by terrorists.

Units of the army established control yesterday over Tal Merei in the western countryside after the elimination of terrorists’ gatherings there.

The army has also been gaining ground in the southern region, with its units restoring security and stability to Deir al-Adas town in the northwestern countryside of Daraa today. The army units also established control over Tall Mseih (a hill) overlooking town.

Army units also targeted terrorist organizations in Tall Antar, which surrounds Kafr Shams town to the south of Deir al-Adas, leaving many of their members killed and others wounded.


Terrorists suffer more losses as army makes gains in various areas

(Provinces, 10/2/2015) ~ Achieving a remarkable advancement while hunting the takfiri terrorist organizations, the army on Tuesday established control over a town in Damascus countryside and and another in Daraa and continued wide military operations in different areas around the country.


Units of the army and armed forces crushed terrorists’ dens in Binnesh, Sarmin, Um Jerin, Kourin, Zayzoun and Brouma Farms in the countryside of the northern province of Idleb.


Army units destroyed an ammunition cache belong to takfiri terrorist organizations, killed many of their members and wounded others in the northern countryside of the coastal Lattakia province.

A military source told SANA that units of the army and armed forces carried out intensive operations against terrorist organizations’ hideouts in Droushan and al-Khadraa villages.

Three vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, an ammunition cache and advanced Israeli and US- made electronic equipment were destroyed during the operations, the source said.

The source also confirmed that 11 terrorists of different nationalities were killed. Among those were Samir Bakhshash, Mahmoud Abdo, Ibrahim Qarh Mohammad and group’s leader of Egyptian nationality named Saeed Abo Mahrous, in addition to the Palestinians Khalil Daghdoush and Mahmoud Malayba.

Army operations also targeted terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Jebb Qabto and Saqiet al-Kirt, eliminating many of the terrorists and severely injuring many others. Mahmoud al-Shaar and Omar Bitar were identified among the dead.

Damascus Countryside

An army unit gained firm grip on al-Denaji town, while many terrorists were killed and the weapons and ammunition they had were destroyed during an army operation in Deir Maker, to the south of Sa’sa’ in the southwestern countryside of Damascus, according to a military source.

The area is home to takfiri terrorist organizations, most of them linked to Jabhat al-Nusra.

Another army unit ambushed a terrorist group that was fleeing from Mayd’a towards al-Dmeir, killing all of its members.

SANA reporter said the army targeted terrorists’ concentrations and hideouts in the areas of Erbeen, Kfar Batna and Marj al-Sultan, killing and injuring large numbers of terrorists and destroying their hideouts and weapons.

Terrorists Abdul0Rahman Taqalji, leader of a terrorist group affiliated to Jabhet al-Nusra, Zuhair al-Rihawi, Majdi al-Shami, Nidal Alyo, Nawras Jabkar and Nizar Dabbour were identified among the dead.

The army targeted terrorists in Douma, Alya Farms, Deir al-Asafir and Hamrit, scores of terrorists were killed and their weaponry and munitions were destroyed.

Terrorists Ahmad Gharsili from Tunisia, Fayez Ali Hussein, Wael Dalati, Dahham al-Majbal, Zahi Kiswani, Hisham al-Sheikh Bakri, Imad Abdul-Majid, Mohammad al-Ajwaand Ragheb al-Najjar were identified among the dead.


Units of the army foiled an attack which terrorists launched against Um al-Reesh, al-Duweiba and Masaada villages on towards Khattab village in the eastern countryside of Homs, a military source said.

SANA quoted the source as saying that other army units killed terrorists who attacked Abu al-Alaya village, destroying their weapons and equipment.

To the east of Homs city, a unit of the army carried out a special operation that targeted terrorists’ sites in al-Tadmuriyeh village on Homs-Palmyra way. The unit used various types of weapons in the operation, which resulted in killing many of the terrorists, while others were injured and their vehicles and several fortifications were Destroyed.

Another army unit continued targeting hideouts of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Rahoum village, located in the eastern countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon ISIS terrorists’ ranks.

In another context, terrorists fired two rocket shells on Um al-Sirj al-Qebli in the eastern countryside of Homs, where terrorists are reeling after the army’s recent advances, particularly after the retaking of Raas al-Maqta’ area.

The shells caused material damage only.

In al-Waer neighborhood on the outskirts of Homs city, an army unit carried out “accurate” operations against terrorist organizations positions in three separate areas, killing many of their members.


Army units restored security and stability to Deir al-Adas town in the northwestern countryside of Daraa and established control over Tall Mseih (a hill) overlooking the town.

An army unit, a military source told SANA, targeted and directly hit terrorists’ positions in the area surrounding Dael town, north of Daraa. A mortar launching base and a rocket launcher were destroyed as a result.

In al-Faqei’ Farms on old Daraa highway, units of the army razed terrorist organizations’ gatherings, killing many of their members.

Many other terrorists were killed in Garz village, east of Daraa and in the area surrounding Atman on the outskirts of Daraa city.

Another Army unit targeted terrorists’ vehicles in Aqraba town to the north of al-Hara town, destroying most of them and damaging the rest and killing and injuring many terrorists.

In cooperation with the locals, an army unit set up a tight ambush on the outskirts of al-Lajat area, killing all members of a terrorist group and seizing their ammo and weaponry.

Terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages the death of Khalil Ibrahim al-Ahmad, Gassan Mifleh, Anas Yousef Abu Zaid and other terrorists, who were killed in the northern countryside of Daraa.