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The Daily Mail insults people’s intelligence by suggesting that their latest Tory rent boy cum banker, Osama Bin Macer Gifford (Jnr) who worked for a Tory MP is anything other than a mercenary terrorist trying to progress the British government’s dirty War on Syria.

Unsurprisingly the Daily Mail forgot to mention a jury in a court of law could only ever conclude that Macer Gifford ‘Consultant’ is illegally promoting the NATO War on Syria no doubt just like someone with the same name who could easily be his Daddy who just happens to be a banker working ‘intimately’ with the British government on their ‘banking stabilization’ program.


Osama Bin Macer Gifford: daily mail ‘exclusive’ on british government ‘policy’ insults people’s intelligence

This NATO propaganda in the Daily Mail is linked to an article yesterday in the Express that is all linked to the fact that last month unidentified British government ‘sources’ peddled the idea in the Telegraph that Britain could train mercenaries in Jordan to fight in Syria, which they could not provide any legal grounds for.

It would be ridiculous to suggest that there is not a NATO War propaganda department behind the scenes, orchestrating the ‘news’ media stories.

The basic gist of the Daily Millstone spiel is rich Tory spoilt brat says NATO can invade Syria.

osama bin macer gifford: the independent run with a later version with gifford jnr and no doubt his own private minder

Osama Bin Macer Gifford: the independent run with a later version with Gifford jnr and no doubt his own private minder

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