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violently oppressing civilians in Britain to murder civilians abroad because that is what generates the greatest income for mr Rothschild & co

The whole Guardian NATO propaganda over Swiss Bank accounts that inevitably includes an anti-Syrian government smear campaign, has a rather humungous hole in their whole story called the errr..City of London money launderette.

The real ‘intrigue’ involves Mr Rothschild’s bagman Anthony Salz at the Guardian who is illegally trying to cover up the paper trail of filthy lucre, funneled through the entire City of London who set up the whole colonial Middle East ATM oil machine.

mr rothschild's nato distracts from his entire city of london hit men

Rothschild’s NATO distracts from his entire city of London hit men

After all the proverbial Guardian storm could easily be solved by (for example) one tax on the luxury goods civilian populations can afford to buy which would then more than adequately fund agreed public services, instead of just increasing the bank balances of Mr Rothschild & Co.

this city of London ‘leak’ ignores colonial European governments set up the whole Middle East atm oil machine

hit-piece: $15 million is hardly even big biccies for Syria’s supposedly ‘biggest’ businessman, compared to mr Rothschild who has his right hand henchman Anthony Salz running the Guardian propaganda

The Guardian do not produce any real facts or evidence (their so called ‘Wikileaks’ are not for example facts that have been tested outside ubiquitous NATO media witch-hunts) let alone in any court proceedings to support what is quite a lame anti-Syrian government hit piece.

It is by no co-incidence that Mr Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch have been publishing what is criminal propaganda because they have intended that Iraqi and Syrian civilians are murdered so their oil companies can make huge profits.

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“The Guardian’s view on Bashar al-Assad after BBC’s interview: the lies of a tyrant”,
(aka…The Guardian’s craps)





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