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Ukrainian soldiers break into a house, beat the owner, take his belongings, and record it on video

Translated by Kristina Rus, Fortruss, 14/2/2015

(Everyone, including the owner speak mostly Ukrainian, mixed with some Russian)

  • We are in an apartment!
  • How many people did you drive?
  • Guy, lets talk normally!
  • I am not lying!
  • Shut your mouth, f%ck!
  • What are the metal sheds in the yard?
  • Respond!
  • Turn your face!
  • There are garden tools and car parts
  • I can hear you, turn your face!
  • Whats on the hill?
  • Face in the wall!
  • I am not lying!
  • Turn your face!
  • I hear you, turn your face!
  • Face in the wall!
  • Friend, please tell me, be so kind, I am begging you! I am a normal person!
  • Don’t raise your head!
  • I am telling you, don’t raise your head!
  • I built everything myself, I want to live here! My children are here! Do you understand? I am not a fighter, I am not a Russian fighter! We were running away from the war!
  • These are my rims, there is no beamer [BMW]
  • Where are the keys?
  • May be in my pockets?
  • Where are the keys?
  • On a window, or in my pockets!
  • I am not lying, I will give you all the keys
  • Respond to the point!!
  • I am not lying, I will give all the keys! Why are you beating me? I am a human!
  • You are a separatist!
  • I swear on my mother and God Jesus Christ, and on my children!
  • Here, take this!
  • Why are you making a video?
  • The keys are in my pockets! I am not lying, I swear! I am not lying, kind people, look in my jacket!
  • There is enough weapons for a base.
  • You know my wife, Olya, she works in the alcohol department, a brunette! You all know her, you buy alcohol from her, she will confirm everything! I didn’t do anything! I am telling you the truth, I swear, I am not lying, I swear! I am quiet!
  • Keep an eye on him, guys, pause this!

Kiev’s mercenaries

…How Can This Happen? Here Is How…

Ukraine’s Land Agency give land to soldiers in the east for free!!!

Land parcels will be given out for free to the servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other military formations, as well as to the employees of Interior Ministry and the Security Service of Ukraine that are defending territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country in eastern and southeastern regions of Ukraine.


So: Ukraine’s troops are permitted to steal whatever they want from the residents in Donbass, the rebelling region. The particular victim here lives in an apartment, and so all that Ukraine’s troops can take from him are his belongings.

He’s lucky they didn’t shoot him (if they didn’t).

The cover story in the 4 August 2014 issue of TIME was: “In Russia, Crime Without Punishment: Vladimir Putin backs the rebels …”


Would a more-honest news-report have been titled, “In America, Crime Without Punishment: Barack Obama institutes ethnic cleansing in southeast Ukraine”?

Or, perhaps: “Crime Without Punishment: TIME magazine lies about Russia and Ukraine”?

Either way: How can such things as this happen?

Well, both things did — the ethnic cleansing did and does, and the cover-up of it and of its source did and does.

And that’s the biggest uncovered news-story of our time: both the ongoing crime, and its ongoing cover-up.

The present news-report is being distributed to virtually all U.S. ‘news’ media for publication, so that readers of all which do publish it (which can be determined by a google-search of this news-report’s headline) can come to know, from all that do not (show there), which ‘news’ media (other than TIME) are co-conspirators with Obama, in deceiving the American public into hiding reality so as to encourage further movement toward a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia — a nuclear war in which America (and definitely not Russia) was the instigator.

(Even the founder of the “private CIA” firm Stratfor acknowledges that the February 2014 overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovuch, which started this, was “the most blatant coup in history” — and it was run from the U.S. White House. It precipitated, as a purely defensive measure by Russia, Russia’s accepting Crimea’s bid to rejoin Russia: Crimea had been since 1783 the base for Russia’s crucial Black Sea fleet, which Obama wanted to kick out of there.) 

Any news-media that issue this news-report are honest, because the news-report itself is (and none of them is being charged anything to publish it; so, expense is not involved here). Any that don’t issue it, each reader can judge — and nobody has to wait for a nuclear war in order to do so; the ‘news’ media can be judged right now, because this coup occurred a year ago, and yet still it has not been reported in the U.S. as having been a coup (this overthrow was supposedly instead a result of ‘the democratic Maidan demonstrations’ that were actually used merely as a cover for it).


Furthermore, the present reporter offers to all other journalists the full text of the only thorough investigation that was ever done regarding the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych, a rigorous scientific analysis of all of the existing evidence. It concludes exactly as did the European Union’s investigator when he first reported on 26 February 2014 that it had been a coup, which had been perpetrated by “someone” allied with the EU (presumably by the U.S. White House); it shocked Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign-affairs chief, when she learned it from him.

This lengthy subsequent independent investigation into the matter is by far the most thorough examination that exists of the event, and it is titled, “The ‘Snipers’ Massacre’ on the Maidan in Ukraine.” Its author is University of Ottawa political scientist, Dr. Ivan Katchanovski. Any ‘news’ medium that decides not to publish the present news report about this American international atrocity, and that also does not at least request from me (or from Dr. Katchanovski) that full investigative report by Katchanovski about how this ethnic cleansing started, is clearly not interested in reporting the truth, regarding what is actually the most important international-affairs news-story of the past year, since the February 2014 coup, at least — the only matter that could very possibly end up producing World War III.

(Obama wanted a proxy war against Russia to soften them up for the real thing; and the result is all of this bloodshed in Ukraine during and since that coup a year ago.)

So: nobody can say that the reason it’s not being reported is that it’s not important news (now become history) to report. It was, and (unfortunately) still is.


Eric Zuesse, Fortruss
The real SyrianFreePress.NETwork republished at