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Venezuela’s Ambassador in Damascus Emad Sa’ab affirmed that the unsuccessful coup attempt, carried out on February 12th and plotted, funded and sponsored by the US has come through a number of successive phases at the hands of the US intelligence.


“The failing coup attempt against President Nicolas Maduro came after several stages represented by an economic war, then a social one followed by a political coup stage through assassinating judges and symbols of the Bolivarian revolution and a military act,” the Ambassador said Tuesday at a press conference held at the Venezuelan Chancery in Damascus.

(17/2/2015, SANA/Mazen Eyon) ~ He added they failed in all those attempts as the Venezuelan people and government have gained victory.

Syria vehemently condemned the U.S. conspiracy of plotting a coup d’état plan against the President of the friendly Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Monday.

An official source at the Ministry lashed out at the U.S. conspiracies that have for long been targeting Venezuela, saying they aim at undermining the political, economic and social achievements of the Venezuelan people.

The Ambassador said that those who represent the Venezuelan opposition and the extremist right are employees at the US Department of State and the Central Intelligence, presenting a number of photos showcasing several opposition figures meeting with US and Israeli officials.

Sa’ab affirmed that what has happened in his country of events and disorder are similar to what is happening in Syria where the terrorists attacked the Syrian people and perpetrated the ugliest crimes as done in Venezuela.

Answering a question to SANA on the possibility of submitting a complaint to the UN Security council by the government of Venezuela against the US, Sa’ab affirmed that his country will submit a complaint to the Security Council, adding Venezuela has sent many letters to the international community and a number of governments on this event.


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