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(Hasaka, SANA/Rasha Milhem/Haifa Said) ~ 33 more people from the countryside of Hasaka province were captured and taken captive by DAESH (ISIS) foreign mercenaries.

Those add to at leats 56 residents from the villages of Tal Hermez and Tal Shamiram in the surrounding of Tal Tamr town who were captured by DAESH a day before.

SANA reporters quoted the locals as saying that the newly kidnapped peopel, who are residents of Tal al- Jazira village, included women and children and were taken to al-Shaddadi city, the stronghold of DAESH in Hasaka countryside.

The locals also said DAESH mercenaries burned down dozens of homes and committed acts of killing, vandalizm and armed robbery in the village.

DAESH started an assault overrunning a number of villages committing various acts of atrocities which left tens of civilians killed and scores of houses burned to the ground and drove hundreds of others out of their homes.

The antique church of Tal Hermez, considered one of the oldest churches in Syria, was also burned down.

According to locals, DAESH aims through targeting villages surrounding Tal Tamr near to Ras al-Ayn city to open a passage towards the Turkish borders to facilitate the procurement of weapons and mercenaries from Turkey.~


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