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International law experts have claimed that Eşme to which the Tomb of Suleyman Shah is not Turkish soils

Eşme has turned out not to be Turkish soils in terms of law. International Law Prof. Hüseyin Pazarcı has emphasized that moving the tomb is not legal and two countries should make an agreement.

“You can conduct such an operation to avoid of declaring not leaving the country for a while. But, this is not legal. You cannot decide in the soils of another country. The base of this is to have an agreement. Either you go back to your old place or move it somewhere else if the two countries reach an agreement. But, you cannot decide on your own.” he stated.

Regarding the issue about Eşme not being within Turkish soils, Pazarcı responded: “Eşme cannot be within Turkish soils. Turkey might have controlled there verbally, but that does not mean that it is Turkish soil legally.”

He went on to say: “Turkey needs to get in touch with Syrian authorities. It is not possible today, though. Assad administration would not let it happen. […] Consequently, an agreement is needed with the country which holds the place.”


By Erdem Atay - Aydinlik Daily
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