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Iraq: Hezbollah and Iraqi popular forces shot down a US military plane

From the original in French, IRIB, 27 février 2015:
Irak: le Hezbollah abat un avion US

According to Iraqi military sources, a plane carrying weapons and ammunition for Daesh was shot dead in western Al Anbar.

According to the websiteAl-Messriyoun’, the Iraqi popular forces and Hezbollah in Iraq, Badr- army, shot down an American plane carrying arms to Daesh in the west of the region of Al-Baghdadi”.

The plane was dropping boxes full of weapons for Daesh-ISIS mercenaries, as well as food.

Hezbollah forces in Iraq warned last week against all aid delivered to terrorist gangs, wherever it comes from.

The coalition aircraft cast off regularly, weapons, convoys and ammunition to terrorists, and bomb local mobilized forces who are fighting Daesh.

le Hebollah frappe un hélicoptère US

Iraq: Hezbollah hits a US helicopter 

From the original in French, IRIB, 23 février 2015:
Irak : le Hebollah frappe un hélicoptère US

“The Hezbollah Popular Forces in Iraqi fired a missile at a US helicopter that was in the process of sending aid to Daesh and forced it to flee“, the official Press Service of the brigadesSayyid al-Shuhada’ said.

In reaction to the news according to which two British aircraft were beaten and crushed while they were in full relief operation to Daesh, the head of media press service of ‘Sayyid al-Shuhada brigades’, Khaqani Hassan, said that the Iraqi popular forces had observed two other US helicopters who were carrying weapons and ammunition for the mercenary terrorists groups, while they were flying over the areas of Al-Anbar and Falluja.

“Once these helicopters were seen, one missile of the brigades of the Resistance forced them to flee”, he explained.

“This is not the first time that international coalition’s helicopters (carrying military aid to Daesh) are forced to flee, because the reaction of popular forces; other helicopters had previously been forced to flee in Tal Afar and Sinjar”, also said the head of the press service of ‘Sayyid al-Shuhada brigades’, in Iraq.


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