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Terrorist gangs of foreign mercenaries perpetrated a new massacre in the eastern countryside of Salamieh city (Hama province): 8 civilians (2 kids) killed and others were wounded.

A statement from the Hama Police Command, referring the reports of the local hospital, said that “armed terrorist groups sneaked from Hujeila village to the northern part of al-Qanafez town and killed 8 civilians, including 2 children”.

Other residents were injured in the attack. Terrorist gangs also kidnapped a woman and her daughter, set fire to houses and looted people’s properties and livestock.

In defending themselves, residents have opposed armed resistance, clashing with the foreign mercenaries and killed one of their members who belonged to al-Nusra gangs.

Already in August 2014, an armed terrorists committed a massacre against a family in al-Mzeiraa town, in Salamieh countryside, killing 7 (siblings): among them kids and women, 4 injured.

Terrorists also targeted, with two mortar rounds, Bab Sharqi neighborhood in Damascus city on Thursday, causing material damage only.

A source at the Police Command said that two shells landed in Dar al-Karama Street in the neighborhood, which is located in the Old City of Damascus.

The shells caused material damage to many cars in the area without any human casualties, the source confirmed.


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