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Aleppo, 23/3/2015 ~ A number of civilians were killed in terrorist rocket attacks that hit residential areas in Aleppo city on Monday. ~ Rocket shells fired by terrorists fell in al-Jamiliyeh neighborhood and Baroun Street, killing 12 civilians, most of them are children, a source at the Police Command of Aleppo said.

Thirty other civilians were reported injured, while public and private properties in the sites sustained damage.

A source at Aleppo Health Directorate told SANA reporters that most of the injured were children, noting that some of them are in critical condition.

Terrorist mortar attack causes material damage in al-Doil’a neighborhood

Meanwhile, a material damage affected a house in al-Doil’a residential neighborhood in Damascus in a terrorist attack with mortar shell.
A police source told SANA reporter that a mortar shell, fired by terrorists, landed in a house in al-Doil’a neighborhood in Damascus.


22/3/2015 SANA/Hazem Sabbagh ~ 22 civilians killed in terrorist attacks in Daraa and Idleb provinces ~ The terrorist groups Jabhet al-Nusra and al-Muthana Movement on Sunday shelled the city of Bosra al-Cham in Daraa province, claiming the lives of 15 civilians and damaging vital facilities and infrastructure in the city.

Local sources told SANA’s correspondent that locals and defense groups repelled several attacks from north, south, and west of the city, killing and injuring many terrorists. Terrorists’ pages on social networking sites acknowledged the death of terrorists Yehea Mohammad al-Sabbagh, Anas Ibrhaim Saadeddin, Muhanna al-Sidi, Ali Ghazi al-Jebbawi, and Mohammad Ahmad al-Radi in these clashes.

The sources said that terrorists targeted Bosra citadel with a number of makeshift explosive shells, and that terrorists were attempting to cut off the supply route that more than 25,000 locals depend on to procure their needs via the town of Barad, and that the terrorists also targeted communciaitons centers in an attempt to isolate the town.

Jabhet al-Nusra and other Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups are besieging the western part of the city and some of its northern part, and they fire explosive shells on residential areas repeatedly.

In Idleb city, 7 civilians were killed in terrorist rocket and mortar attacks which targeted residential areas.

A source at the Idleb Police Command said that the shells targeted the areas of al-Sheikh Talat, al-Thalatheen Street, and the Teachers’ Housings, claiming 7 lives, injuring 20, and causing material damage to public and private properties.

Director of Idleb Health Department Obaidah Qati’a said that the national polio vaccination campaign for children under five has been postponed in Idleb city until March 26 due to the terrorist attack.


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