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Syrian Army destroys ISIS den full of explosives in Hasaka, targets Jabhat al-Nusra positions in other areas

24/3/2015 ~ The Syrian Arab Army and armed forces Tuesday inflicted heavy losses among terrorist members of different terrorist organization in many areas of the country.



An army unit targeted in an accurate operation a den belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) used for making car bombs, explosive devices and belts in al-Shaddadi city in the southern countryside of Hasaka.

A source in the northeastern province told SANA that the den was completely destroyed along with all the equipment and explosives it contained in the operation, which took place in Camp al-Bulghar area east of the city.

The source confirmed that tens of ISIS terrorists were killed and many others were injured, including group’ leaders and explosives experts.


One of the army’s continued operations against dens and gatherings of terrorist groups linked to Jabhat al-Nusra in the southern province of Daraa resulted in the death of all members of a terrorist group to the north of Zamreen village.

More terrorists from different groups were killed in operations in the villages of Samleen and Hamreen and Dael town after their positions and dens were targeted.

Other dens for Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “Al-Muthanna Movement” were targeted to the east of al-Nueima town, Smad village and Busra al-Sham city.

A vehicle with a heavy machine gun mounted on it was destroyed in the area between Busra al-Sham and Jamreen.

Meanwhile, the army destroyed and launch pad for American-made TOW rockets, killing all four terrorists handling it in Maarba village in the eastern countryside of Daraa.

Army units attacked supply routes of terrorist organizations in towns near the Jordanian border, destroying a vehicle with terrorists on board on Tissia- Maaraba road.

Terrorists were also killed in a special operation in Tafas town.


In the countryside of Quneitra province, units of the army attacked hideouts and gatherings of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “Ahrar al-Sham Movement” and “al-Furqan Brigades” in Tal Mas’hara and to the north of Tal al-Harra.


Many terrorists were killed and others were injured during army operations in al-Breij area, west of the Industrial City which the army retook last year, a military source said Tuesday.

Other operations in Aleppo province took place in Babis village in the north-western part, where the army targeted several of the terrorists’ dens, killing a number of them.

In the south of the province, an army unit eliminated many more terrorists in Khan Touman in Jabal Samaan area.


In Homs province army units thwarted a terrorist attack on al-Rastan dam and killed a number of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists in the villages of Unq al-Hawa and Rahhoum in the eastern countryside of the province.

Army units destroyed terrorists’ dens and vehicles in Hamadi Omar, Mokeimen, Um Mayyal, al-Latamina, Kafar Zeta, al-Rahajan, Tal Ersan, Quleib al-Thawr, al-Solba and Tal Um Hartain in the countryside of Hama central province.


A military source said that Army units repelled a terrorist attack on the surroundings of Idleb city, inflicting heavy losses on terrorists in members and equipment, and that the clashes are still ongoing.

Units of the army and armed forces destroyed terrorists’ weapons and ammunition cache and a number of vehicles with all terrorists inside it in Taftanaz in Idleb countryside, in addition to killing other terrorists in Bakfalon, Brouma Farms, Khan Sheikhoun and Deir Sunbul in the countryside of the province.


Army kills scores of terrorists across the country, including 19 from ISIS in Deir Ezzor, more than 50 in Daraa

23/3/2015 ~ Units of the army and the armed forces on Monday launched wide-scale military operations against the Takfiri terrorist organizations across the country, killing scores of their members and destroying their arms and ammunition.

Deir Ezzor

Units of the army and armed forces killed 19 terrorists of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and wound others in al-Reshdiyeh neighborhood and Shbat Street in the city of Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria.

This resulted in the death of 19 terrorists and the injury of 22. Ahmad al-Knadi, Tarek al-Alu, and Abboud al-Hussein were identified among the dead terrorists.


Units of the army and armed forces targeted gatherings of terrorists in Busra al-Sham, its surrounding, Mara’aba and Jamrin in the countryside of Daraa province, killing more than 50 terrorists including self claimed leaders, and destroy 5 vehicles and an ammo cache, a military source told SANA Monday.

Earlier other units killed two leaders of terrorist organizations linked to Jabhat al-Nusra in the surrounding of Busra al-Sham city and destroyed a number of their dens in other areas in the province.

meanwhile, large numbers of terrorists were killed in the ongoing clashes between units of the army and terrorist organizations in the surrounding of Busra al-Shamcity in the eastern countryside of the province, among the killed were Ahmad Abdullahal-Harir, a leader of the so-called “Liwa Omar Bin Abdul-Aziz” and Ali al-Masalmeh, a leader within the so-called “The Islamic al-Muthana Movement”, both of the terrorist groups are affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra.

Another army unit destroyed in a concentrated operation a missile launching pad in the area between Maaraba and Busra al-Sham city and another one and an armored vehicle equipped with a heavy machine gun in the western neighborhood of the city, while another army unit hunted fleeing terrorists in the area around the archaeological citadel in Busra al-Sham city, killing many terrorists in the area.

The army also directed concentrated strikes on dens and gatherings of terrorists in al-Jiza, Jamreen, Smad and Kahil areas, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying their arms and vehicles.


The army killed a number of terrorists, injured many others in Tal al-Dhour and Tal Mashara in Qunaitera countryside.


An army unit carried out a special operation in al-Zirba town in Jabal Samaan area, 20 kms to the south of Aleppo city, killing a number of the terrorist organizations’ members and destroying their vehicles, arms and ammunition, according to a military source.

The source told SANA that a number of terrorists’ vehicles were also destroyed and scores of them were killed in Handarat camp in the northern countryside of the province.


Army units eliminated a number of terrorists and destroyed their weapons and ammo in al-Mehasseh south of al-Qaryateen in Palmyra countryside, Homs province.

Other units destroyed hideouts along with the terrorists, weapons, and equipment inside them in Wadi al-Dabaa valley which is near the Lebanese borders.

Army operations in Homs’ eastern countryside left many terrorists dead or injured in Rajm al-Qasser, al-Sultaniye, Rahoum, Oum al-Reesh, and Masaada in Jub al-Jarrah area, in addition to killing and injuring many ISIS terrorists in the areas around al-Shaer fields.

Another army unit thwarted an attack by a terrorist group affiliated with ISIS on a military point in al-Sukhna area 70 km east of Palmyra city, which resulted in the death of all members of the terrorist group, the destruction of two vehicles that contained explosives, and the confiscation of documents that were carried by the terrorists.

Damascus countryside

Units of the army and the armed forces carried out concentrated military operations against dens of the Takfiri terrorist organizations in the northern al-Qalamoun mountains, killing and injuring scores of them in Talet Mousa and Talet al Rafi’a and near al-Fatla crossing in the mountains of Ras al-Ma’ara town.

A number of terrorists were also killed and others injured and their weapons and ammunition were destroyed in the mountains of al-Mishirfa town, SANA reporter said Monday.

In Eastern Ghota area, a unit of the army and the armed forces targeted dens of Jabhat al-Nusra and Ajnad al-Sham terrorist organizations to the east of Ain Tarma town, killing scores of their members.

Terrorist Munir Wahid Zu’aitir of Lebanese nationality and terrorist Salim al-Salal of Palestinian nationality were identified among the killed terrorists.

Libyan terrorist Said Qushaira was also killed and one of the terrorists’ vehicles was destroyed in a special operation carried out by the army in Douma city near al-Rahman mosque, the source added.

In the northern side of Douma city, a unit of the army destroyed a terrorists’ den and all arms and ammunition inside it, in addition to destroying one of their vehicles and killing all terrorists onboard in Alyia farms.

In Joubar neighborhood, sporadic clashes took place between an army unit and the terrorists at al-Kharrat street and the surrounding of Najim cemetery leaving many terrorists dead and others wounded.

Meanwhile, the army carried out a direct blow against one of the terrorists’ dens in Erbin town, killing and injuring scores of terrorists, while a unit of the army clashed with a terrorist group in the farms of al-Qasimia village in al-Nashshabia area to the south of Eastern Ghota.


Army units eliminated many terrorists in the surrounding of al-Biriny Factory and to the north al-Insha’at and al-Konsirwa in Idleb countryside.

Earlier, Units of the army and the armed forces killed scores of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in al-Habit, Tal Dinit, Failoun, Kafar Jales, Deir Sunboul and Bailoun in the countryside of Idleb northern province.


The army continues fighting terrorists in different areas

22/3/2015 ~ The army and armed forces continued Sunday fighting terrorist organizations id different areas of the country, killing and in injuring many of their members, some of them non-Syrians.


Units of army and armed forces attacked in accurate concentrated operations strongholds of the terrorist organizations of Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called “al-Muthanna Movement” in Jamrinn and Smad towns and Busra al-Sham city, 40 km to the east of Daraa city, a military source told SANA.

The operations left a number of terrorists killed and others injured in Jamrin and Smad, while arms and ammunition, including a 130 mm caliber gun and two armored vehicles, were destroyed during the operations in Busra al-Sham city.

The terrorist organizations acknowledged on social media the killing of Suleiman al-Hariri, a deputy leader within “Aamoud Houran” group, and a number of other terrorists.

Meanwhile, an army unit targeted a gathering of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra on Busra al-Sham-Hamrin road, destroying two SUV vehicles, one of which equipped with a heavy machine gun.

In al-Neima town, east of Daraa city, more terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra were killed or injured and their arms and ammunition were destroyed in operations there.

In a relevant context, an army unit foiled an attack launched by a terrorist group linked to Jabhat al-Nusra from Enkhil against the residents of Qita town, where most of the groups’ members were killed.


In the countryside of the northern Idleb province, army units killed scores of terrorists on Idleb-Binnesh road, some of them were non-Syrians.

The army launched intensive strikes using various types of weapons on positions of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization in the area surrounding Mantaf town in Areeha area, destroying two of the organization’s dens and vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns.

Another army unit destroyed an armored vehicle, in addition to vehicles equipped with heavy guns, on the road of Maartamsarin, north of Idleb city.

A military source said units of Army eliminated terrorist organizations’ hideouts and killed many of their members in Failon, Nahlya, Wadi al-Mokbila, Jaftalak Haj Hamod, al-Teibat, Binsh, Tal Denet, Tal Salmo, Um Jrin and Abu al-Dohour in Idleb countryside.


A unit of the army killed a number of terrorists organizations’ members and destroyed their vehicles in Khan Touman in Jabal Samaan area in Aleppo province on the international high way to Turkey, a military source told SANA.

Another unit of the army launched strikes on the terrorists’ dens in the surrounding of al-Mallah farms in the
northern countryside of the province, killing and wounding a number of their members and destroying their
arms and ammunition.


In Homs province, other units of the army and armed forces killed and injureed members of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization in Unq al-Hawa and Rahoum in the eastern countryside of Homs.


An army unit killed and injured a number of terrorists in Nabe’a al-Sakhr in Quneitra countryside, a military source said.


The army strikes hard on takfiri terrorists, targeting their dens directly

21/3/2015 ~ The army and armed forces carried out on Saturday ‘Special Operations’ against dens and gatherings of takfiti terrorists in different Syrian cities, killing scores of terrorists and injuring many others.


An army unit repelled an attack launched by terrorist from Jabhat al-Nusra on a military post in the surrounding of Rajm al-Mshawer village in Daraa countryside coming from the direction of Sida town, a military source said.

In Sida and in al-Ghariyeh al-Gharbiyeh, Busra al-Sham, Jemrin and Samad, the army killed numbers of terrorists in their continued operations there, the source told SANA.

Army units also razed several of the terrorist organizations’ dens in the village of Um al-Awsaj, where many terrorists were killed.

Other terrorists were targeted and killed in the towns of Zamrin and Samlin in the southwestern countryside.

The army also eliminated a number of terrorists and destroyed their hideouts in al-Bajabjeh neighborhood and west of the old customs building in Daraa al-Balad.


Army operations in the eastern countryside of Homs on Saturday were concentrated on the terrorists’ positions in the villages of Salam Gharbi, Um Sahrij and around al-Dweibeh, according to a military source.

Many of the terrorists were killed in those operations, while their weapons, ammunition and vehicles were left destroyed.

Meanwhile, two army units clashed with terrorists who launched an assault against the locals of Burj al-Zira’a in the surrounding of Um al-Serj al-Shamali and in Maksar al-Hossan and Tuloul al-Hawa.

The source confirmed that the attack was foiled, with many of the terrorists getting killed or wounded.

More terrorists were also targeted and killed around al-Msheirfeh al-Janoubiyeh and Um Sahrij villages.

A special operation was carried out by army units against terrorists in al-Rastan city in the countryside, leaving many of them killed.


Army units carried out concentrated operations in which they targeted movements of terrorists in al-Bsheiriyeh and al-Bara villages in Jisr al-Shughour area, south-west of the northern Idleb province, a military source said.

The operations resulted in killing a number of terrorists and destroying their equipment, the source told SANA.

Another army unit targeted dens of terrorist organizations in Barsouma, near Maartamsarin in the northern countryside of Idleb, using various types of weapons. The terrorists suffered heavy losses in personnel and equipment as a result.

In the southern countryside, an army unit targeted other dens for terrorists in Jidar Bkafloun, one of the prominent strongholds of the so-called “Liwa al-Tawhid” terrorist group, leaving many terrorists dead and others wounded, according to the source.

Army units destroyed terrorists’ hideouts in Ayn al-Barda and Qaminas in Idleb countryside, killing and injuring scores of terrorists.


Meanwhile, the army destroyed dens of takfiri terrorists in al-Mansoura, Ma’aret al-Arteeq and the area surrounding al-Mallah farms in the countryside of Aleppo province.


Army units destroyed 3 vehicles, one of them equipped with heavy machinegun, in Bariqa and Mashara in Quneitra countryside, a military source reported.




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