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Translated from Ukrainian by J.Hawk

President of Ukraine Poroshenko offered Right Sector leader a position at the Ministry of Defense. This was announced on the [Poroshenko-owned] TV Channel 5 by Anton Gerashchenko, a Poroshenko advisor.

“I can confirm that Dmitriy Yarosh received a proposal from the president to take up a position at the Ministry of Defense. I would be very pleased if Yarosh were to start working as part of the state administration.

I’ll say more: I can see that he is very bored at the Rada. Plus he was wounded in battle. I would be most pleased to create, together with Yarosh, a Volunteer Union for the Defense of Ukraine based on the Estonian, Finnish, and Swiss systems,” Gerashchenko added.


J.Hawk’s Comment: So we’ve seen the stick (the high-profile arrests, the threats, the SBU campaign), now comes the carrot. If I were Yarosh I’d seriously consider it, though of course  I’d be concerned about losing control over the Right Sector should it become absorbed into some state structure. But a territorial defense job—now that would be something right up Yarosh’s alley. Besides, what’s the alternative? Wage a guerrilla war against Poroshenko? Hang out at Kolomoysky’s side, hoping the fortunes will turn? Nah. Besides, it doesn’t seem an offer Yarosh can refuse. If he doesn’t like the carrot, he might have to taste the stick instead.

It’s also becoming clear that Poroshenko is aiming not at destroying but at isolating Kolomoysky. The arrests during the Cabinet meeting were of officials who gave state contracts to Kolomoysky’s companies. The offer to Yarosh is an effort to peel off the oligarch’s militant support.


Incidentally, I would not attribute any of it to the US or any other outside force. Poroshenko is doing it on his own. Remember how just a few months ago it seemed entirely plausible that Poroshenko might be overthrown and that Yats would once again be “the Man”? Well, the shoe is on the other foot now—I mean, Yatsenyuk surely thought for at least a moment that the people who came to arrest his Cabinet members were actually coming for HIM. Yes, Poroshenko can arrest Yatsenyuk’s ministers right from under his nose. He managed to similarly neutralize Parubiy and Turchinov and, at least temporarily, secure the support of Avakov and Nalivaychenko whose star is rising. The US and the EU are, at most, recognizing the reality on the ground, and that reality is Poroshenko as the clearly dominant force in Ukrainian politics. For better or worse.

What that “clearly dominant force” will do is another question, of course.


22 year-old Kiev’s nazi girl from Aidar battalion fires a grenade to the peaceful village of Shirokhino

26/3/2015 ~ Varjag2007 ~ Video: Anatoly Shariy ~ Translated by Kristina Rus

A video of a Ukrainian radical, the infamous female fighter of the volunteer battalion “Aidar” Vita Zvirukha firing a grenade at a Ukrainian village appeared online.

Shocking video was posted online and was available for viewing for a short time. In the video a Ukrainian woman confidently fires from a grenade launcher at the village Shirokino, cynically asking to record the possible destruction.

The video was soon removed from YouTube, however, many managed to download it, and it became available on other sites.

A native of Vinnytsa, 22-year-old  follower of Nazi ideas, Zavirukha, last year joined battalion “Aidar” with the aim of destroying the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine. The woman was involved in many operations of the militants and burning people alive in Odessa on May 2, 2014.

Vita Zavirukha: "Death to the Orthodox"

Vita Zavirukha: “Death to the Orthodox”

This time Zavirukha had fun shooting at a peaceful village.

The video shows fires and destruction caused by shelling by forces of Ukraine. The target of the feminazi was the Orthodox Church and residential homes. Previously, she was involved in the arson at Lugansk TES (electric power plant), which was also caught on video.

Then she said: “This is how Lugansk TES burns. And we expect the attack of the Russians. But we saved our cat. Look how awesome everything burns!”



Right Sector blamed for bus tragedy near Artemovsk

By J.Hawk, 26/3/2015  ~ The casualties include 4 killed, 12 wounded, and 7 missing. The bus struck an anti-tank mine while trying to bypass a checkpoint on the approaches to Artemovsk. Reportedly the Ukrainian checkpoint was refusing to allow them passage–was it a question of paying bribes to be allowed through?

What is interesting that, instead of the usual “Je suis Artemovsk”-type propaganda campaign, Ukrainian government sources pointed the finger at the Right Sector. The charge is led by Dmitriy Tymchuk, well known for his advocacy on behalf of the junta, who did not stop short of calling them “cynical criminals”, thus faithfully echoing (though without his boss’ Freudian slip) Poroshenko’s references to “volunteer battalion” killing of an SBU officer earlier.


So the knives are coming out for the Right Sector. Question is, are they being warned to fall in line and accept Poroshenko’s authority, or is it a beginning of a campaign to eradicate them?


Ukraine TV Channel 5
Translated by Kristina Rus
Translated from Ukrainian by J.Hawk
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