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Few days ago, the American/Saudi-ISIS terrorist group, enabled by it’s new ally in the American/Saudi-Al-Qaeda/Nusra terrorist group, moved decisively from the southern area of Al-Hajar Al-Aswad (Black Rock) invading the Yarmouk Camp, trapping 20,000 inhabitants and imposing its stifling nihilism in a form of canonical law more befitting the tribes of 10,000 B.C. Olduvai Gorge. 

Luckily, 2,000 women and children escaped to the Syrian Army which is laying siege to the camp – the army of the legitimate government of Syria which quickly relocated the refugees to the safety of Al-Tadhaamun and Al-Zaahiriyya.

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If any liberation movement resembled a financial shakedown it is the Palestinian Liberation Movement.  No matter what Palestinians say about themselves; the overly-ostentatious clamoring for unearned respect because, as they say, they have the highest per-capita educational level in the world and the most notable achievements in self-victimization of anyone from Native Americans, Armenians, Jews to Crimean Tatars.

Even the title, Al-Fatah, discloses the misguided journey of a people from the loftiest pinnacle of entitlement all the way to the bathos of self-immolation in a tragedy from the Grand Guignol ; for, as you shall see, Al-Fatah is derived from an acronym so moribund it reeks of death – why it’s almost as though the name was invented by a Zionist commissioned by some Saudi who fancied himself a descendant of the Khaybar Jews of Arabia.

Here’s how it works:

Al-Fatah or in Arabic, الفتح, is derived from Harakat Al-Tahreer Al-Watani Al-Filasteeni, (حركة التحرير الوطني الفلسطيني) which when rendered into an acronym becomes: HATF or حتف which means “death”. Not terribly encouraging for young volunteers from the numerous refugee camps dotting the arbitrary lines around historic Palestine.  Well, the clever Palestinians decided to rearrange the letters (metathesis) by flip-flopping them from “HATF” to “FATH (mutatis mutandis) which means either “conquest” or “opening” – much better although there is the unpleasant aftertaste of knowing what the true acronym really is and where this movement was going to take you.


Some of the 2,000 Sunni Muslim Palestinians and Syrians evacuated from the Yarmouk Camp to safe, government-controlled areas of Al-Tadhaamun and Al-Zaahira.

From the very beginning of the tragedy, the Palestinian Liberation Movement was subsumed by the grander Arab Liberation Movement led by charismatic demagogues like Jamaal ‘Abdul-Naasser of Egypt and Houari Boumeddienne of Algeria until the bankruptcy of nationalism was laid bare in the debacle of June 1967 when the Palestinians realized there was no real hope of ever returning to their homeland, at a minimum, or liberating it completely, at a maximum.

The Arab World was too fragile; too riven by sectarianism;  too overburdened with social upheaval, Arabian cupidity, highfalutin’ ideologies with roots in early Marxism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism and all the other effete Euro-derived obsessions with parlor chats, rap sessions and balderdash reserved for the billiards room at the American University in Beirut.   They decided to go it alone.  If the Arabs wanted to come along they were implored not to get in the way of this avenging dynamo.             

Since the horrific war of 1967 the Palestinians managed to acquire no new rights, benefits or lands.  To the contrary, their rights have been strangled by succeeding Zionist regimes led by such neo-Nazis as Yitzhak Shamir (born  Icchak Jeziernicky), Menahem Begin (born Mieczyslaw Biegun) and Benjamin Netanyahu (real name: Benjamin Mileikowski)

Their benefits have been clipped radically to include involuntary servitude, obsequiousness and the strange sensation of still being alive.  Their lands?  Well, let’s just remember the amazing shrinking candy bar.  It’s all that awful.  They have gone nowhere.

From the beginning, their leadership was feckless, rudderless and amoral.  When Yaasser ‘Arafaat, their iconic leader whose sartorial diversity hardly outmatched that of domesticated animals, said he permitted his aides to steal and accept bribes so that they would be satiated and loyal, he was telling the world that the Palestinian Revolution had transmogrified into some kind of Levantine version of the New York mafia; or even the Beirut airport customs bureau.

It got so bad in the Seventies that Al-Fatah and the PLO created the Qiyaadat Al-Kifaah Al-Musallah Al-Filasteeni, a form of Military Police whose job it was to monitor the transgressions of the rank-and-file.  As that turned out, there was nobody to monitor the monitor, and corruption became even more prevalent in the Lebanon eventually leading to constant acrimony and, eventually, civil war.

Whether it was in Jordan, where the Palestinians were routed in September 1970 (Black September) by the Zionist/USA-supported Hashemite regime,  or in Lebanon, where their presence rankled the entrenched pro-Western Maronite oligarchies, or in Syria where, of late, they have become the target of Wahhabist fanatics, their’s is a life of incessant ruin, degradation and unabashed masochism.

Listening to their leaders today, Mahmoud ‘Abbaas, or to Saa`ibUrayqaat, whose only achievement to date was bedding Tzipi Livni, you’d think we should start opening the Veuve Clicquot bottles for a toast.  As it is, we’ll be lucky to open the bottles of Huis Clos.

They have reached their endgame.  Even at the latest abomination called a summit of the Arab League, they were hardly mentioned – they were relegated to third class status no different than where they are under the heel of the Zionist criminals.



The Palestinians negotiated for a “special status” in Arab countries.  Where their camps were located remained off-limits to Arab “regimes”.  The Lebanese Army was always dickering with the camp officials to obtain some favor, some act of respect.

Whether it was at the ‘Ayn Al-Hilwa Camp in South Lebanon, or the Nahr Al-Baarid Camp in the north where the Lebanese Army laid siege to Shaakir Al-‘Absi’s murderous gangs– whether it was the Baq’ah Camp in Jordan, or whatever enclave they had managed to tuck away as a reminder of their dependence on the inept Arabs, they protected their “revolution” with a ferocity they rarely displayed against the biggest oppressor of them all.

You see, when the Zionist killer and his allies in Lebanon wanted to enter Sabra and Shatila Camps, they didn’t negotiate, at all.  They just went in and slaughtered more than 3,000 Palestinians.  But, you haven’t lived until you see Yaasser ‘Arafaat in Damascus shaking his head in a fake demonstration of revulsion with former Syrian Vice President, disgraced traitor and French catamite, ‘Abdul-Haleem Khaddaam, as they watched the television set displaying the bodies of Palestinian families murdered by Samir Geagea’s and Eli Hobeika’s drug-addled heroes with the Zionist officer, Amir Drori, smacking his lips in satisfactionUnforgettable.  I threw a right hook at the nearest wall breaking the plaster.  Arafaat just went on doing his business.

The Yarmouk Camp was first opened in 1958 and has become a suburb of Damascus.  Inside are mostly Palestinians and some Syrian families.  It is exclusively Sunni – why they wouldn’t have it any other way!  Whereas it was once ramshackle huts, it is now apartments, boutiques, markets with other indicia of Palestinian financial resourcefulness.

But, it is also a camp and as a camp it is off limits to the Syrian Army unless the Palestinian Authority lifts the prohibitions on entry.  The PA has refused  to do that because the PA is a sectarian organization committed to serving the Zionist State, cajoling the Americans and coddling the simian Arabian troglodytes.

You see, when it comes to Mammon, there has never been a greater supplicant than the so-called Palestinian Revolution.

3 days ago, the American/Saudi-ISIS terrorist group, enabled by it’s new ally in the American/Saudi-Al-Qaeda/Nusra terrorist group, moved decisively from the southern area of Al-Hajar Al-Aswad (Black Rock) invading the Yarmouk Camp, trapping 20,000 inhabitants and imposing its stifling nihilism in a form of canonical law more befitting the tribes of 10,000 B.C. Olduvai Gorge.
Luckily, 2,000 women and children escaped to the Syrian Army which is laying siege to the camp – the army of the legitimate government of Syria which quickly relocated the refugees to the safety of Al-Tadhaamun and Al-Zaahiriyya.

The Syrian Army has now surrounded the camp, that maneuver made all the more easy by the evacuation of terrorists from Al-Hajar Al-Aswad.  One of the reasons for this attack was information received by the rodent terrorists that the Palestinians had made some kind of pact amongst each other to remove the last remnants of the nihilist cannibals from their midst.   The rats would have none of this and decided to make Palestinian life even more miserable than anything the Lebanese Maronite Right had done or its patrone, the Zionist Abomination.


So, who’s to blame for this latest fiasco?
Can you blame the Syrian Army whom the miserable, mercenary P.A. would not permit into the camp?
Do you blame the terrorist savages for acting out the instinctual urge to render the God of Islam into some pathogenic monster?
Or do you blame the failed, prostituted leadership of the Palestinians for bringing this misery to the people who look to the PA as some kind of center of gravity – maybe, even, a government capable of making rational decisions designed to alleviate suffering?

Rational decisions?
Whereas the Zionist Movement makes no excuses for its encouragement of international Jewish organizations, think tanks, advisory associations and other centers for the accumulation of knowledge necessary for the preservation of their Zionist Ghetto State, the Palestinians, with all their hot air about the highest pro-rata numbers of college graduates needs no such organizations, think tanks or associations.

Heck, the Palestinian leadership is so remarkably adept at the deepest form of political thought that the infusion of more advice, knowledge and assistance from those genii in the Diaspora would be superfluous, almost pathetic.

With ‘Abbaas and ‘Urayqaat at the helm, the Palestinians should have no fear of success – failure and frustration are always right around the corner.
As Robert Gates once said famously, “the Palestinians will never pass up a chance to pass up a chance”.

The Syrian government, for decades, had to eavesdrop on the Palestinian Camp through a catalogue of subterfuges.  It might have been the creation of Al-Saa’iqa, Syria’ answer to Al-Fatah’s Al-‘Aasifa.  Al-Saa’iqa was a Palestinian militia with many Syrian officers infused into it.  It was able to swim inside the camp and relay information about what Palestinians were doing on a military level.

Another was the Palestinian branch of Syrian General Intelligence which controlled and handled hundreds of Palestinian residents inside Syria and who were tasked with reporting on matters related to the “revolution”.

Other sources of information were the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (General Command) headed by Syrian Army Captain, Ahmad Jibreel, a Palestinian from Yazur, Palestine,  whose interest in ideology paralleled a crocodile’s interest in sprouting wings and flying. Jibreel was obsessed with sound military doctrines, no Marx, no Lenin, no Mao.

At every turn, Palestinians shrugged off Syrian efforts to bring the revolution into the mainstream of Arab nationalist thinking.  There were times when Palestinians, for reasons which can only be ascribed to stupidity or sectarianism, actually sought out conflict with the only Arab nation whose commitment to Palestine was unassailable.

Today, with the camp shattered even more by the arrival of Saudi-financed demonic forces, the PA must look hard at itself and decide on whose side It really is.
If it is on the side of the U.S., then let the failures continue.  Don’t come back and ask for help from the Arab League which suspended Syria’s membership.
If it is on the side of the Saudi Arabians, then to hell with Palestine because it is a lost cause.  Saudi Arabia is no different than the Zionist trash which protects it.

But, if the Palestinians think back on its revolution of 1967 and how it failed, maybe, just this once, they will join hands with the Syrian government and the Ba’ath to reorganize the way the we confront the enemies from within and without – the enemies bought by the Arabs of the Peninsula – the enemies who are taking apart the ancient heritage of the peoples of this land and who will not hesitate to tear apart every relic in the history-rich lands of Southern Syria, the land of Palestine.

This is your last chance.  It’s now or never.


Ziad Fadel, SyrianPerspective
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