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by Moe Salhi, The Wall Will Fall

The situation in Yarmouk (if not in all the region) is so surrealistic, that I neither can imagine nor describe without feeling I’m drunk or having a drug shot and hallucinating. It’s all look like gibberish for me.

So, Syrian government helped “Hamas” for decades, and had suffered sanctions because of that in the first place. They supported them, and gave them safe haven when every other Arab nation refused. They trained them how to make underground tunnels to fight Israel as a resistance movement.

Then, the “Arab Spring” started, and the leaders of “Hamas”, who are “Muslim Brotherhood” in origin, changed loyalties, thanks to the temptation of the money of Qatar; the allurement of the Great Neo-Ottoman Erdogan; and the glamour of ruling the whole Middle East starting with Egypt and Tunesia (by their fellows MB).

They thought that they became a Super Power that doesn’t need the Iranian aid anymore, nor the Syrian haven, nor Hezbollah’s training. It would be way better if they just left Syria when it needed friends to stay with it in such crisis time, or if they just became neutralized and didn’t join neither the government nor the rebels.

Nop! Instead, they stabbed the government in the back! They used all their techniques that had been taught by Syrians, Lebanese, and Iranians to use against the Israelis; they used it against Syrians! They spread the “knowledge” of digging tunnels and taught it to the Free Syrian Army & et of all those crazy rebels; they taught them how to do bombs in a certain way, that both Hezbollah & Syrian intelligence knew that no other than Hamas know these techniques!

Then, they created a military faction called “Aknaf Beit al-Maqdes # The Environs of Jerusalem” (ABM), who occupied Al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp and had it as a base for them against the government. From their name, they should fight in Jerusalem, not in a refugee camp in Damascus, but that is logic, and we are talking about living surrealistic nightmare that nothing make any sense!

That ABM prevented any relation with the Syrian government because it’s either going to fall sooner or later, or because the Syr. Gov. is “infidel”, and they don’t need their help! People in the camp started to starve, and many died because of extreme starving as there was no food possible to come in!

Dozen of conciliation attempts had been rejected at the last minute because of the moody and elusive ABM militia, while blaming it on the “murderer regime” in the MSM. Syrian Gov. chose to use other Palestinian movement to try to regain the camp from them, and the SAA besieged the whole camp to keep it isolated from Damascus, although it’s not that easy because the camp is almost a part of the greater Damascus today, and before all that crisis, unless you are from the camp’s inhabitants, you won’t know that you are in or out the camp’s borders.

It was 8 km away from Damascus in the 1948 and 1967, but not anymore today because of the urban expansion through decades.

Syrian president didn’t want to be involved in a war against any Palestinian movement, because he didn’t want history to say that he did for once killed a Palestinian refugee. They were defending Damascus city when it’s necessary, and they preferred other loyal Palestinian movements to do the work (a minor scale proxy war? So be it).

All that time though, Hamas refused to say that they have any relation with the ABM militias, and that they are individuals from Hamas who took their own decisions, and they weren’t coordinating with the head authority of Hamas.

Everyone though know that no other one but the notorious Khaled Mish’al, one of the main heads of Hamas, who lived in Syria for more than a decade, and who is living today in Qatar, was the one who created the ABM!

Mahmoud Abbas, Khaled Mashaal, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani

Many other nearby towns and small cities had succeeded in the conciliation attempts, and that all the armed gangs of “al-Nusra / al-Qa’eda” can leave in peace to other areas – a plan of the gov. to push them out to some arid areas where there are no civilians, where fight can be easier and without civilian causalities.

So, where did they go? To no other place but Yarmouk Refugee Camp, where the ABM greeted them as their brothers!

Well, those very “brothers” (who included Palestinians, Syrians, and multinational foreigners) gave their pledge allegiance to no one but the wealthy ISIL (ISIS or DAESH), who is paying way more than any other terrorist group these days, and who were in another nearby town of el-Hajar el-Aswad. From there, 400 ISIL militants invaded the Ref. Camp at night, where another 200 Nusra fighters joined them, and started their usual orgy killing against whomever left from the unfortunate people and the elusive ABM fighters.

ABM fighters, in the result, had been divided into 3 factions:

  1. One division joined ISIL;
  2. the other resisted it and fought it;
  3. and the third surrendered to the loyal Palestinian parties who are besieging the camp, and therefore, to the Syrian Army.

ISIL had invaded most of the camp, and they beheaded the very elusive heads of ABM militias; they took off the Palestinian flags from the top of the buildings, stomped and trampled it with their feet!

As for the population of Yarmouk before the Syrian crisis, it was around 150,000. Most of them fled it within the last few years, even some of them made it all the way to Gaza, and they suffered over there from the last war of Israel, that they said that wherever they go the war was running after them.

Some of them left to other areas in Syria, and some left the whole country, and some went to Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, where they discovered the great difference between Palestinian Refugee camps in Syria (where they were living a great life, having all rights, just like the holders of Green Card in the U.S., or Permanent Residence in Canada, having all rights but voting and citizenship, but they had a special passport to be able to travel) and the Palestinian ref. Camps in Lebanon (where they have only the minimum rights as human beings, not including work, let alone the double racism of being Syrians & Palestinians – the very two nationalities that are so hatred from half of the Lebanese, and that is another long story that I won’t mention now).

So, the number left in Yarmouk before ISIL invasion was less than 20,000.

Now, as ISIL is in the camp, it’s a complete different story for the SAA. They won’t wait till it becomes a threat to Damascus. The Palestinian authority sent the Syr. gov. to do whatever they need to do.

That means, the ref. camp might turned into a parking lot very soon, unfortunately.

Hamas didn’t though, instead, they are asking all fighting parties in the camp to stop the bloodshed between the “brothers”!

I bet they are still going to use any Syrian attack against the camp as another smear to demonize the Syr. “regime”! and as Paul said, “If the SAA were dropping perfume they would probably be accused of chemical weapons”.

Those “Barrel Bombs” became way more dangerous than any atomic bomb in the MSM! Like parrots, they keep talking about that weapon as if it was the most dangerous weapon ever used in wars!

“The barrel bombs are a non-issue cooked up to vilify the SAA because other countries are not using them. I suppose it would be better if they could afford Tomahawk missiles at $1-2M apiece. We know how surgically precise they are and never touch civilians. If the SAA were dropping perfume they would probably be accused of chemical weapons.”

PLO Secretary Khaled ‘Abdel-Majeed

Israel is living its real Spring!

One of the main goals of that war on Syria, was to destroy the Palestinian refugee camps in it, and to create hatred and enmity between Palestinians and Syrians.

Each Palestinian ref. camp in Syria and other surrounded states is a memory for the people and a stub and a seed for future resistance against Israel, a motivation for all Palestinians to go back home one day in the future.

No wonder that those camps had been attacked everywhere in Syria, for no reason but to scatter its inhabitants and turn them into a double and triple refugees, and may be, to leave that land and go as far as to Latin America, where they did accepted Palestinian refugees indeed!!!

But, Israel didn’t do it, they had their proxy war, and with the coordination with all that Axis (NATO, Gulf states, ISIL-ISIS-DAESH, al-Nusra), they succeeded in one of their goals.

Whether Hamas knew that and didn’t mind because it was drunk with sectarianism and filthy petro-dollars; or they didn’t know and thought that they were doing the right thing for their people: the result is a complete catastrophe upon the heads of Palestinians!

Today, most of Syrians are saying that they don’t care about Palestine anymore, let them go and liberate their country themselves! I refuse to say so, because I know that this is exactly what Israel wants, however I have a real problem with few of Hamas’ heads and leaders, that if the movement didn’t kick them out, or split from Hamas and create another group under another name; there will be no solution for that complex.

The wound is so deep, and such treason usually has no cure for many generations to come. I heard for the last 8 months that such split inside Hamas is already there, as the fighting people on the ground in Gaza are very upset with their corrupted leaders in Qatar and Turkey.

The fighters in Gaza are still having good relations with both Iran and Hezbollah, while their leaders are not, and still going into the dream plan of the Muslim Brotherhood in controlling states and countries, thinking that it’s their only opportunity that comes once a century and they can’t let it go without a full gambling with all their resources.

Turkey & Qatar would made Khaled Mesh’al live in 5 star hotels and with 7 digits bank account, way better than the life of Yarmouk Refugee Camp.


But, both states, won’t give him a bullet to fight Israel.
Plus that they are blackmailing those leaders and making pressures on them by using the People Cards: They are ready to rebuild Gaza, and to feed the Palestinians, but that is not for free. In exchange, I guess, they had to turn into a political authority, just like the one in Ramallah, and get rid of their arms and missiles.

Another illusions, another promises, another wishful thinking and bal bla bla.

We all saw what happened since the Oslo Accords in the early 90’s till today: NOTHING!

Or let’s say, nothing for the Palestinians, while ongoing benefits for the Israelis.

by Moe Salhi


The Wall Will Fall
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