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It is within the single context of trading in other people’s human lives for personal financial gain that the volte face by Abbas Fatah and the long treacherous behaviour of the ‘political’ Hamas faction of Meshaal, Haniyeh and Marzouk in Yarmouk in Syria can be seen.

Both Fatah and the Hamas faction led by Meshaal, Haniyeh and Marzouk are not only entirely discounted as supporting any resistance whatsoever to NATO, but are the worst kind of traitors towards their fellow human being.


source: Hamas “bodyguard” Mohamed az-Zaghmoud (Abu Ahmad al-Musheer) set up a terrorist group in Yarmouk before being injured in December 6th 2014

Contrary to the narrow NATO rhetoric of Fatah and the Meshaal Hamas faction, true resistance to NATO, like true Islam and society’s rule of law embraces everywhere.

Fatah typically collected the brown envelope by first claiming they backed Palestinian resistance in Yarmouk before backtracking.

Meanwhile the US, UK, France and Jordan are ducking and diving all over the place at the U.N to try and avoid the fact that all the lethally armed ‘opposition’ to the Syrian government are in legal terms terrorists.

Moscow, SANA – The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the U.S., Britain, France and Jordan shot down a Russian-backed Syrian request to add ISIS to the Security Council’s sanctions list as a standalone organization.

In a statement on Friday, the Ministry said the Americans and their proponents insist that changing the name in the sanctions list from “Al Qaeda in Iraq” to ISIS “doesn’t reflect the actual reality of things” and that ISIS is included in the list under the aforementioned name.

The Ministry said that the obvious political motivation for such a position is attempting to dodge [legal] responsibility for the growing threat of ISIS, with these sides trying to prove that it isn’t a new organization that resulted from plots to topple the Syrian government by clinging to the idea that it’s just Al Qaeda in Iraq, so that they can claim that the coalition that is against the Syrian government doesn’t bear any responsibility for the rise of ISIS [or rather is the ‘Islamic State’]

The statement said that these claims being made by Washington aren’t convincing, noting that the U.S. is using the excuse that its State Department changed the name of “Al Qaeda in Iraq” to ISIS in a bid to justify their position in the UN, with the Ministry bringing back to mind the fact that Al Qaeda in Iraq emerged due to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.


The far from legal duck and dive involving the refusal of the US, UK, France and Jordan to list the ‘Islamic State’ on the UN sanctions list, confirms the UNSC countries funding all the terrorists.


 “Old man: You paint the wall, you make it look beautiful. Banksy: Thanks. Old man: We don’t want it to be beautiful, we hate this wall, go home.

 [Banksy is a two faced creep who used our campaign to try and make his name as a ‘political activist’ yet ‘opposes’ the Syrian government resistance to NATO. The Met ‘police’ complied with a court order they return the Banksy’s they stole from our campaign to him, because we would never want them back- I would have personally publicly burned them]

…So, Syrian government helped “Hamas” for decades, and had suffered sanctions because of that in the first place. They supported them, and gave them safe haven when every other Arab nation refused. They trained them how to make underground tunnels to fight Israel as a resistance movement. Then, the “Arab Spring” started, and the leaders of “Hamas”… changed loyalties, thanks to the temptation of the money of Qatar; the allurement of the Great Neo-Ottoman Erdogan; and the glamour of ruling the whole Middle East…thought that they became a Super Power that doesn’t need the Iranian aid anymore, nor the Syrian haven, nor Hezbollah’s training.

 It would be way better if they just left Syria when it needed friends to stay with it in such crisis time, or if they just became neutralized and didn’t join neither the government nor the rebels. Nop! Instead, they stabbed the government in the back! They used all their techniques that had been taught by Syrians, Lebanese, and Iranians to use against the Israelis; they used it against Syrians!”

source: the plo may as well drop the ‘liberation’ part from their moniker

“…The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) has ruled out asking the Syrian government to launch military action in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus.

A statement issued late on Thursday contradicted comments made by a senior PLO official visiting Damascus.

Ahmed Majdalani said 14 Palestinian factions wanted a joint operation with the Syrian army to expel Islamic State (IS) militants from the camp.

But the PLO statement said it refused to be drawn into the conflict in Syria…”

the oil hugging erdogan, haniyeh, the al-thanis and meshaal are obviously not resistance to nato

People can no longer insult people’s intelligence by trying to pretend that Meshaal and Co are any better being slaves to their Qatari masters and NATO puppets petrodollar because that the NATO War on Syria does not “involve” the global civilian population.


“…We have called for the withdrawal of gunmen from all factions and to put the camps under a Palestinian administration,” [outside syrian government control] Murra [from Hamas media bureau] added.

Murra called for dialogue between Hamas and Damascus to “mend fences”, saying his group recognized Syria’s geographical importance to Palestine [not Syria’s resistance to NATO]…”

source: Hamas Commander Huzayfa Abdullah al-Azzam in Idlib, Syria: it is not just in Yarmouk in Syria that the traitorous Qatari backed Meshaal-Haniyeh-Marzouk faction of Palestinian Hamas have been illegally operating.

True resistance to NATO does not depend on brown envelopes that sell out all humanity.

Once again the losers in foul Palestinian ‘politics’ are Palestinian people’s lives.

The underlying problem for NATO however continues to be recruiting sufficient numbers of mercenary criminals in Syria, which is why there is a rainbow coalition of all sorts of lowlife.

at the very same time tory ‘minister’ alan duncan was running his vitol oil MI6 Libyan cell racket (murdoch ‘journo’ peter jones seen with al-Hatari centre & abdelhakimbelhaj next to him on right) the british government were trying to murder us with their violent criminal gang ‘democracy village’

I was by no co-incidence illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial when Duncan spilled the beans about his Vitol oil MI6 Libyan cell racket in 2011, which was protecting Belhaj and al-Hatari, and only adds to the million and one reasons the British government and their terrorists fear a High Court jury hearing the truth to hold them to account.

In fact, immediately after I had publicly questioned the involvement of NATO in the War on Libya in an ‘Independent’ news media interview in June 2011, the British government’s criminal gang called ‘Democracy Village’ tried to smash a wine bottle over my head, before punching me in the jaw.

Of course it would be impossible for the heterophobic Alan Duncan and his rent boys to explain how I was imprisoned in 2011 over illegal ‘police’ searches in 2009 & 2010, while the British government were openly supporting terrorists like al-Hatari and Abdelhakim Belhaj.

source: obviously a turkish & israeli government gladio operation

While the criminals NATO hire are more than willing to take their money and weapons, they are of course less willing to actually take the risk of fighting and dying for NATO.

source: libyan/irish al-hatari in syria


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