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Ramallah, SANA/R. Milhem/ Barry ~ Palestinian Fateh Movement Central Committee Member Abbas Zaki stressed that Syria has been undergoing a foreign aggression launched by 80 countries, clarifying that the Movement will not stand idly when the aggression is foreign carrying the same identity of the aggression launched against Palestine in 1948.

Zaki’s remarks came as response to the confusion and the contradictory statements of many Palestinian officials about the latest events in Yarmouk Camp regarding Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrosists storming the Camp, as Palestinian Ma’an News Agency quoted Fattah’s official as saying Silence on the crime is treachery and paying no heed to reality of the conspiracy or being confused to whether confront aggression or not is cowardice.

“This aggression launched by agents of NATO, Mossad and the US intelligence seeks to dismember the Arab Nation, kill the civilians, and destroy houses and sanctuaries”, Zaki added.

The Palestinian official saluted those who defend the residents of al-Yarmouk Camp, on top of which Palestine Liberation Army (PLA), fighting side by side to the Syrian Arab Army in deference of Syria and the Camps of our patient people.

Fattah does not interfere in states’ internal affairs, yet it is not acceptable to keep silent when the conspiracy is divulged to all, Zaki continued to say.

Enemies seek to draw a new map for the Arab region and cancel and abolish our Palestinian Issue from the interests of Arabs replacing it with new priorities in service of boosting the Israeli existence and guaranteeing its domination in the region, he added.

Earlier, Secretary of the Palestinian Factions Alliance Khaled Abdul-Majeed said in a statement that the alliance was surprised by the Palestinian Liberation Orgainization (PLO) statement in Ramallah announcing its rejection of being a part of any armed struggle in the camp, considering it a despicable retraction from what has been agreed.

The PLO withdrawing its stance prompted the alliance factions to coordinate with the Syrian government to defend the camp with logistical support from the Syrian Arab Army which is chasing ISIS members in the areas close to the camp, he added.

Two weeks ago, terrorists from ISIS had overrun Yarmouk camp aided by Jabhat al-Nusra to commit more crimes against residents.


SANA/R. Milhem/ Barry
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