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The Bloodied Beards of Turkey’s Terrorists


The “Factory Area” (Al-Ma’mal) between Al-Jood Association and Bayaanoon Village saw wild and wooly moments as the Syrian Army continued its march toward Turkey.  A van loaded with 7 rats was destroyed and all their weapons and ammunition seized for distribution to our militias.

Many of our readers are contacting me about Al-Zahraa Town near Nibbul with news about its liberation.  I have received reports only that the army is tackling stubborn defenses there with significant progress.  I am, of course, like many of you, anxious to see the town liberated and its population freed from the stench of the Erdoghani Turks. Let’s hope we can declare it rat-free tomorrow.

Rat websites have announced the death of one of their verminious heroes, one called ‘Adnaan Junayd Abu-Hilaal, a Nusra leader.  He was killed near the Al-Nayrab Palestinian Camp by militia.  Another 8 of his litter mates also traveled with him to the flames of Hell.



Nahlayyaa:  Idlib’s governor, Dr. Khayreddeen Al-Sayyid,  inspects the town after its liberation by the Syrian Army

Idlib s governor Dr Khayreddeen Al-Sayyid

Taftanaaz and Al-Tanjara:  This abandoned base for repair and maintenance of helicopters was not the target of the SAA.  Instead, the move to this village was exclusively for the purpose of killing all the vermin belonging to Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya there.  12 rodents were stuffed down the chute to Mephisto’s Massage Parlor. Along with them went, also, a pickup truck and its usual accoutrements, i.e., a Doschka.

  • Mu’tazz Farrookh
  • Saami Muhammad Julaylaati
  • ‘Amr Al-Dhaahir

The rest were all carrying fake identities and were declared foreigners.

Kooreen Village:  About to fall completely under the weight of constant SAA artillery.  This village is held by Nusra/Alqaeda, Jund Al-Aqsaa, Faylaq Al-Shaam. They are almost out of ammunition and are expected to head straight north to Turkey in just a few hours.  They would probably like to get to northern Idlib City, but, that might be somewhat difficult since the SAA has surrounded it.

Tal Deeneet:  This is an archeologically important area.  2 nests of vultures were destroyed as the SAA continues to pursue all terrorists until the area is Ratten-rein or Ratten-frei. 

Shaykh Barakaat Peak:  The Syrian Air Defense corps shook the Turks right in their boots when they tracked 2 F-16s straddling the border area of Hatay and northern Idlib province in a most provocative fashion.  The Turk jets picked up on the tracking radar and quickly returned to their bases before the Syrians opened fire on them with a combination of SA-6 Gainfuls and the usual ack-ack.

Al-‘Ankaawi Village and Qastoon:  2 Nusra/Alqaeda nests were devastated by SAA infantry and artillery this morning.  All rats were killed.  All were foreigners.

Kafr Laataa:  A group calling itself “Faylaq Al-Shaam” was destroyed by SAA and PDC.  It’s leader for the area of rural Idlib was killed along with 4 others:

  • Kinaan Jilali (a/k/a “Abu Muhammad”)
  • Zaahi Al-Muloohi
  • No other names.

Heavy fighting going on in all these areas: Qumaynaas, Al-Nayrab, Sirmeen, Kareema Hill, Al-Muqbila, Fayloon, Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan, ‘Ayn Sawdaa, Al-Tamaani’ah


Idlib: Syrian Army captures Kafr Najd; onslaught in Idlib Continues

The Turk and British lying weasels in Adana can’t believe their eyes and ears as their favorite cannibals are screaming for intervention.  But, who can intervene to save them now?  With Syria’s missile arsenal aimed right at Turkey’s 12 dams on the Euphrates and their Eskandars ready to vaporize the Patriot system provided reluctantly by NATO “allies” – and with so many seasoned officers cashiered by Erdoghan, there just isn’t enough ooomph in the Turk army for any such shenanigans.  Even more interesting is the posture of the Russian Federation with its warships conveniently located off the coast of Tartous.

Kafr Najd:  The Syrian Army has now liberated this town after destroying an armored car and killing 16 Nusra/Alqaeda rodents.

Nahlayyaa:  (See map)  The Syrian Army destroyed 2 armored vehicles here and has established complete artillery control over it.  While one source in the Syrian media wrote that it was liberated,  Wael in Latakia says “not yet”.

Muqbila Village:  The SAA is continuing operations here with the intent of exterminating the rat infestation.  Already, a report has come in of 2 pickups with 23mm cannons destroyed.

Kooreen:  Continuing operations resulted in another 2 pickups with 23mm cannons destroyed.  About to fall to the SAA.

Sirmeen:  The SAAF has destroyed 3 convoys coming out of Turkey loaded with weapons and ammunition for the trapped rats in Idlib.  The destruction was complete with the ordnance exploding and killing almost all rodents traveling with the convoys.

Ma’arrat-Massreen:  Another conduit for resupply has been shut down completely as the SAAF is dominating the skies searching for any sign of vans traveling in convoy-pattern.  On Wednesday, in the early hours, the SAAF spotted a supply convoy and strafed it forcing the vehicles off the road and into irrigation ditches.  After that, units of the SAA and PDCs surrounded the trapped rodents and killed them all:

  • Najdaat Fawwaaz
  • Muhammad-‘Ali Mansoor
  • Anwar Deeb Abu-Zayd
  • ‘Abdul-Wahhaab ‘Uthmaan
  • Sameeh Mahmoud Rushdi
  • ‘Alaa`-Al-Deen Shaakir Farhaat
  • Mustafaa Hassan Al-Dayri
  • Faysal Hilaal Al-Shaykh
  • Muhammad Taalib Al-‘Umari

Many others carried fake Turk papers or other indicia of foreign origin.




Ziad Fadel reports
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