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AL-Houthi: “US Directing Saudi Aggression, Who Thinks That We’ll Surrender a Dreamer”.

The leader of Yemen’s Houthi rebels, Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badriddine al-Houthi, vowed not to back down on Sunday for the US-Saudi aggression.

Houthis leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi-20150420

“Our fighters will not evacuate from the main cities or the government institutions,” Sayyed al-Houthi said in a televised address. “Anyone who thinks we will surrender is dreaming.”

He further stated: “It’s the right of the Yemeni people to stand against the attacks in all possible means as long as the attacks continue.”

“After our people move and react against the attacks and killing of children and women, we do not want to hear any voices and cries.”

In parallel, the Houthi leader said: “The US is sponsoring the attacks. The US is directing the attacks against Yemen.”

The US has authorized its “criminal hands” to kill people in Yemen, he added.

Al-Houthi described Saudi Arabia’s move to target the Yemeni people as “silly and unacceptable,” emphasizing that the aggressors, Saudi Arabia, the US and “Israel”, are killing innocent Yemeni people and are targeting Yemen’s infrastructure by destroying mosques, schools, markets, and other places.”

Moreover, the rebels’ leader stated: “The claims that the attacks are for the sake of the Yemeni people is silly and illogical,” adding that the attacks are a “justification” for killing innocent people.

“The reason behind the aggression is that the US and the Israeli regime want such attacks,” he added.

It has been revealed that the Americans choose the targets for the Saudi regime to destroy, he said, noting, “”Israel” supports the aggression and is happy with the aggression.”

The aggressors claim that they plan to “restore Yemen to its Arab identity,” he said, asking “what kind of Arab identity is this?”

The Saudi aggression targets all resources in Yemen, which is a criminal act and lacks legitimacy, he stressed, saying that the aim of the attacks is to “return Yemen to the Israeli and US identity.”

All who support the aggression in any possible way are participating in the bloodshed by Saudi Arabia, he stressed.

“Israel” views the attacks as a protection for itself and those who support the aggression are actually committing a crime and are supporting Israel, al-Houthi added.

“The goal of Saudi Arabia is to enable al-Qaeda to seize control of Yemen,” the Houthi leader explained, adding that the second goal of the aggression is to humiliate the Yemeni people.

Describing the aggressors as “greedy,” al-Houthi added that all the evil and all problems in the region originate from the Saudi regime.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is a council supporting hegemony and defending superpowers, he said.

Last Tuesday, the UNSC passed a resolution, imposing an arms embargo against the Houthi revolutionaries. It also imposed asset freezes and travel bans against al-Houthi.

“We do not need permission from the UNSC to defend our country”, al-Houthi said, stressing, “The Yemeni people have the right and legitimacy to defend” their land.

“Our great people will not surrender, they will stand,” the Houthi leader said.

It is the right of the Yemeni people to counter the aggression in all possible ways, al-Houthi added, calling on the Yemeni parties to put aside difference and become united through cooperation.

Those who cooperate with the aggressors are the losers and are actually betraying themselves, the Houthi leader added.

Gulf devils

Gulf devils

Gulf Countries to UN: No to End of Aggression in Yemen

Gulf envoys told UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Monday that there would be no immediate ceasefire in Yemen unless Ansarullah rebels withdraw from seized territory.

Saudi Ambassador Abdallah al-Mouallimi said “certain conditions” must be met for the Saudi-led air campaign to be suspended and that these were spelled out in the recently-adopted Security Council resolution.

“We all want to see an early end to the military hostilities, but there are conditions conducive to having an early end to the hostilities,” Mouallimi said following a meeting with Ban.

Traitor and killer of his own people, Yemen's Pres. Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, with  the Saudi serial killer, Defence Minister and camel's urine drinker Mohammad bin Salman

Traitor and killer of his own people, Yemen’s Pres. Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, with the Saudi butcher Defence Minister Mohammad bin Salman

With the US-Saudi aggression claiming more civilian lives, Ban has called for an “immediate ceasefire” in Yemen, saying the country was “in flames” and that it was time for a “passage to real peace.”

Following the resignation of Moroccan diplomat Jamal Benomar as Yemen peace envoy, Ban moved to appoint Mauritanian diplomat Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed to be his new representative.

Ban informed the Gulf envoys of his choice but the ambassadors did not specify whether they would accept the mediation, which has taken on a new urgency as the death toll climbs.

“We have not presented any reaction yet. It is being studied in the capitals and we will have a reaction as quickly as possible,” said Mouallimi.

Iran last week presented a peace plan for Yemen that called for a ceasefire and immediate end to “all foreign military attacks,” the urgent delivery of humanitarian aid and a return to talks on forming a national unity government.


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