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I welcome you and thank you for today’s massive turnout. Allow me to talk in my own simple way as usual. I will talk and say the stance from my mind, heart, and emotions. I am telling you this so that no one wonders what I am saying. This is not the stance of deaf and fierce hearts.

Allow me also to talk quickly to benefit from the time as much as possible and grasp the points that I want to tackle.

In this meeting, our goal, firstly, is to announce our refusal, rejection, condemnation, and denunciation of the US-Saudi aggression against Yemen and its people.

We also announce our support, solidarity and sympathy with this noble, honorable, and oppressed people.

This is the goal of this meeting.

sayyed-April 17-2015 over Yemen-2

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech over Yemen (17/4/2015)

In His Name
I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. 
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Most Merciful. 
Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, 
our Master and Prophet- Abi Al Qassem Mohammad; 
on his chaste and pure Household; 
on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.
Brothers and sisters, peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.
Allah Al Mighty says: 
{In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Most Merciful.
O believers! Fear Allah, and always say a word directed to the Right}

As a procession, as a group, and as a faction, we see that it is our humanistic, moral, jihadi, and religious obligation to take this stance. This is our view for ourselves, and the peoples of this nation have to reconsider their obligation and responsibility and take the stance which they find appropriate.

As for us, we will not be prevented by intimidations, threats, and consequences from continuing in announcing this stance- the stance of condemning the Saudi-US aggression against Yemen as well as the stance of supporting this oppressed, resisting, steadfast, and triumphant people, God-willing.

From the very first day, we announced this stance before Allah, Doom’s Day and the Hereafter. We didn’t make this announcement for history or for geography. Let history record whatever it wishes to. We are a group of people who are responsible before Allah, and we will be held accountable for this stance. At this stage, the responsibility is historic, critical, and major as it is not limited to Yemen alone; it covers the entire region as well as the entire nation.

Secondly, before moving into the topics related to this aggression, we are in April; no doubt, we have to make a show of solemnity and esteem for the sacrifices and steadfastness of our people in Lebanon, and especially in Jabal Amel in Southern Lebanon. In days like these in 1996, the Zionist enemy launched its aggression against Lebanon dubbed, “The Grapes of Wrath”. As usual, the aggression was backed by the US and western as well as Arab countries. Our people stood steadfast as did our resistance and army, and martyrs fell. We stand with awe before all of the martyrs who fell in that heroic confrontation, especially the martyrs of Qana Massacre which is still eternal evidence of the brutality and cruelty of the Zionist enemy, and its defenders and supporters. We stand with awe before the epics of the resistance fighters in Hizbullah, Amal Movement, the National Resistance Front, and our Lebanese army. This heroic stance and the results it yielded had established and paved the way for the victory of Lebanon in 2000 which moved Arabs, for the first time, from the era of defeats to the era of victories.

As for the ongoing aggression, I have several topics to tackle. As usual, I will make an outline. In some places, I will talk calmly, while in other places, there will be escalations; that is normal, as for every status there is a matching tone and temper.

  1. The first topic: On the goals of the war and its new slogans.
  2. The second topic: On the results of aggression so far.
  3. The third topic: On the prospects- as we say it in Lebanon: Where to?
  4. The fourth topic: What is behind this overt and disclosed stance taken by Hizbullah towards Saudi Arabia? This is a legitimate question which we must answer today.

If I still have time, I have a small piece of advice on the Lebanese level.

The first topic: On the goals of the war and its new slogans.

In my first speech which I gave two days following the commencement of the aggression, I talked about the feeble pretexts fabricated by the Saudi regime to justify its war against Yemen. They talked about restoring the legitimacy of the resigned president whose term is over. They talked about the claimed Yemeni threat to Saudi Arabia. So, they are carrying out a pre-emptive war. They talked about confronting the Iranian occupation or the Iranian hegemony. In the first speech, we tackled and explained all of that; so, we are not going to reiterate, and we will carry on from thereof.

I also said after having discussed and given logical evidences of these feeble pretexts that the real goal of the war is to restore US-Saudi hegemony and guardianship over Yemen after the Yemeni people restored its decision and sovereignty and refused any kind of external hegemony. This is the goal of the war. Well, during the following weeks, the words of Saudi officials, some allies, the official spokesman of the “Storm of Firmness”, and some scholars, authors, and politicians who support this aggression proposed a set of topics, goals, and slogans which I will list very briefly.

They said that this is the war of Arabs- the war of Arabism.

Well, you and we are Arabs. What is their problem with us? They may accuse us of being affiliated to whom? Everything is open. However, we are Arabs. So, we are going to say that we are Arabs. Now, they said that the goal of this war is to defend the Arabism of Yemen. Well, had the Arab peoples authorized the Saudi regime to launch a war in their name- the name of the Arabs- on Yemen?
Against whom is this Arab war? Against whom is the war of the Arabs being launched? It is being launched against an Arab people! It is being launched against pure Arabs.

Look at their features, their dialect, their language, their poetry, their literature, their rhetoric, their eloquence, their bravery, their gallantry, their zeal, their pride, their fervor, and their generosity. If the Yemeni people are not Arabs, who are the Arabs then?

In the pre-Islamic era, they were the civilization of the Arabs. When the Arabian Peninsula and its residents did not master reading and writing and used to fight over a water brook or a kidnapped bride, Yemen was civilized. When the highest status of an Arab leader in the Arabian Peninsula was the sheikh of the tribe, there were in Yemen Arab kings.

Following Islam, the share of the Yemenis in jihad was well-known and recorded in history, and all Muslim countries bear witness to that. Indonesia is the greatest Islamic country at the present moment; who introduced Islam to Indonesia? They are Yemeni scholars, Yemeni tradesmen, and Yemeni callers.

The Yemeni tribes’ pedigrees are well-known. They go deep back in history and they are forcefully present in books, in the study of narrators, in genealogy, and in the study of tribes. The Yemenis do not need a testimony of their Arabism. They do not need a testimony of their Islam. I further say: Those who are aggressing against the Yemeni people are the ones who must search for evidence of their Islam and their Arabism. This is the first topic.

Well, let them say: What is wrong with the Sayyed? There is nothing wrong with me. Such speech needs such a tone, and such oppression needs such a tone. Well, the origin of the fathers of some people is unknown, at a time in which they want to argue about the Arabism of the Yemenis and defend their Arabism!

Secondly, among the goals which were proposed and which were tackled is an attempt to give the war and the battle a sectarian dimension. This is the simplest thing, especially for some Saudi officials and scholars. Some senior Saudi scholars wrote on their websites: This is a Sunnite-Shiite war.

Anyway, we will not waste our time on this issue which does not apply. Today, there is no one in the Arab world nor in the Islamic world except those who are bribed with money who accept that this is a Sunnite-Shiite war. This is a Saudi aggression on Yemen for political reasons.

Thirdly, the topic which is both comic and tragic at a time which was evoked in the past weeks, and for which a call for jihad was made in some Arab and Islamic countries is defending the two Holy Shrines in Mecca and Medina- meaning the Kaaba and Haram Mosque in Mecca, and the Holy Prophet’s Shrine in Medina.
Who is threatening the two Holy Shrines? Is it the Yemeni people? Is it Ansarullah?
Is it the Yemeni army?

The Yemenis are well-known for their love for the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him and his Household). They look forward to performing the pilgrimage to Mecca. They yearn to visit the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household). Today, I will tell you, and I will be frank. I am talking before Allah Al Mighty. Yes, the Holy Shrines in Mecca and Medina are threatened. However, who is threatening them?
They are firstly threatened by “Daesh” [so-called “ISIL”]. Months ago, and after the “caliphate state” was declared in Mosul, we have heard that “Daesh” wants to reach the Arabian Peninsula and demolish the Kaaba. That’s because in the intellect and claim of “Daesh”, the Kaaba is a collection of deaf, black stones which are toured and worshipped instead of Allah. This is inconsistent with absolute monotheism. Well, we all know what the origin of this “Daeshi” intellect is.

Well, yes, the Shrine of the Holy Prophet is in danger. That’s true. However, who is threatening it? Here, I am telling you where this threat come from. It comes from within Saudi Arabia, and from the Wahhabi intellect and culture.
They will say: O Sayyed! You are making false accusations.

Well, this is history. All history books say that, and you can refer to these books which are found in Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and on the internet.
Following the control of Abdulaziz Al Saud- the founding king- of Hijaz in April 1926 (just like in these days- Subhan Allah), his Wahhabi followers, inspired by their culture and intellect, demolished all of the religious and historic remains and ruins of the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him and his Household), except for the tomb. We will talk about that in a while. They demolished the houses, the monuments of the companions, the tombs, the graves, the historic ruins, and the fortresses; they did not spare a thing. Perhaps they spared something exceptional- I am not sure- but, in general, they demolished everything.

The judge who went to Holy Medina received a final and absolute decision that authorizes him to demolish the tomb of the Prophet of Allah, Mohammad (peace be upon him and his Household). This is confirmed history, and it is not I who is fabricating this. This took place before I was born. So, the judge started with religious and historic ruins in Medina before the tomb of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household). He kept the tomb of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household) to the end. He started with Baqi Graveyard and swept away the tombs of the Household’s companions and the wives of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household). He did not spare a thing. He leveled them to the ground. He just marked every tomb with a stone.

He headed to demolish the tomb of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household); however, a call was made in the Islamic world: Egypt, India (Pakistan was still then a part of India- it was not yet separated), Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Bilad al-Sham, and the African states. There was uproar in the Islamic world. However, it is yet another coincidence that the two countries which had the greatest influence on King Abdulaziz Al Saud to the effect of preventing the Wahhabis from taking this step were Egypt and India (meaning today’s Pakistan). Keep this in your mind, for I will return to it later on.

The historic stance made by Al Azhar Mosque and its grand imam, and the historic stance taken by Muslim scholars- whether Sunnites or Shiites, or of the various sects- prevented the demolition of the tomb of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household) which Al Saud and the Wahhabis wanted to destroy back in April 1926. Whoever says that I am not making false accusations and that I am not saying the truth is called upon to bring along his historic records.

Indeed, that goes with their culture and their intellect. The king then was obliged to concede his decision. Indeed, he was held responsible by the Wahhabis; that means they made him pay the price. At this level, he was also obliged to hold a conference for the Islamic world and invite scholars to give speeches. As such, the tomb of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household) was spared for us, but as you see, no one is allowed to approach it; you may only wave to the Prophet of mercy and the savior of this nation from afar.

Today and all throughout history, if this nation- the Arab nation- which had what it had before Islam and if it enjoys any kind of glory, honor, pride, wealth, nobility, the thanks would be to this man: the Seal of Prophets, Mohammad (peace be upon him and his Household). Still, that’s how they deal with him and reward him. The Holy Shrine of the Prophet is threatened. We never know when a group of young men who are receiving their education in Wahhabi schools in Saudi Arabia would take the decision of absolute monotheism and fighting polytheism, wear explosive belts, and explode the tomb of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his Household). Thus, the threat is not from Yemen- this is misleading falsification.
Is this how the Yemeni people are defended? Are the Yemeni people defended through maritime, aerial, and land sieges?

Well, the goal that followed and which was mentioned is the one that the Saudi officials and their allies claimed: the goal of aggression is to defend the Yemeni people. Yes, so, is this the way we defend the Yemeni people: a maritime, aerial, and land blockade? Not on the Houthis, not on the fighters- but on 24 million people. Eating and drinking as well as food and medical supplies are banned. International organizations say that there are wounded- large numbers of wounded; they are dying because of the loss of essential medical supplies.
They are responsible for the blockade on all of the Yemeni people, starving the people and preventing access to necessary medical materials needed to treat the wounded. And the worst and most dangerous thing is committing massacres against civilians, women and children.

This is similar to what “Israel” has committed in Lebanon and Palestine as well as in Gaza. Why? “The fighters put weapons among civilians”. Why? “They transferred between civilians”. There exists the same logic: committing massacres against civilians, women and children. This is a claim. Watch TV. The “Storm of Firmness” satellite channels did not show these scenes. Any channel afraid for its money refrained from broadcasting these scenes. Each TV afraid for its “head”, i.e. to be deleted from “Arabsat”, hadn’t presented these scenes.

However, there are a lot of TVs in the world that exposed these scenes: hundreds of martyrs, threatening everything: civilian homes, popular markets, residential complexes, schools, hospitals, electricity, gas stations, networks, food shops, a store whose owner has no income and vice versa, where some owners of these stores are from the Wahhabis. They had no concern. It includes supplies. It must be bombed. This was also a blatant, false, and a hypocritical goal. Is defending and preserving the Yemeni people achieved by killing the Yemenis? What is this goal?

The goal that follows is protecting the Yemeni state from being controlled by Ansarullah. Well, how do you defend the Yemeni state? Is it by bombing the barracks and camps of the Yemeni army? Is it by the destruction of the Yemeni army’s weapons, tanks and aircrafts? Is it by bombing the state departments, airports and ports? So, is this how you preserve the Yemeni state? By damaging it! Is this a preservation of the state?!

Finally, after all this killing and destruction, does any sane person in this world believe that the goal of this war is to return Abed Rabbo Mansour to the presidency? Was this war waged in order to return Abed Rabbuh Mansour to the presidency? Is this the goal? In its fourth week, after all that happened, this is incredible!

Anyways, I conclude this topic by saying: particularly to the Lebanese, you can recall the July War and see the similarities in all details: a naval blockade, aerial siege, pounding at every level, killings and massacres, high ceiling conditions, subjection, crushing, killing, bone-crushing, and a fierce media campaign, and we were the adventurers yet the victors. You can measure everything to what is happening today in Yemen to discover that the war, the mind, the administration, and the goals are one. Meanwhile, the result will also be one.

The second title is the consequences of the aggression and what it had achieved so far from declared or presumed goals.

It is supposed that today that we are in day 22- let us see the results. After 22 days of aerial, artillery, missile and naval bombardment and dense and intense raids in addition to all forms of intelligence and logistical support provided by the Americans as well as all forms of Saudi support to “Daesh” and al-Qaeda, who are also fighting their allies in the internal arena, I want to talk about the failures and other findings: the failure to return Abed Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and his government to Yemen. He is still in Riyadh, and they earlier identified the minimum goal as being the return to Aden or Sana’a. However, he neither had yet returned to Aden nor to Sana’a.

He [could return] to Al Mukalla- we have become familiar with the Yemeni governorates and cities. If he likes to return to Al Mukalla, he can come back to al-Qaeda, who is fighting along his side. This means that there is a capability if they want to return him, but not to Aden because it seems that there is no possibility for that, as is the case in Sana’a.

I would even say more than that- look at the extent of the failure because of this aggression. Before the aggression, if there was any hope somewhere for any dialogue or settlement that Abed Rabbuh Mansour come back as a president, that hope ended.

Any political settlement, as the Yemeni people say and not I, won’t return Abed Rabbuh Mansour as a president. Moreover, I think that the Saudi group understood this fact, and began descending gradually. Perhaps this is the reason for naming Bahah as a deputy Yemeni President. [They are trying to promote him] as acceptable and he is seen on the first day talking about settlement and he further appeals- laugh with me- he appeals to the Saudi army not to enter by land into Yemen.
Well, the first is the failure to return the president, whom you waged the war for in order to return him.

Secondly, they said and declared that their goal is to prevent the arrival of the Yemeni army and the People’s Committees to Aden in particular- with all its symbolism- because they want to return the president there. Well, this goal failed. Do not show interest in the “Storm of Firmness'” channels. Aden is with the Yemeni army and the People’s Committees. There is fighting in some neighborhoods, but this is resolved.

Thirdly, they said that the goal of aggression and raids- here, we are talking about detailed goals that were presented on a daily basis by the official spokesman- is to prevent the arrival of the Yemeni army and People’s Committees to the rest of the provinces. However, this also failed. Most of the provinces have become in their hands. Well, there remains a part of the province as well as Hadhramaut, but most of the provinces have become in the hands of the Yemeni army and Popular Committees. Meanwhile, progress continues as al-Qaeda and its allies are suffering further weakness and defeat.

Among the detailed objectives of the aggression is breaking the will of the Yemeni people.

Fourthly, the detailed objectives of aggression include breaking the will of the Yemeni people. From the first day they came “with high and straight shoulders” and set conditions: the first condition is to withdraw from this, the second is to deliver that, the third condition is as such. It is required to subject the Yemeni people to accept these conditions, to kneel, and to give up. Isn’t this from the detailed objectives of the aggression? This is the goal of any aggression! What is the result?

The result is the great steadfastness of the Yemenis: the army, people, and political will. The result is enthusiasm, tenacity, persistence, patience, as well as a surprising and amazing energy for endurance. This is in addition to massive subscription to public mobilization, the joining in the fronts, tribal meetings, and huge popularity demonstrations despite the aerial bombardment of the capital and the cities. [They] prepared for a long war. Until this moment and after 22 days, the faces of Yemeni men, women, children, and popular committees show no sign of surrender. All the military and political leaders understand what these words mean.

Morally, there is no sign of refraction, neither on the moral, political, nor popular level. This appears in the mood of the Yemeni people that we see on the screens. We know. We fought the July War and we knew the mood of our people from the statements, interviews, slogans and chanting. The Yemenis are expressing a sharp and strong mood in their refusal to surrender. In addition, their calls are very high for their leadership; their calls are known.

Fifth: The failure to convert the confrontation into an internal one between Zaidi and Shafi’i, or in the broader sense- between Sunnite and Shiite- as well as on the regional level- between the south and north and vice versa. The result turned out to be a national Yemeni stand in the face of aggression. All of the information says that some of the silent sides on the internal Yemeni arena began to speak. Some of the popular grassroots affiliated to the political forces supporting the aggression began to divest from the positions of their parties and leaders. This is also another failure.

Sixthly, among the putative targets- which is a very important one that I had already mentioned since the first day- that I want to discuss from another angle is what they said about a possible threat from Yemen; “we want to wage a pre-emptive war”. Well, what did you do with this potential threat?
Firstly, if it wasn’t present, you created it and if it was assumed, then you have turned it into being firm.

What did you do with the aggression against the Yemeni people?

Suppose that there is a certain group or a Yemeni group that was really thinking of threatening Saudi Arabia. Let us assume this- my brother- that there isn’t only a possibility but you have definite information. What have you done by waging an aggression against the Yemeni people? You have transformed the potential threat to a certain one all over the Yemeni people.

Today, the one whom you are accusing of threatening you is still patient. This is the leadership of Ansarullah. This is the great, wise, and courageous leader, despite his young age: Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi [May God support, save, and protect him]. Well, if this man, this leader, and this leadership was really posing a threat to Saudi Arabia, he now has the chance to bomb, shell missiles, and attack Saudi Arabia. They may enter to Najran, Jizan and Asir. Now is their chance. The Yemeni people and tribes are demanding this. Today is the 22nd day and everyone tells him where the response is? Why are you still patient? This is what they call in the new terminology as, the strategic patience. You, what have you done? You have turned the non-existing threat to a real one- not only to a possible one, but to a definite and firm threat.

For example, I read a few days ago that Saudi Arabia says: No, no, let us continue. The Yemeni people are a tribal society that respects the strong. We are playing the role of the strong side. We impose what we want. But hey O Saudi, O Saudi regime- the tribal community is that of revenge and retaliation. It is a society that does not forget its dead, neither in thirty nor in forty years. So, how about if its victims are women and children. You have dragged yourself to the greatest threat. This contradicts your announced target.

Seventh: The moral failure, and anxiety from the coming challenges. What’s next? Well, now, there are goals similar to those of the July War. They used to come and strike the targets. They finished them. However, they come back and hit the same target again and again: dilapidated buildings. Now, there are demolished buildings that are being bombed again.

Well, the goals will end as the aerial strikes do not prevent the progress of troops. Moreover, if people have the will, they can reach anywhere. And Yemen is very, very wide. We, in the South, as well as in Gaza- given their limited spaces, and with aviation filling the sky and the presence of the great, strange intelligence- weren’t at all prevented from either moving our fighters and rocket launchers, or transferring the arms and weaponry or any other stuff.

Well, you are heading to another challenge. “Well, we have finished the aerial bombardment, what’s next?” these people did not kneel nor surrender. They did not give up, what are you going to do? You do not have a choice. You are going towards the ground operation. Welcome to the ground operation. Here, the weakness appears once you begin.

This army- the Saudi army- has been offered hundreds of billions of dollars. Every arms deal we read about in the media is about 60 billion and 70 billion. Well, when the serious time comes, [you are] to face a well-known people, given its known potential, weaponry, and circumstances. And you have enough information about it. The Saudis know what there is in Yemen. Trust in God, you are welcome- but you do not dare.

“In that case, the Mufti is obliged to call for compulsory recruitment.” Then, that it must call for jihad in Saudi Arabia and the Islamic and Arab world, and lie to the world. They say in defense of the two Holy Mosques. Then, that “we want to rent armies to intervene in Yemen”. “If this army, or the government of that country does not accept our calls, we insult and attack them”. In parallel, “we would tell them that we fed you and gave you drink, and we offered you money”. “Hey, shame on you! Now, you left us!”

This is what we call the purchase of receivables. What is the purchase of receivables? You pay someone to fight beside you against his convictions; this is called the purchase of receivables. However, if someone is fighting for the cause he believes in, whether you gave him money or not, he will fight. If I gave him money, this is called help and support, but the first is the purchase of receivables.
Today, this is the moral status of the regime and the army. Conversely, the Yemenis have not yet taken their real choices- and I’m mentioning my information, understanding and analysis. They did nothing yet. The Yemeni did nothing of what he can do. He is still arranging his internal matters. However, he did nothing to confront Saudi Arabia. Now, 22 days [have passed]. This is the end of the line. Aerial bombardment, what will it do next? You still have the ground operation- come and let us see; of course, I do not encourage this, but I speak in the course of argument. There is a real problem at the moral level.

All in all, it is enough to conclude this heading and I tell you, you can talk about the achievements and results. Now, of course there are people who talked and declared early the victory of the “Storm of Firmness”. This is similar to those who considered in the early days that “Israel” prevailed, and that Hizbullah and its allies were finished. Hence, I do not know who is going to get crazy and we’ll go and search for him in Paris’ hospitals- isn’t that true?

It is sufficient to tell those who don’t watch to do so. I urge you one day to watch the press conference for the “Storm of Firmness'” spokesperson in his daily briefing. You can see how the poor man spins his eyes so and so. He is looking for any achievement to provide in the media, but he is not finding anything. This is a summary- a popular one.

The third heading: the horizon, to where? We believe, God-willing, that we are wrong that things need time; it needs a little bit of time to convince the Saudi regime that the horizon is impasse and that these people will not kneel, give up, and surrender. You have no interest to complete this battle. Please, get down from on the tree. And there are many sides in the world that are ready to get it down from the tree, and many are ready to do so by offering it an exit and methods for the solution.

Yet, it seems that now it is not ready. I mean, things for some of them still need a little bit of time. They still have little hope. He tells you: I will see tomorrow; I’ll pressure the Pakistani and the Egyptian. Things need a little bit of time, apparently a short time, maybe more. Yet, so far and up to this moment, there is no place for the calls; I mean, they are not listening to the voices- which are many in the world- calling for a political solution, to stop the war and reach a political settlement. No one should think that the world is with Saudi Arabia. No, those who are with Saudi Arabia tell it to continue the war. The majority of voices in the world say you should stop the war and search for a political solution. Things need time so that this side retreats, humbles, puts its feet on the ground, accepts the facts and looks for a way out.

The UN Security Council Accepts the Executioner’s Proposal

The UN Security Council, which was supposed to sponsor the cessation of war and aggression and look for a solution, had unfortunately confirmed the decision it had taken a couple of days ago.

I ask of the Yemeni people not to be sad or surprised as this is the UN Security Council and that is what is expected from it.

The UN Security Council accepted the executioner’s proposal of the Arab-“Israeli” conflict. It is always as it is- it accepts the executioner’s proposal and disregards the victim; it even lashes the victim with the executioner.
Is this not our situation in Lebanon and Palestine? Yours like ours- we became alike in this situation.

Therefore, it is pointless for me to consider the UN Security Council’s resolution or discuss and refute its merits and consequences. It is trivial as all the decisions are. When it becomes valuable to “Israel”, we will then discuss whether or not it is valuable to you or us.

Overall, the prospect has become clear that the aerial bombardment does not resolve the battle. The ground offensive is expensive and the results are known in advance. What are the outcomes? A decisive defeat- whoever it is- a decisive defeat.
There is nothing before the Yemenis but withstanding, which will eventually defeat the intentions of aggression, in addition to the constant readiness for a political solution which they always declare, day and night, as they are prepared for a political solution with the provision that the war halts.
Here, to conclude this topic, we should plea; firstly, we must thank the Pakistani parliament, people and government on its position- this is a fact (Pakistan- meaning India in 1926).

Through this celebration today, I would like to appeal once again to the brothers in Pakistan and Egypt, the Egyptian leadership, the al-Azhar Mosque and the Egyptian people; as Egypt and India- which has become Pakistan- prevented and had a major role in preventing the demolition of the grave of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his Household), we urge you to prevent the demolition of one of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him and his Household) countries and not be accomplices in it, so you would abound honor to your honor and dignity to all previous dignities.

Today, the prospect is that the Muslim world and these Islamic countries interfere and pressure the Egyptians, the war, the killing and the destruction in order to stop the war and support a political solution.

Neither we nor anyone in Yemen or in the region speaks of toppling the Saudi regime; no one speaks of this logic. All we want is Saudi Arabia’s welfare, and security and stability for its people. What we are asking for is a halt to this aggression on Yemen and to save Yemen from this deliberate disaster.

The Lebanese Advice

The fourth topic: “Why are you- Hizbullah- raising your voice so high? What is the matter with you? For 31 years, you have never tackled the Saudi issue. When you wanted to discuss Saudi Arabia, you used to ‘wear gloves’, round the edges and search for indirect words in the Arabic language which is very helpful in this perspective. Why are you talking as such now? Frankly, you are being very overt.”
Indeed, we came late. Others have done that before us. In many places in the Arab world, others have done that before us. We came late. What is the reason behind that, anyway?

Well, does this serve the interests of Lebanon and the interests of the Lebanese? O brothers, calm down! Indeed, we do not say curses; however, they view criticism as curses.

Well, if I say that in 1926, the Wahhabis demolished the graves, the tombs, the religious ruins, the houses of the mothers of believers, and the remains of the Prophet’s Household and companions and were about to demolish the tomb of the Prophet (Peace be upon him and his Household) had it not been for the uproar in the Islamic world, tomorrow they will say that so and so is cursing; I am saying historic facts, and I do not curse anyone or anyone’s father or mother. I do not use indecent words either.

I am saying this truth, and whoever has another fact, let him propose it. Allow us to say the following. After all, this is a legitimate question and I will give the answer in the following topic: O brothers and sisters! O listeners! I do not want to open old files, or even old Lebanese files. We are in the month of April in which the 40th anniversary of the Lebanese Civil War is marked.
What has the Kingdom of “Benevolence” offered to Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War? Money, arms, etc.; I do not wish to open these files. After 1975, 1982, 1983, 1984, and later in 2006, what did it offer to Lebanon? You know all of that. Let’s put it aside for a while now.

Well, yes, we always took pains not to talk overtly despite the information we had on what is taking place in Syria during the past four days. We used to believe that it is not the regime in Syria which is targeted. We used to believe and we still believe that the entire region is targeted- Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and the resistance as well are targeted.

I will say the following between parentheses for the Lebanese Muslims and Christians to remember. Imagine that in 2011, the regime and this army did not stand steadfast, and a great majority of the Syrian people- because some always talk with double standards- had this choice and remained steadfast. Had Syria fallen in the hands of Al Qaeda, as Mosul fell in the hands of Al Qaeda and later it was called “Daesh”, where would Lebanon have been now? Where would the Muslims and Christians of Lebanon have been now? Where would the churches, mosques, women, and honor be? Where would Lebanon- the country of tourism- have been? Would they have left a touristic site for you? See what they did in Iraq? They have demolished everything that has to do with tourism and the Household of the Prophet (Peace be upon him and his Household). Would they leave anything for tourism in Lebanon which is rich with touristic sites?

Thus, here, I am saying again what I say every day and what I am not ashamed of saying. Today, I will say something else which I said on March 8, 2005: Thank you Syria because you are steadfast today. Thank you Syria because you did not surrender. Thank you Syria because you did not succumb to this dark Takfiri intellect.

We know all of this, but we did not talk overtly. We knew everything that used to take place in Iraq since 2003, but we did not talk overtly. I just hinted to it in the first speech.
Indeed, everything took place by proxy; however, in Bahrain, they acted directly.
As for Syria, Iraq, and other places, they acted by proxy; the financing is Saudi, the instigation is Saudi, the management is Saudi. They may say: Brothers! You are falsely accusing the kingdom of “Benevolence” which only provides pens and books, and builds schools and hospitals. You are falsely accusing them.

However, in Bahrain, they worked openly. They crushed the bones of the Bahrainis. They stroke and oppressed the peaceful movement of the Bahrainis who have just normal, popular, democratic, and reform demands. They hurled scholars, leaders, and figures, the last of whom is Sheikh Ali Salman- the Secretary General of Wifaa Association- besides thousands of others in prisons where they are living in the worst living conditions. They prevented political solutions and political dialogue in Bahrain. Still, we tried to reconcile. Why? That’s because perhaps there is a chance for reconciliation. Perhaps there is a chance for dialogue.

In Lebanon, we have always tried to be callers for Iranian-Saudi dialogue. That is helpful. It would be helpful should they reach an understanding. However, I want to tell you that for years, Iran had sought dialogue with Saudi Arabia and I know details and have precise information on meetings, sessions, and appointments. Iran used to seek meeting with Saudi Arabia, reaching an understanding with it as well as extending a brotherly hand to it. However, it was Saudi Arabia who always used to refuse. It used to refuse in an offensive way, too.

I met with one of the senior Iranian officials who was visiting Lebanon and told him: Wherever you go, you say that you are ready to go to Riyadh and meet Saudi officials. You said that once, twice, and thrice; still, they gave you no positive answer. Enough with that. People have dignity. Still, the Iranians went along and asked for a meeting again.

Here, I am knowingly telling you that the Islamic Republic is ready and believes in dialogue between Islamic states and in dialogue with Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi Arabia is acting arrogantly. It is acting so because it considers that it flopped in Syria, it flopped in Lebanon, it flopped in Iraq, and it flopped in other places. So, it is searching for a triumph before it goes to the dialogue table to meet and reach an understanding.

Well, will it gain any triumph in crushing the bones of the Bahrainis, killing Bahraini women and children, killing the Bahraini people, and killing the Yemeni people? It is not true that they have any readiness for dialogue. Anyway, things are different now. It’s time to say things as they are and clearly. This is the answer.

Today, the war by proxy does not need evidence. Today, Saudi officials have announced war. The Saudi ambassador to Washington had declared war from Washington. The Saudi official spokesman of “The Storm of Firmness” talks from Riyadh. The Saudi army is shelling from the borders. Saudi warplanes are striking, demolishing, and killing. Does this need evidence anymore? This is the Kingdom of “Benevolence”.

Secondly, is there any chance for reconciliation? Where is this chance for reconciliation found? Although we are all calling for a settlement and for a political solution, we believe that it is time to say our viewpoint which is non-committal to any ally, friend, or dear one: It is time for Muslims, Arabs, and the Islamic world to tell the Arab Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: That’s enough, and enough is enough.

The question which must be posed now to all the Arab peoples is the following: Where does this intellect which is bore by these groups who demolish societies come from? In Iraq, what had become of the Christians, the Yazidis, the Shiites, the Sunnites who do not hold the Wahhabi intellect, the Turks, the Arabs, and the Turkmen? Societies have been destroyed. From where did the intellect of these groups who destroy societies, armies, states, and the nation come from? From which school, from whose books, from whose culture, from whose fatwas does this intellect come from? Who is delivering this intellect to the world?

Who teaches this intellect in their educational curricula- whether in elementary, intermediate, secondary, or university classes? Who constructs schools all around the world to teach Muslim youth this destructive Takfiri intellect?

With utmost clarity, it is: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is doing so with the money of Muslims and Hajj revenues. For Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, the Gulf states, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Kenya, and for the sake of every Arab country in which there is a terrorist Takfiri group that kills and commits massacres, the entire world must say to Saudi Arabia: Enough. This is the reason. If I am talking with agitation, and if I am talking irrationally and illogically, don’t accept what I am saying.

The world is amazed and bewildered because “Daesh” ruined the civilized cities, ruins, and statues- these are the sons of those. They study in the schools of those- the school of Saudi Arabia of 1926. Do not feel surprised. At that time, there were no satellites. Now, I watched some anchors; they were moved for the statues which were demolished more than being moved for some people perhaps.

However, where does this intellect, money, arms, and sectarian and factional sedition come from?

Therefore, yes, we have reached this conviction following the war on Yemen. We, in Hizbullah, do not bind anyone. We do not demand any of our allies to accept what we believe in, and we can understand any stance to be taken by any of our allies. As a part of this nation, we have reached that the great interest of Lebanon is in this. We always sought and seek the interest of Lebanon. In face of the occupation, we- Hizbullah, Amal Movement, the national parties, the Lebanese Army, the Syrian army, and the Palestinian resistance factions- offered thousands of martyrs, and for the major interest of Lebanon, we will tolerate all of these sacrifices.

The interest of the peoples of the nation and the peoples of the region says that the entire world- governments, peoples, regimes, and states- must do away with courtesies and with greed in Saudi money, and say to the rulers in Saudi Arabia: Enough. You have destroyed the world, and you have made people clash with each other. Where are you taking us with all that is taking place?

Here, I am telling you: The main loser in all that took place years ago and is taking place to this day is Palestine, the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian cause, and the main winner is “Israel” and Netanyahu. For the sake of all those I listed above, we must raise our voice. This is our viewpoint. We are raising our voice. I am talking frankly. Don’t imagine that anything that may cross the mind of anyone and by which anyone may threaten us with would prevent us from moving along in raising our voice. Call it a cry- there is no problem in that. This cry is for Allah, for the sake of Allah, and for the sake of the servants of Allah whose blood is being shed today in all the countries of Muslims.

Today, where from do Al Qaeda and all its branches in the world- “Daesh”, “al Nusra”, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and the Youth Movement in Somalia spring from? In Somalia, this group bursts into hospitals and slaughters people. They storm into markets and massacre people just because they are Christians. They break into universities and kill people. Where are their books from? Read their books and their culture.

Anyway, enough with wars. Enough with sectarian and factional provocations. Enough with the misleading in the name of Islam and the two Holy Shrines. Governments, kings, presidents, peoples, scholars, and muftis must assume this responsibility.

My advice to the Lebanese is: Well, we disagreed over Yemen. Before Yemen, we disagreed over Syria. Before Syria, we disagreed over Lebanon. My advice to some people in Lebanon is to “hold their horses”. Hold your horses. Do not celebrate the victory of the “Storm of Firmness” from now. Wait a little. Do not make wrong calculations again. Keep other possibilities. Four years ago, you build all your policies, strategies, tactics, slogans, political speeches, and coalitions on the basis that the regime in Syria would fall in a couple of months. Now, we are in the fifth year. Isn’t this true? You were obliged to reach a point in which you had to say yes, this is true. So, calm down and hold your horses.

You have your approach, and we have our approach. There is no problem in criticism. Indeed, it is incorrect to curse each other or to view criticism as curses. I do not think that if I criticized someone or if someone criticized me that this is a curse. After all, as in the Syrian issue as well as in the Yemeni issue, let each of us keep his stance. Let everyone express his stance, conviction, and opinion in the way he finds fit while observing moral limits and controls. This is a recommendation which I claim being committed to myself. After all, we in Lebanon want to live together, get along together, carry on together, and work together. As we sought to keep Lebanon away from the crisis or the struggle in Syria despite all its major risks, here too, we do not want to move the dispute or the struggle in Yemen to Lebanon, and my advice is not to transfer it to Lebanon.

I say this as I recall what the Believer of the people of Pharaoh said in the Holy Book of Allah: {Soon will ye remember what I say to you (now). My (own) affair I commit to Allah: for Allah (ever) watches over His servants}

The Yemenis will stand firmly, remain steadfast, and confront and they are fit for that. They own this leadership, this competence, this army, this people, these men, women, and children whom we watched some footage for a while ago. Whoever offers his life for Allah and whoever has these characteristics is surely victorious. This is what we believe. This is our conviction.

Again, I thank you for this blessed turnout. Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings.



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