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Excerpts from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov speech during a two-hour marathon Q&A session with three Russian radio stations:

  • Echo of Moscow, Moscow Speaks and Sputnik Radio

represented by their respective chiefs

  • Aleksey Venedictov, Sergey Dorenko and Margarita Simonyan, who also heads RT

“Washington’s strategy is to sow discord throughout the world to keep itself in the loop in every region”.

“The Ukrainian crisis was initiated to prevent an alliance between Russia and Germany”.

“Strategically [the USA] don’t want to allow a situation in which important regions of the world live and prosper without them, without the Americans. That is why it is important for them to keep people dependent of them”.

“The Ukrainian crisis is used by the US to derail Russia’s partnership with the EU and particularly Germany”.

“An open partnership between Russia and Germany is necessary to rattle the European Union, to make the lane of pursuing national interests of [EU] member states prevailing, not to give up the EU policies to marginal politicians acting on orders from across the ocean”.

“The Ukrainian crisis allows Washington to rally NATO members against the perceived threat from Russia similarly to how it did in 2001 to form a coalition to invade Afghanistan”.

“Unlike the US, which hosts its tactical nuclear weapons in five European countries in violation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Russia objects to any kind of nuclear proliferation and would not deploy its nuclear weapons in other countries”.

“We don’t believe that the security of our nation should be ensured by transporting our nuclear arsenals elsewhere”.

“Russia is interested in having a military capable of carrying out missions in any part of the world and is working with other nations for this goal”.

“This is about our Navy’s long-range missions and the flights of our strategic aviation. We use airfield, ports; we are open for discussion with foreign nations of establishment of supply points”.

“But we don’t deem it necessary to have bases in the sense the American military bases are – well-defended fortresses full of modern weapons”.

“No formal military alliance with Iran necessary”.

“Russia has strong cooperation with Iran to fight against common threats like terrorism and organized crime, but it doesn’t seek to form a military alliance with Tehran”.

“Neither we nor Iran needs a military alliance. I am certain about it and we received no proposals in that regard. That would be unrealistic and unnecessary”.

“Iran, Russia, China and India could form a military block to oppose NATO … … … the four countries are already engaged in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization”.

“Russia would further develop military cooperation with Iran after the UN Security Council lifts arms trade restrictions under an expected nuclear deal between Tehran and leading world powers”.

“Those who want to attack Iran would probably think twice now”.

“The events in Yemen and the entire region demonstrate that there are high risks. We don’t want Iran too to be targeted by illegal use of force”.

“Peacekeepers in Ukraine would lead to further dissolution”

“Moscow is skeptical about Kiev’s request to deploy UN peacekeepers in Ukraine because it would further tear the country apart”.

“Deploying UN troops – they would dig trenches, build fortifications. It would be physically cutting away a part of the country. I don’t know why it is needed. It’s probably a distraction to draw attention away from Kiev’s distorting and altering the Minsk agreement”.

“Russia accuses Kiev of failing to deliver a political reform that was promised under the Minsk ceasefire agreement with rebels in the east of the country”.

“Kiev’s every suggestion seems to be directed at sundering the country and either strangling the [rebel areas] or ejecting them from the Ukrainian state. That’s what the economic blockade or the suspension of social payments or the refusal to negotiate with the very people who signed the agreement for [the self-declared republics of] Donetsk and Lugansk are aimed at”.

“Russia wants to see Ukraine as a united nation and a neutral in terms of military alliances. A Ukraine divided and casting out everyone not agreeing with the anti-Russian stance of the current government would be an easy target for NATO to absorb”.


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