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Six civilians were killed on Sunday [26/4/2015] due to terrorist rocket attacks which targeted al-Neil Street, Shihan, al-Tilal, and the area surrounding al-Qassr al-Baladi in Aleppo city.

A source at the Police Command said that terrorists located in Bani Zaid neighborhood fired rocket shells at al-Neil Street in Aleppo city, causing the death of three civilians, including a father and his daughter, and one civilian was injured and massive material damage was caused private and public properties.

Two other shells were fired by terrorists located in al-Layramon neighborhood, and they fell in Shihan area which resulted in the killing of a civilian, the injuring of four others, and material damage in a number of houses and shops.

A medical source at University Hospital said the hospital received four people injured in that attack.

Two other civilians were killed in a terrorist attack with mortar and rocket shells which hit al-Tilal neighborhood and al-Qassr al-Baladi area, and about fifty civilians were injured during the attack and were rushed to al-Razi and the University hospitals for treatment. The attack also caused huge material damage to properties.

In Damascus Countryside, terrorists targeted a school in the town of Dar Khebia east of Khan al-Sheeh area with mortars, injuring its principal.

A source at the Police Command said that a mortar shell fired by terrorists fell in the courtyard of Dair Khebia School during school hours, injuring the principal of the school Ismail Saymeh who was rushed to a hospital.

The source added that the terrorist attack also caused material damages to the school building.

Another terrorist mortar attack on Harasta suburb in Damascus Countryside caused material damage to properties.

A source at the Police Command said that terrorists fired three mortar rounds at Harasta suburb near the northern entrance of Damascus, with one round falling in block B1 while the other two fell in the suburb’s roundabout, causing only material damage to personal properties.


SANA, 26/4/2015
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